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Poster Session

The poster session will be held at the Renaissance Tianjin Lakeview Hotel. Posters will be on display throughout the conference and presented at 1530-1630 hours on Monday, 9 July 2012. Conference delegates are encouraged to attend the Poster Session presentation. The presentation will allow delegates to meet the authors of the poster displays and provide an opportunity to discuss some of the latest drilling developments in the oil and gas industry.


Second Generation Interval Control Valve (ICV) Enhances Operational Efficiency and Inflow Performance in Intelligent Completions
C. Allen, G. Bhat and J.U. Rahman, Halliburton


Evaluation of Dispersants for Drilling Fluids Based Weighted by Manganese Tetraoxide
A. Rehman, H.A. Nasr El Din and A.M. Al Moajil, Texas A&M U., and M. Al bagoury and C.D. Steele, Elkem Materials Ltd.


Challenges in Deep Shale Gas Drilling: A Case Study in Sichuan Basin
G. Li, Y. Meng, X. Leng, H. Liu . X. Leng, H. Jia, H. Li and J. Hu, Southwest Petroleum U.


Drilling Performance Optimization on Malaysia's First Coiled Tubing Drilling Pilot Project: A Case Study
H.F. El Hariry, J.R. Jenie, and Y. Chaari, Schlumberger, and N. E. Hamzah, A.A. Rahman, N. A. Fauzi, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.


Dynamic Modeling of Wellbore Pressures Allows Successful Drilling of a Narrow Margin HPHT Exploration Well in Malaysia
W.K. Woo and S. Nas, SPT Group, and N.A. Nordin, , L. Umar and I. A. Aziz, PETRONAS Carigali


Exploration and Practice of Volume Fracturing in Shale Gas Reservoir of Sichuan Basin, China
M. Chen, Q. Bing, Z. Ou, J. Zhang, J. Hai and R. Chen, CCDC Downhole Service Company


Study on Reaming Technology of Sidetrack Drilling Horizontal Well at Liaohe Oilfield
W. Ding, G. Peng, S. Cao, D. Luo, Z. Li and S. Zhang, CNPC


Effect of Weak Bedding Planes on Wellbore Stability for Shale Gas Wells
Y. Li, Y. Fu, G. Tang, C. She and J. Guo, Petrochina Southwest Oil and Gasfield Co.,
and J.Zhang, Engineering Technology Inst., Southwest Petroleum Branch, Sinopec


Research and Application of Automatic Vertical Drilling Systems
C. Ai, Z. Han, Z. Mu,X. Zuo and H. Tian,CNPC Qinghai Drilling Co. of Xibu Drilling Engineering Co. Ltd.


Probe on Anti Sloughing Film-Forming Drilling Fluid Technology to Be Used When Drilling Medium Changed to Drilling Fluid During Gas Drilling
L. Wang, G. Ma, B. Liu, Z. Wu, C. Wang, J. Chen, Y. Ou, Z. Yuan, Q. Wu, C. Jin, R. Wang and H. He, CCDC Drilling & Production Technology Research Inst.


Development and Application of Adjustable Frequency Pulse Jet Generating Tool to Improve Rate of Penetration in Deep Wells
L. Cui, F. Zhang and H. Wang, CNPC Drilling Research Inst.; Y. Ge, China Natl. Petroleum Corp.; and L. Zhuo, Research Inst. of Petroleum Exploration and Development


Application of Water Base Semipermeable Membrane Drilling Fluid Technology in Sebei Natural Gas Field
J. Wu, X. Li, PetroChina Qinghai Oilfield Co.,and Y. Liu, Z. Fan, D. Lu, X. Li, X. Wei, F. Wang, H. Chen, X. Zhang, H. Zhang and B. Tang, CNPC Qinghai Drilling Co. of Xibu Drilling Engineering Co. Ltd.


Coiled Tubing Working Life Prediction Based on BP Algorithm of Artificial Neural Network
P. Song, J. Xiao, Y. Tian, Y. Zhang, J. Feng and Z. Hu, CNPC Drilling Research Inst.


Simulating Experiments of Hydrajet Perforating Process
Q. Hu and W. Lv, CNPC Drilling Engineering Technology Research Inst., and F. Zhu, CNPC Drilling Research Inst. Jianghan Machinery Research Inst.


Near Bit Resistivity Measurement Based on Wavelet Packet Noise Reduction Algorithm
H. Jia, L. Sheng and X. Dou, CNPC Drilling Research Inst.


Research on Treatment of Abandoned Water Based Drilling Fluid by Low Pressure Distillation Process
Y. Wang, CNPC Offshore Engineering Co. Ltd.; F. Shu, Yangtze U.; X. Xiang, G. Luo and Y. Zhang, Inst. of Jingzhou Hanc New Technology; and M. Huang, CNPC Offshore Engineering Co. Ltd.


Research and Development of Contactless Power Coupling System in Rotary Steering Tool
W. Ai, L. Deng and L. Zhang, CNPC Drilling Research Inst.


Design and Application of 735hp (4000m) Plateau Mountain Rig
Z. Yan, H. Xu, G. Liu, Q. Li, J. Wang, X. Ma, Q. Li, S. Yang and L. Sun, CNPC Qinghai Drilling Co. of Xibu Drilling Engineering Co. Ltd.


Under-Balanced Drilling Technology Applied In China's CBM Exploitation
Y. Xia, R. Shen and G. Yuan, CNPC Drilling Research Inst. ; L. Zheng, China U. of Petroleum Beijing;   M. Tian, CNPC Bohai Drilling Engineering Co. and J. Li. CNPC Drilling Research Inst.


Research and Application of Horizontal Drilling for CBM
R. Shen, L. Qiao, L. Fu, H. Yang and W. Shi, CNPC Drilling Research Inst.


Trapping Damage Analysis of Water Locking / Aqueos Phase of Tight Sandstone Gas Reservoir in Ke Keya Structure
H. Lu, J. Guo, M. Yang, Y. Wang and W. Nan, PetroChina Tuha Oilfield Co.


Research on A New Method to Evaluate the Hydrostatic Pressure of Cement Slurries
H. Zhu, G. Lv, A. Liu, C. Xie and S. An, CNPC Offshore Engineering Co. Ltd.


An Integrated Approach to Improve Drilling Performance and Save Cost in North Azadegan Field
R. Li, and Z. Li, China U. of Geosciences (Beijing), and C. Yu and Y. Zhou, CNPC International Ltd. (Iran)


Horizontal Drilling and Cementing Technology of the Gas Storage in LiaoHe Oil Region
Z. Zhu, S. Wu and Y. Yang, CNPC Greatwall Drilling Co.


A New Fracturing Fluid of Low Concentration
J. Guo, B. Zhou, A. Xia, H. Lu and Z. Li, PetroChina Tuha Oilfield Co.


Successful Application of ESPs in Bohai Bay Development
E. Sheridan, Baker Hughes Intl. Inc.; J. Zia, ESP Expertise Ltd; and J. McRae, S. Paranjit and M.P. Long, Anadarko Petroleum Corp


The New Development of Multi-Stage Fracturing Technology of Multilayer Vertical Gas Wells in Sulige Tight Gas Field
Y. Ren and G. Fu, Changqing Oil Field Research Inst., and T. Zhu, H. Zhang, F. Zhao, Z. Wang and J. Gui, PetroChina Changqing Oilfield Co.


Application of Cluster Wells Drilling Technology in Sulige Gas Field
X. Wu, Z. Zhou, J. Li, M. Ju and Y. Ouyang, PetroChina Changqing Oilfield Co.; and L. Cui, F. Zhang, H. Wang, CNPC Drilling Research Inst.


Clean Sand Consolidation Technology Research and Application
Z. He, W. Dang, S. Cao, G.Wang, Q. Gu, F. Zhou and Z. Niu, CNPC Bohai Drilling Engineering Co. Ltd.


Multistage Pulse Deep Penetrating Perforation Technology
W. Zhang, Z. Wang, F. Liu, G. Yang, S. Wang and Y. Jing, CNPC Bohai Drilling Engineering Co. Ltd.


A New Model of Bit Whirl
Y. Kovalyshen, CSIRO Earth Sciences & Resource Engineering


Innovative Application of Underbalanced Drilling Technology for Deep Drilling in Wuxia Area of Junggar Basin
B. Ruan and Y. Wang, Yangtze U., and Z. Wei, X. Mao, H. Yang and G. Wang, Xinjiang Oilfield Co.


Managing  Shallow Gas Drilling Risk with Casing Drilling Technology in Brown Field Re-development Campaigns
H.A. Costeno Enriquez, H. Roed and O.E. Erivwo, Schlumberger; C.U. Ngau, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.; and A. Harris, Tesco Corp.


Experimental Study on the Efficiency of Cuttings Carrying With Supercritical CO2
W. Haizhu, G. Li, Z. Shen, X. Song and G. Tang, China U. of Petroleum Beijing, and X. Hou, Harding Shelton Group Energy Consulting 


Study on the Well Control Safety During Formation High Sulfur Gas Invasion
L. Dou, G. Li, Z. Shen, X. Song and H. Chi, China U. of Petroleum Beijing, and T. Du, Tarim Oil field Co.


Optimisation of Casing Drilling Performance Using an Existing PAYZONE Simulator and Historical Well Data
M. Karimi and V. Sankar, Tesco Corp., and R. Mahmoud and V.C. Kelessidis, Technical U. of Crete


The Effect of High Pressure and Temperature Variation to the Hydraulic of Dual Gradient Drilling Operation
B.T. Halomoan and H.A. Kurnia, Bandung Inst. of Technology


Case History of the First TAML Level 5 Junction on a Rod Pump Well
L.M. Rayne and J.C. Fould, T. O’Rourke, H. Wang,Schlumberger, and Q. Ma and Z. Wu, Shengli Drilling Technology Research


Through Tubing Technique Provides Solution to Gravel Pack Deeper Layer in Existing Gravel Packed Well
M.E. Rivero Colmenares, W. Sepulveda and M.Z. Zaini, Schlumberger, and S. Magna Bela and F. Tusimin, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.


Successful Implementation of Latest Generation of Double Shoulder Connection Technology in Fast Slimhole Drilling A Review After Broad Adoption in the Gulf of Thailand
G. Plessis and J.N. Brock, NOV Grant Prideco, and J. Wood, Chevron Corp.


The Application of Horizontal Well Coiled Tubing Frac Technique in the Daqing Oilfield
L. Li, F. Wang, C. Liu and D. Xu, Production R&E Institute of Daqing, and L. Ban and H. Ji, PetroChina Daqing Oilfield Co. Ltd.


Three-Dimensional Modeling of Casing and Cement Sheath Behavior in Layered, Nonhomogeneous Formations
F.E. Beck and Z. Shen, Texas A&M U.


Expanding Surfactant Technology to Enable Project Successes
T.A. Jones, L. Quintero, C.F. Toro, P. Ullauri and C. Guerra, Baker Hughes


An Innovative Method for Horizontal Well Completion in Tight Shale Gas Reservoirs
M. Bai, Halliburton

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