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Executive Plenary and Topical Luncheons

Executive Plenary Session

Monday, 22 October  ▪  1045-1215

BelleVue Ballroom 1

 Rob Cole

   Jane Cutler

   Kyel Hodenfield    Ken Eisenmenger    Todd Creeger

Rob Cole
Executive Director,
Corporate & 
Woodside Energy Ltd

Jane Cutler
Chief Executive Officer,
National Offshore Petroleum Safety and Environment Management Authority

Kyel Hodenfield
Vice President,
Schlumberger Ltd.

Ken Eisenmenger
General Manager, Exploration Chevron Asia Pacific,
Exploration and Production Chevron Intl. Pte. Ltd.

Todd Creeger
CononoPhillips Australia

The Executive Plenary Session will consider how the oil and gas industry should fulfil the critical role of supplying affordable energy to a post global financial crisis (GFC) world.

This session will follow the Keynote address by Bernard Salt where the executive panel members will discuss the role of visionary leadership in shaping this future from their unique perspective. Salt will argue that the GFC was a circuit breaker between the old world and the new. This had led to a transformation from a 21st Century world dominated by demand from the West to a 21st Century world increasingly being shaped by demand from the East.

In this new world, there is a heightened demand from a rising and powerful consumer force for food, energy, water, resources and commodities, as well as human capital, with the skills, and talent, necessary to marshal and deliver these vital requirements. Australia is a key supplier of resources within the Asia Pacific region, but is by no means the only supplier. This is both an opportunity and a threat to the region. There is great opportunity for countries like Australia who have the skills, resources and knowledge to facilitate this growth. However this requires long term vision and planning at the highest level of business and government to ensure the right policies and governance are in place to capture the prosperity of the global economic shift in this century.

Topical Luncheons

Monday, 22 October  ▪  1215-1400

BelleVue Ballroom 2

Luciat-Labry“The New Gas Global Highways”
Jerome Luciat-Labry, Chief Marketing Officer, GE Oil & Gas



Tuesday, 23 October  ▪  1200-1400

BelleVue Ballroom 2

Martin FergusonMartin Ferguson AM MP, Minister for Resources, Energy, Minister for Tourism




Wednesday, 24 October  ▪  1230-1400

John McCreery“Delivering Excellence and Managing Complexity to Provide a Bright Future”
John McCreery, Partner, Bain & Co.