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Panel Sessions

These sessions are structured to facilitate an active exchange of ideas and discussions based on presentations by several discussion leaders.

Monday, 22 October, 1400-1530

River View Room 4

Panel Session 1: Gas Supply Competition and Diversity

Session Chairpersons: Kevin Lay, Technical Director, AWT International; Margaret Hall, Principal Reservoir Engineer, Nexus Energy

Panel Speakers:

  • Geoff Barker, Partner, Unconventional Gas, RISC
  • Kerrie-Anne Lanigan, Director of Gas Marketing, ExxonMobil Australia
  • Stephen Thompson, Manager LNG & Gas, Poten & Partners

Natural gas demand in the Asia-Pacific region is satisfied from various subsurface sources and geographic locations in conjunction with a number of transportation and infrastructure systems. Various supply sources may be in competition with one another in a complex relationship which involves subsurface resources, extraction technologies, transport systems, geo-political factors and regional economies.

In recent times, the supply of gas from unconventional resources and conventional resources exploited using new technologies has introduced additional competition to the gas supply equation. Furthermore, the market for gas on the demand side is also dynamic, influenced by a range of factors including greenhouse gas reduction targets, growing energy demand in developing countries and shifting sentiments about nuclear energy.

This panel session will explore the interaction between gas sources, supplies and markets in the region, discuss current issues and opportunities that are being faced in this environment, and consider how the interaction between these elements may evolve and shape the nature of our regional industry.

The panel speakers will have wide range of experience and perspectives across the region’s gas market, including producers, marketers and industry experts, from both local and international organisations encompassing conventional gas, LNG, FLNG, CBM, tight gas, and shale gas.


Tuesday, 23 October, 1600-1730

River View Room 4

Panel Session 2: Progress Towards the Future in Asia Pacific Unconventional Gas

Session Chairpersons: Ray Johnson Jnr., General Manager, E&P. Armour Energy Limited; Keith Boyle, ABU Petrophysics Team Lead, Chevron Australia Pty Ltd; Milan Saicic, Petro Technical Services Manager, Schlumberger

Panel Speakers:

  • Chris Allen, Director CBM Business Development, VICO
  • Kyel Hodenfield, Vice President, Unconventional Resources, Schlumberger
  • Martin Riley, General Manager, QLD CSG, Origin

The opportunities for unconventional gas development have expanded beyond the coal seams of the Sydney and Bowen basins to now include such diverse areas as shale gas in the Cooper and Perth basins, tight sand and shale plays in Western Australia and Kalimantan or South Sumatra of Indonesia. China and India are completing pilot projects in both tight sands and shale gas. But how will this resource will progress remains uncertain, among the questions are;

  • How mature are these plays?
  • What technical problems or limitations are being faced by the operators?
  • What new technology requirements are needed in these resource areas?
  • How do economic factors differ from similar North American plays?
  • How will changing environmental or regulatory concerns affect these plays?
  • How will market forces or historical production agreements affect development strategies?

Several speakers from differing aspects of the Asia Pacific unconventional gas sector will provide varying perspectives. The focus will include; mature markets which deliver into LNG projects in such as the CSG industry in Eastern Queensland; emerging and prospective resource areas delivering into conventional markets; finally a service company perspective on the technical, social and regulatory challenges emerging in North America and what this could mean in our region.


Wednesday, 24 October, 0900-1030

River View Room 4

Panel Session 3: Intelligent and Remote Operations – Overcoming Today’s Challenges Using Digital Technology

Session Chairpersons: Robyn Tamke, Apac Well Services; Deden Supriyatman, Total E&P Indonesia; Milan Saicic, Petro Technical Services Manager, Schlumberger

Panel Speakers:

  • John Anis, Head Division Production Area Mahakam South Asset, Total E&P Indonesia
  • David Cavanagh, Managing Director, Integrated Energy
  • Gavin Rennick, Managing Director, Schlumberger Australia
  • Nigel Laubsch, Divisional Manager, Snowden Group

Today reservoirs are become increasingly difficult to access and develop. New reservoirs are deeper and often have extremely high pressures and temperatures. Mature reservoirs are sometimes depleted, compartmentalized or tight and some are simply poor in quality. The industry is driven to use all available digital oilfield techniques and an integrated operations philosophy to enable safer operations, improve performance and enhance production.

Remote operation is gaining momentum as one of the ways to achieve this by having real time measurement for live drilling optimization, live reservoir characterization, remote facility operation and collaborative support from remote operational centres and supplier locations.

This panel will discuss best in class technology in intelligent and remote operations to tackle the challenges facing the industry today to optimize the use of time, data and resources and integrate this into the entire organisation. The dialogue includes the operator and service company outlook and considers the progress already made by the mining industry sector.


River View Room 4

Panel Session 4: Deploying Technology in Your Workplace

Session Chairpersons: Mark Jackson, Principal Production Engineer, Australian Production, BHP Billiton Petroleum; Alex Crabtree, Senior Advisor, Well Intervention, Hess; Angelina Coletta, Flow Assurance Consultant/Team Lead, SPT Group

Panel Speakers:

  • Paul Jones, Technology Centre Manager, Chevron
  • Jon Avre Svaeren, Sales Manager, Framco Engineering A/S
  • David Lachance, VP Resource, BP Asia Pacific
  • Pierre Paterni, Business Development Manager, Cisco France

The Oil and Gas industry regards itself as a technology leader but is often viewed as being a mature and stagnant industry by others.  Innovations, including horizontal well drilling, subsea wells, remote and autonomous operated vehicles, subsalt seismic imaging, etc., have unlocked reserves that were unable to be developed by conventional methods.  Many of these advancements have been made possible by development and adoption of enabling technologies.  The path to field deployment can be long, arduous and filled with ‘fast followers’, so how are enabling technologies successfully commercialized?

Hear and ask questions of a world class panel of technology leaders discuss their personal contributions to development and deployment of innovative technologies in the oil and gas industry.  Panelists are drawn from Operating, Service and Equipment providers. An interactive discussion session will follow the presentations.