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Technical Programme - Monday, 22 October

1400-1530 hours

Meeting Room 1

Technical Session 1: Case Studies I: Field Development Plan

Session Co-Chairpersons: Ferry Anantokusumo, BP Berau; Liu He, Research Inst. of Petroleum Exploration and Development (RIPED), PetroChina


Subsurface Appraisal and Field Development Planning of the Gas Condensate Field GVLA, Angola   
S. Balasubramanian, B. Wang, Y. Li, E.P. Ginger, B. Liang, D.M. McKay, J.J. Brinkman,  K.A. Ogden, D.D. Kennedy, and W.T. Wilcox, Chevron, and A. Yang, ACE Field Services


Best Practises in Developing Deep Tight Gas Reservoirs for Maximum Recovery, Sultanat of Oman  
R. Busaidi, L. Diamond, S. Mugheiry, Z. Abri, J. Rendon, and R. Lukmanov, Petroleum Development Oman LLC


An Innovative Static Modelling Approach to Handle a Complex Giant Mature Field within a Compressed Timeframe ; A Case Study of the Baram Oil Field, Offshore Sarawak, East Malaysia
A.I. Latief, ROXAR, A.I. Ridzuan, PETRONAS, P.A. Faehrmann, Shell, A. MacDonald, ROXAR, W.A. Nasir, PETRONAS, G. Rahman, ROXAR; and M.E. Rahman, PETRONAS



Various Methods to Determine Relative Permeability in Fractured Reservoirs
V. Khosravi, IAU of Science and Research


Evaluation of a Passive Ultrasonic Log Application for Casing Integrity Assessment: A Case Study in a South Oman Field   
P. Aditama, M. Mirza, H. Al Saadi, A. Al Wardi, and E.C. Aprilianto, Medco Oman LLC; D. Broughton, Falcon; and D. Troup, Archer

1400-1530 hours

Meeting Room 2

Technical Session 2: Surface and Subsurface Integration and Optimisation

Session Co-Chairpersons: Bazlee Matzain, SPT Group Pty. Ltd.; Nigel Snaith, BG Group


Dynamic Simulation Applications to Support Challenging Offshore Operations: A Kitan Oil Field Offshore East Timor Case Study
R. Yokote and V. Donagemma, Eni Australia Ltd., and J.C Mantecon, SPT Group


Simulation of Multiphase Fluid—Hammer Effects during Well Shut-In and Openin
G. Han, China U. of Petroleum; K. Ling, U. of North Dakota; S. Khor, Schlumberger; H. Zhang, Ryder Scott Co.; and R. Thakur, Schlumberger


Is There a Better Way to Determine the Viscosity in Waxy Crudes?  
S. Daungkaew, G. Fujisawa and S. Chokthanyawat, Schlumberger; J.T. Ludwig, Chulalongkorn U., F. Houtzager, C. Platt, N. Last, T. Limniyakul, W. Phaophongklai, Mudabadala Petroleum; and  N. Comrie-Smith and T. Thaitong, Salamander Energy



Renewal Plan: Efficient Strategy for Optimum Development in Mature Fields – A Success Story from Sanga‑Sanga Assets, Indonesia
A. Wijanarko, B.S. Ismanto, and R.C. Permana, VICO Indonesia, and I. Pizzolante, ENI


Using Dynamic Simulations to Predict and Optimise Cleanup Operation of Horizontal Gas Wells
K.A. Mahadi, C. Ogbonna, and M.B. Jadid, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd., and R. Yusuf, SPT Group Sdn. Bhd.


Evaluate Field Development Option, Production Optimisation Scenarios and Analysis of Surface Network Upgrading Phases of Abu—Attifel  
H.A. Algdamsi, N.A. Misherghi and H. Ganib, Schlumberger and A.A. Zeglam and H. Jallul, Mellitah Oil & Gas B.V. Libya

1400-1530 hours

Meeting Room 3

Technical Session 3: Production Monitoring and Evaluation

Session Co-Chairpersons: Alex Crabtree, Hess Corporation; Thomas Burger, ExxonMobil Australia


Thru‑Tubing Isolation and Perforating in Large Casing Diameter   
M. Syafruddin, D. Fauzi and A. Ferdian, Hess (Indonesia-Pangkah) Ltd.


Direct Averaging Estimates of Separate Zone Production in Gas Wells Based on Pressure and Temperature Profiles
E. Barrett, I. Abbasy, and C.R. Wu, Santos Ltd., and Z. You and P. Bedrikovetsky, U. of Adelaide


Successful Application of Well Inflow Tracers for Water Breakthrough Surveillance in the Pyrenees Development, Offshore Western Australia
R. Napalowski, R. Loro and C.J. Anderson, BHP Billiton Petroleum, and C. Andresen, A.D. Dyrli and F. Nyhavn, ResMan AS



Innovative Solution Successfully Recompletes Problematic Well in Malaysia   
C. Elliott, M. Mazhan, M.I. Feroze, K. A. Mahadi and A. Ahmad Mahdzan, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.; K. Abdul Aziz and M. Forbes, Halliburton; and N. Dzul‑Fikar, Welltec


The First Real Time Logging with Coiled Tubing Tractor in an Extended Reach Horizontal Well With Proof of True Stimulation   
J. Arukhe, M. Dhufairi, S.  Ghamdi, L. Duthie, and K. Omairen, Saudi Aramco

1600-1730 hours

River View Room 4

Technical Session 4: Unconventional Resources I

Session Co-Chairpersons: Ray Johnson, Armour Energy; Edson Nakagawa, CSIRO


Permeability Increase in Bowen Basin Coal as a Result of Matrix Shrinkage During Primary Depletion   
M. Scott, S. Mazumder, and Jessica Jiang, Arrow Energy


Marcellus and Haynesville Drilling Data: Analysis and Lessons Learned   
Q. Guo, L. Ji, V. Rajabov, and J. Friedheim, M‑I SWACO and R. Wu, Cornell U.


Thermal Maturity Estimation of Gas Shale Layers from Conventional Well Log Data: A Case Study from Kockatea Shale and Carynginia Formation of Perth Basin, Australia
M. Labani and R. Rezaee, Curtin U.



Efforts on Technology Application to Unlock Gas Reserves in Low Permeability Reservoirs: A Lesson-Learned in Semberah Field, East-Kalimantan, Indonesia
U. Jauhari, B. Widiastuti, A. Wijanarko, and R.C. Permana, VICO Indonesia


A Variable Shape Distribution (VSD) Model for Characterization of Pore Throat Radii, Drill Cuttings, Fracture Apertures and Petrophysical Properties in Tight, Shale and Conventional Reservoirs
R.F. Aguilera, Curtin U. and J.F. Ramirez, C.E. Ortega and R. Aguilera, U. of Calgary

1600-1730 hours

Meeting Room 1

Technical Session 5: Case Studies II: Subsurface

Session Co-Chairpersons: Ferry Anantokusumo, BP Berau; Gayatri Kartoatmodjo, Schlumberger Oilfield Services


Overview of PCP Lifting Technology Development in Daqing Oilfield   
W. Zhou, G. Shi, G. Cao, M. Lu, M. Chen, Y. Hou, Y. Liu and M. Zhang Daqing Oilfield Co., Ltd.


Testing and Perforating in the HPHT Deep and Ultra-Deep Water Environments
C. Wendler and M.F. Schoener-Scott, Halliburton


Qualification, Verification and Validation of Novel Subsea Tooling
D. Wilkinson and M.J. Wagstaff, Esso Australia Pty. Ltd.



Introduction of a Dual ESP with Bypass Tubing and Backup Gas Lift System in an Offshore Brownfield   
M.Z. Zaini, M.E. Rivero and W. Sepulveda, Schlumberger; M.M. Salim, PETRONAS; and S.M. Bela, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.


Lesson Learned from a Water Shutoff Technique for Cross Flow between Two Perforation Intervals in Al‑Khafji Field   
A.M. Al‑Dhafeeri, Saudi Aramco, and T.I. Mohammed and T.M. Moawad, Al‑Khafji Joint Operations (KJO)

1600-1730 hours

Meeting Room 2

Technical Session 6: Gas Technology

Session Co-Chairpersons: Su Chunmei, PetroChina E&P Co.; Robyn Tamke, APAC Well Services Australia P/L


Experimental and Numerical Studies on the Microbial Restoration of Natural Gas Deposits in Depleted Oil Reservoirs Storing CO2   
R. Mori, Y. Sugai, and K. Sasaki, Kyushu U., and K. Fujiwara and T. Nakamura, Chugai Technos Corp.


Advanced Gas Separation Processing for Gas Plants and LNG Operations
R.A. Barker, FMC and M. Akdim, FMC Technologies


Development of MEG Regeneration Unit Compatible Corrosion Inhibitor for Wet Gas Systems   
C. Bikkina, N. Radhakrishnan, S. Jaiswal, R.M. Harrington and M. Charlesworth, Nalco, An Ecolab Co.

1600-1730 hours

Meeting Room 3

Technical Session 7: Sand Control and Intelligent Wells

Session Co- Chairpersons: Thomas Burger, Esso Australia Pty. Ltd.; Kevin Raymond Lay, AWT International


Intelligent Well Completion in the Kitan Oil Field
R. Yokote, J. Milne and C. Sanasi, Eni Australia, and P. Hosatte, N. Mukashev, and N. Chadha, Schlumberger Australia


Methods for Measurement of Solid Particles in Hydrocarbon Flow Streams
A. Nabipour, B.J. Evans and M. Sarmadivaleh, Curtin U., and C.J. Kalli, Chevron ETC


Intelligent Well Type and Optimum Completion Designs in the Complex, Multi-Stacked, Compartmentalized, Oil-Rim Reservoirs
R. Masoudi, D. Chong, H. Karkooti, M. Othman and K. Chan, PETRONAS, and D. Finley, Halliburton



First Installations of the 9‑5/8‑in. Enhanced Single‑Trip Multi‑Zone Sand‑Control Technology in Offshore Brunei   
B. Fourie, B. Marpaung, and R. Jansen, Brunei Shell Petroleum Co. Sdn. Bhd., and A. Wong, D.T. Mok and  N. S. Karlsey, Halliburton

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