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Technical Programme

Wednesday, 12 November, 0930-0950

Official Exhibition Opening


Conference Opening Ceremony


Opening Keynote Panel Session - Long Term Oil & Gas Technology Development Strategy

Session Chairs: Magzum Mirzagaliyev, Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
Campbell Keir, Shell

Oil and gas is among the most capital and technology intensive of all industries and the role of technology innovation in aiding the discovery of economically viable new reserves and improving the efficiency of resource extraction is critical. When the industry has to decide which technology alternatives to pursue, how quickly they are needed, or how to coordinate the development of multiple technologies adopting a structured approach for industry collaboration to build a coherent picture of the oil and gas sector and a common technology framework is a prerequisite. The Upstream Technology and R&D Roadmap collectively developed by the Kazakhstan oil and gas community formulated the technology and research priorities which are essential to ensuring that common industry challenges are addressed effectively.  It will be important for the academia, local industry, the operators, service companies and the government to work together now in genuine partnership and to plan ahead to drive the technology development vision of the Kazakhstan upstream oil and gas sector. 


  • Duncan van Bergen, Shell
  • Murat Munbayev, TCO General Manager
  • John Richard Denis, KazMunaiGaz  Scientific Research Institute of Production & Drilling Technology


Session 1: Drilling and Completions—New Technologies

Session Chairs: Jose de Jesus Gutierrez, Schlumberger; Sanzhar Zharkeshov, ExxonMobil

Evolving drilling and completion technologies are pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Deeper and far-reaching wells are drilled in challenging subsurface environments. Advancements in well construction technologies are often associated with improved cost effectiveness, less uncertainty, accurate data acquisition, and strategic decision making, ultimately increasing overall drilling performances. This session covers extended reach wells, downhole tools, PDM RSS, drilling in carbonate reservoirs, and multilateral well stimulation.



Expanding the Extended Reach Envelope at Chayvo Field, Sakhalin Island
Vishwas P. Gupta, ExxonMobil Development Company; Angel H. P. Yeap, Kyle M. Fischer, SPE, Randall S. Mathis, Exxon Neftegas Ltd.; Michael J. Egan, AIPC, Consultant to Exxon Neftegas Ltd.



Instantaneous Monitoring of Drill Bit Wear and Specific Energy as a Criteria for the Appropriate Time for Pulling Out Worn Bits
Rafid K. Abbas, Dr. Ali Hassanpour, Dr. Colin Hare and Prof. Mojtaba Ghadiri, Institute of Particle Science and Engineering, University of Leeds



The Introduction of a High Build-up Rate Rotary Steerable System as a Step Change in the Karachaganak Field Development
Ato Aidoo, SPE, Balzhan Kereyeva, Yerbol Zhantolin, Karachaganak Petroleum Operating b.v., Alexander Navrotsky, Albina Rumvantseva, SPE, Shlumberger

Session 2: Reservoir Management

Session Chairs: Kevin Fong, Maersk; Francois Jugla, TOTAL

The ultimate challenge of maximising hydrocarbon field recovery demands and optimised reservoir depletion strategy. This session showcases reservoir management best practices, and methodologies enabling efficient reservoir surveillance and diagnosis. Case study topics in this session include improved recovery through miscible gas injection, depletion planning of gas condensate field, and production signposting in mature fields.



Tengiz Sour Gas Injection Project: An Update
Gulnara Urazgaliyeva, SPE, Gregory R. King, SPE, Sabyrzhan Darmentaev, SPE, Damira Tursinbayeva, SPE, Darrin Dunger, SPE, Randy Howery, SPE, Tom Zalan, SPE, Karl Lindsell, SPE, Elrad Iskakov, SPE, Assel Turymova, SPE, Steve Jenkins, SPE, Chuck Walker, SPE,  Phil Bateman, SPE, and Abzal Aitzhanov, SPE, Tengizchevroil



Advanced Integrated Field Modelling Approach in Development Planning and Management of Giant Gas Condensate Field
O.Tleukhabyluly, KPO b.v., G.Mutaliyev, KPO b.v., A.Abdibapov, KPO b.v.



A New Early Warning Model with Vector Machine for Abnormal Production Prediction
Li, JunJian, China University of Petrolum,Beijing, Zhao Jichen,Sinopec International Petroleum Exploration and Production Corporation,Beijing, Jiang Hanqiao,Fang Wenchao,Liu Hongxia,China University of Petrolum,Beijing and Xiao Wu,Shengli Oilfiled,Sinopec

Session 3: Personal and Process Safety

Session Chair:François Joseph, TCO; Maigul Kuanyshkaliyeva, NCOC

Local communities, as well as oil and gas enterprises, are united in wanting incident-free operations. Advances in both personal safety and process safety management are building trust that new and existing oil and gas facilities can be operated safely. This session examines several industry-leading safety practices involving human performance, the use of leading and lagging safety indicators, and an innovative application of business intelligence software.



Building a Culture of Effective Process Safety Management
W Ian Hamilton and Claire Turner, ERM



Lessons Learned in Executing Leading Safety Indicators
Jack Toellner, ExxonMobil



Delivering Process Safety Through a Foundation in Data
Hakan Sarbanoglu Tengizchevroil


Session 4: Reservoir Modelling

Session Chairs: Ilyas Saurbayev, NCOC; Mike Pillow, TCO

This session includes a variety of case histories about how to model complex reservoirs and complex fluid flow through porous media. Special attention is given to non-matrix features and geo-mechanical properties that impact gas injection performance. The importance of multidisciplinary workflows and the use of up-to-date technology (simulation tools and techniques) are identified as success keys in defining development scenarios.



Tengiz Sour Gas Injection Modeling: A Geo-mechanics Approach to Understand Gas Breakthrough
Ruiting Wu, SPE, Margaretha C.M. Rijken, SPE, Chevron, Sameh Macary, SPE, Merey Shinikulova, SPE, Bolat Amangaliev, SPE, Zhalgasbek Ayazov, SPE, Tengizchevroil




Scaling Gravity-Drainage Oil Recovery from Fractured Reservoirs Using 3D Discrete Fracture Models
Mun-Hong (Robin) Hui, Mohsen Heidary-Fyrozjaee, Jairam Kamath (Chevron Energy Technology Co.)



Characterization and Modeling Challenges Associated with Fracture and Karst (Non-Matrix) in the Margin Area of a Carbonate Reservoir
Alfiya Medekenova, SPE, and Gareth D. Jones, ExxonMobil Development Company

Session 5: Information Technology and Real-Time Business Value

Session Chairs: Mikhail Leypunskiy, Schlumberger; Nathaniel Cameron, TCO

Information and data management are crucial to any operating system. Complex systems require huge efforts to make realtime data available at different levels and in different locations. Papers of this session discuss integrated IT systems used to make important timely decisions while operating complicated facilities. Authors will present experience from local giants such as Tengiz and Kashagan as well as overseas fields where software is utilised to manage the drilling processes and ensure safety processes are followed.



A Real-Time Warning System for identifying Drilling Accidents
Qi Peng, Honghai Fan, China University of Petroleum (Beijing), Shuguo Xu, SINOPEC Research Institute of Petroleum Engineering Beijing, Haobo Zhou SINOPEC Research Institute of Petroleum Engineering and China University of Petroleum (Beijing), Minbin Lai, Guangxi Ma, Suiyi Fu, China University of Petroleum (Beijing)



The Implementation of the Collaborative Working Environment (CWE) in Kashagan Field Development
T. Tajima, Agip KCO, A. Kushekov, Agip KCO, Z. Jilkaidarov, Agip KCO.



Process Safety Information Management
Askhat Okshiev, Tengizchevroil; Will Alteneder, Tengizchevroil

Session 6: Artificial Lift Applications

Session Chairs: Chiara Satori, agip karachagank b.v; Gabriel Diaz, Chevron

This session highlights the increasing importance of different artificial lift methods in the industry with case studies showing long-term implementation as well as future major capital project
decisions. Presentations will look at gas lift, PCP, ESP, gas-lifting gas-condensate wells, and jet pump applications as well as considerations around kicking off and unloading wells in late-life
phase of wells.



Tengiz Well Performance Forecasting Using Wellbore Transient Flow Modeling
Chiedozie Ekweribe, Suk Kyoon Choi, SPE, Chevron, Darrin Dunger, Sameh Macary, Randy Howery, Nick Popp, Aidar Svyatov, SPE, Tengizchevroil



System Design and Flow Assurance Implications of Hydraulic Submersible Pumps for Artificial Lift
Graham Brook, Genesis Oil and Gas Consultants, Jonathon Lovick, Genesis Oil and Gas Consultants



Experimental Investigation of Gas Lift Instability and Dynamic Regulation to Control It
Christer Andre Larsen, NTNU; Harald Arne Asheim, NTNU

Technical Programme