Poster Presentations

Wednesday, 4 November, 1400–1530


TECHNICAL SESSION 2:  Production and Operations


New Approach for the Classification of Rock Typing Using a New Technique for Iso-Pore Throat Lines in Winland’s Plot
Khaled J. Al-Qenae, Salman H. Al-Thaqafi, Al-Khafji Joint Operations


Surveillance Helps to Get a Better Understanding of Reservoir Connectivity in Azeri Part of ACG
Najiya Kuramshina, Turan Ibrahimov, BP


Seeing Through the Noise: Seismic Survey Design in the Caspian Sea
Joseph Jackson, Chris Brooks, Allison Dingler, David Harrison and Dominic Lawrance, BP


Integration of DTS with Conventional Surveillance Data for Planning a Water Injection Target Location
Aydin Ismayilov, Ali Sheydayev, Paul Lokke, Elshan Rzayev and Maria Lum Kin, BP

Thursday, 5 November, 1200-1330

TECHNICAL SESSION 5:  Understanding and Protection of the Unique Caspian Environment


A Petrophysical Technique to Estimate Archie Saturation Exponent (n); Case Studies In Carbonate and Shaly-Sand Reservoirs – IRAQI Oil Fields
Mazin Mohlab Al-Hilali, Baker Hughes; Mohammed Jawad Zein Al-Abideen, University of Kirkuk & Tyumen State Oil and Gas University; Femi Adegbola, Weidong Li, Baker Hughes; Antwan Mahran Avedisian, University of Baghdad


A Petrophysical Procedure to Evaluate Permeability Behavior in Complex Reservoirs; Case Studies in IRAQI Oilfields
Mazin Mohlab Al-Hilali, Baker Hughes; Mohammed Jawad Zein Al-Abideen, University of Kirkuk & Tyumen State Oil and Gas University; Femi Adegbola, Baker Hughes; Antwan Mahran Avedisian, University of Baghdad


Nuclear Attribute and Tool Modelling for Enhancing Reservoir and Well Surveillance
Emin Alkhasov, Xiaogang Han, Michael Webster and Adrian Zett, BP


Statistical Modeling of Oil Reservoir Life Cycle
B.A. Suleimanov, F.S. Ismayilov, O.A. Dyshin, “OilGasScientificResearchProject” Institute, SOCAR; S.S. Keldibayeva, National Company KazMunayGas JSC


Sand Control In The Wells of SOCAR Oilfields
Sh.P. Kazimov, Fariz Ahmed, “OilGasScientificResearchProject” Institute, SOCAR


The Application of the Accelerative Learning Cycle to the Design and Delivery of Safety Leadership Programs for Personnel of Onshore and Offshore Upstream Oil Assets
Valery Kucherov, Amy McDonald, Ivan Ivanov, Janet Rose, ERM


TECHNICAL SESSION 6: Artificial Lift


Onshore Oil Spill Modeling and Assessment of Potential Socio- Economic and Environmental Impacts from Operational Assets
S. Gibbons, J. Shaw, S.Tillotson, Environmental Resources Management


The Challenges Faced and the Successes Achieved in Delivering Well Operations Crew Resource Management in a Multi-Cultural Offshore Environment
Phil Smith and Gareth Lock, Critical Team Performance


Bioremediation Plan on Contaminated Soil Shiraz Oil Refinery Site: Identification of Heavy Hydrocarbon Degrading Microorganisms
M.Koohestani, Department of Engineering, Science and Reaserch Branch, Islamic Azad University, N.Koohestani, Department of Biology, Jahrom Branch, Islamic Azad University, S.Sadeghi, Department of Environment and Energy, Science and Reaserch Branch, Islamic Azad University


Variable Frequency Generator
Wojciech A.(Andy) Limanowka, Canadian Advanced ESP Inc.; Dana Pettigrew, Foundation Enterprises Ltd.


An Innovative, Efficient and Cost-effective Water Deoiling Solution for Exploration and Production Testing Offshore by Using New Generation Mobile Light Water Treatment Unit
M. Griffith, BP Angola; Y.A. Shumakov, B. Akbayev and R. Fejervary, Schlumberger


An Integrated Approach to the Greenfield Development Strategy
Dr. Diana Shigapova, Ekaterina Makarova, Roxar Software Solutions


TECHNICAL SESSION 8: Well Productivity Enhancement


Hostile Environment Electric Line Well Interventions Optimize Operations in Kazakhstan
Mike Etuhoko, Massimo Viti, Sergey Zmeyevskiy, Arman Izbassov, Yerdos Bersugurov, Peter Hutson, Muratbek Aibazarov, KPO; Dave Clayton, Welltec


Efficiency Improvement of Vibrowave Devices Impact on the Bottomhole Formation Zone for the Intensification of Oil Recovery
Turbakov, Mikhail S., Shcherbakov, Aleksandr A., Perm National Research Polytechnic University


Deployment of Downhole Fibre Optical Sensing Technology in the Karachaganak Field, Kazakhstan
Mike Etuhoko, Massimo Viti, Sergey Zmeyevskiy, Peter Hutson, Zhanna Itisheva, KPO; Connor Hyland, Weatherford


TECHNICAL SESSION 10: Completion Case Studies


Efficiency Improvement of Abrasive Jet Perforation
Sergey E. Chernyshov, Sergey V. Galkin, Nikolay I. Krisin, Mikhail S. Turbakov, Evgenii P. Riabokon, Perm National Research Polytechnic University


Hard Fill Removal Combining Vacuuming Technology and Intelligent Coiled Tubing leads to Injection – A Case Study in Azerbaijan
Marlin D. Rodriguez S., Luis D. Piñero, Simon D. Smith, Hajagha Mammadov, Baker Hughes; Samir Mollayev,BP-plc


History of History Match in Azeri Field
Turan Ibrahimov, BP


Seismic Virtual Reality: High-Fidelity Finite Difference Modelling of the Azeri-Chirag-Gunashi Field
Alistair Crosby and Joseph Jackson, BP


The Evolution of Geomechanics Application in the Korchagina Field, North Caspian Sea
A. Valisevich, S. Shtun, V. Zvyagin and M. Golenkin, LUKOIL; L. Sadykov, E. Korelskiy, A. Ocheretyanyy, A. Khakov and R. Golubtsov, Schlumberger


Formation Sampling While Drilling in Productivity Steering Process
Akikat Makhmotov, Oliver C. Mullins, Shahid Azizul Haq, Wich Wichers, Schlumberger