Student Development Summit

The Russia and Caspian region has an extremely active student membership and shows great potential for membership growth. To capitalise on this conference being in Baku and linking in with the regional focus on talent development, SPE will host students from the Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, and Russian chapters who will attend the SPE Regional Student Development Summit, held alongside the conference.

Summit sessions include soft skills courses such as Interview Skills, How To Write an SPE Paper, and panel sessions. In addition, technical sessions highlight issues facing the Caspian.

The aim of the Regional Student Development Summit is to enable students to gain a better understanding of the oil and gas industry in the Caspian region whilst being given the opportunity to network with peers, share ideas, meet with major industry figures and employers, and also work together on joint technical projects.

Regional Student Development Summit Committee Members

Elnur Abdulleyev

Parviz Allahverdiyez

Teyrun Gahramanov

Akhmed Gumbatov
ADA University

Ayisha Jafaguluzade
Global Wells Organization

Riad Salayev

Aizhana Jussupbekova
North Caspian Operation Company

Almas Kuandykov
North Caspian Operation Company

Assel Salimova
Baker Hughes

Erlan Murzakhmetov

To find out more information, visit the 2014 event website, or download the 2014 student conference programme and 2014 student programme. The 2015 event will be held in Baku, Azerbaijan on the 4-6 November.

Magzum Mirzagaliyev, Vice-Minister of Oil & Gas, Kazakhstan
Student Development Summit