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Technical Program

Tuesday, 25 March


Waterway 6-8

Challenging Coiled Tubing Operations

Session Chairpersons:

Alex Crabtree, Hess Corporation; Randy Valencia, Apache

Today there is “no easy oil” and, as a result, a greater number of wells are being constructed, which present significant challenges for coiled tubing interventions. The challenges can come from extended-reach wells with high horizontal to vertical ratios or from more corrosive wellbore fluids. Can coiled tubing be utilized in these wells? What are the limitations? If things do not go as planned, can the situation be remediated? This session will present case histories and answers to these and other questions.

Time Paper # Presentation
0830-0900 168234 icon:PO Improving Coiled Tubing Operational Capabilities to Overcome New HP/HT Challenges in Mexico Offshore
U. Solis, J.d. Perez Damas, PEMEX; E. Franco, R.I. Ortega Alfonzo, M. Marin, A. Murillo Vallejo, Schlumberger; B.A. Reichert, C. Grimaldo, Tenaris
0900-0930 168295 icon:HSE Journey of a Coiled Tubing Catenary Operation: Best Practice at South China Sea
W. Wan M Fablillah, S.B. Abdul Ghani, Petronas; M. Ishak, M. Kasim, Schlumberger
0930-1000 168254 icon:PO Challenging Through-Tubing Intervention Succeeds Despite Extreme Well Conditions
F. Colmenares, A. Lopez, A. Qutob, Weatherford
1045-1115 168235 icon:DC Extended Reach: Can We Reach Farther?
K.R. Newman, P. Kelleher, KNewman Engineering; E.A. Smalley, NOV CTES
1115-1145 168250 icon:DC Coiled Tubing Drilling: Increasing Horizontal Reach in the Kuparuk Field
J.A. Burke, J.G. Eller, D.E. Venhaus, L.L. Gantt, ConocoPhillips Alaska
Tuesday, 25 March


Montgomery A-C

Improving Operational Efficiency and Safety

Session Chairpersons:

Ian Retalic, Senergy ADT; Alastair Buchanan, Statoil

This session will present a number of initiatives taken to improve operational efficiency and safety. Examples include developments in surface equipment, innovative application of downhole technology and other activities to extend the technical envelope for efficient well intervention methods.

Time Paper # Presentation
0830-0900 168242 icon:RDD Using E-Line Conveyance in Multi-Stage Fracturing to Optimize Efficiency: A Case From Bakken, ND
R.D. Mann, V. Schiavi, R. Bukowski, Welltec
0900-0930 168246 icon:DC Recent Developments to Coiled Tubing Equipment Design Improves Efficiency and Safety
I. Thomson, Boots & Coots, A Halliburton Service
0930-1000 168269 icon:DC Design Enhancements to Snubbing Unit Surface Equipment Delivers Improved Operational Efficiency and Safety
E. Sredensek, E. Bruin, Boots & Coots, A Halliburton Service
1045-1115 168280 icon:PO Comprehensive Analysis of Metal-to-Metal Lubricants in Oil Shale Plays
R. Barraez, J. Noland, D. Matheus, Sanjel; Z. Spence, SM Energy
1115-1145 168264 icon:DC Cut and Cap Process for Surface Casing Vent Flow Prevention
D. Sahnoun, J. Schneider, C.J. Sylvestre, Sanjel
Tuesday, 25 March


Waterway 6-8

Panel: Fracturing, Stimulation, and Milling of Frac Isolation Plugs

Session Chairpersons:

Cindy Taff, Shell International E&P; Jeff Whittaker, Welltec

This panel discussion will highlight fracturing and stimulation techniques, and techniques for milling frac isolation plugs utilized in these pumping type operations. During the panel discussion, four short presentations will be delivered followed by a group discussion and Q&As to facilitate information and idea sharing amongst the attendees and panel of presenters.

Time Paper # Presentation
1345-1400 168284 icon:PO Changing the Paradigm to No Wiper Trips When Plug Milling: Results From Over 600 Wells
N. Moore, E. Waters, Chesapeake Energy; J. Greer, S. Craig, Baker Hughes
1400-1415 168279 icon:DC Optimizing Frac Plug Mill Outs in Horizontal Wells using Coiled Tubing
M. Pawlik, J. Champagne, Shell E&P; J. Whitworth, C. Trebing, Thru Tubing Solutions
1415-1430 168290 icon:DC Improving Post-Stimulation Coiled Tubing Drillout
K.A. Asafa, B.T. Williams, A. Gonzalez, M.T. Wiskofske, Marathon Oil Corporation
1430-1445 168301 icon:DC Composite: Is Multi-Plug Milling That Fast?
C.M. Cromer, I. Aviles, N. Li, Schlumberger