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Technical Program

Thursday, 6 February


Waterway 5-8

Well Performance

Session Chairpersons:

C. Mark Pearson, Liberty Resources LLC; Mukul Mani Sharma, University of Texas At Austin

This session highlights well performance studies for a variety of completion and fracture stimulation methods that have been used in our industry across different play types and geographic regions.

Time Paper # Presentation
0830-0915 168612 icon:PO Economic Optimization of Horizontal Well Completions in Unconventional Reservoirs
R.D. Barree, Barree & Assocs. LLC; S.A. Cox, PetroEdge Energy III; J.L. Miskimins, J.V. Gilbert, Barree & Assocs. LLC; M.W. Conway, Core Lab
0915-0940 168636 icon:DC Evolution of Frac-Pack Design and Completion Procedures for High Permeability Gas Wells in Subsea Service
V.J. Pandey, R.C. Burton, M. Nozaki, ConocoPhillips Company
0940-1005 168613 icon:PO Actual and Optimal Hydraulic Fracture Design in a Tight Gas Reservoir
T. Zhang, W. Pang, J. Du, Y. He, Q. He, H. Liu, X. Feng, Sinopec; B. Song, C.A. Ehlig-Economides, Texas A&M University
1005-1030 168624 icon:PO On the Mechanisms of Shale Microfracture Propagation
A. Padin, A.N. Tutuncu, S. Sonnenberg, Colorado School of Mines
1030-1055 168619 icon:PO Innovative Use of NMR to Study the Fracture Fluid Propagation in Shale Formation
A.M. Gomaa, B. Zhang, J. Chen, Q. Qu, S.G. Nelson, Baker Hughes
1055-1120 168623 icon:PO Evaluation of Multi-Fractured Horizontal Well Performance: Babbage Field Case Study
B. Al-Shamma, H. Nicole, P.R. Nurafza, E.ON E&P; W. Feng, E.ON E&P UK
Alternate 168608 icon:RDD On the Analysis of Production Data: Practical Approaches for Hydraulically Fractured Wells in Unconventional Reservoirs
G. Fuentes-cruz, E. Gildin, P.P. Valko, Texas A&M University