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Special Events and Activities

Note: Some events will require separate ticket purchase.

Tuesday, 30 October


Panel Session: “Innovation, Creativity, and Challenging the Status Quo”

Collaboration requires everyone to work together to achieve a common goal. In terms of innovation, it’s become increasingly important to color outside of the conventional lines and seek opportunities to work cross-functionally within and outside of our traditional petroleum industry. Breaking these traditional barriers creates innovative cultures that strengthen competitiveness, integrity, and responsible solutions to our local and global energy needs.

We’re "getting it from the source" through a moderated panel of industry and non-industry experts who will provide their reflections on this theme and provide the audience with motivations, issues, and opportunities that this challenge presents to our industry.


Keynote Luncheon: "Reserves: You and the SEC"

Keynote Speaker: John Lee, University of Houston

John LeeThis presentation will summarize the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)’s position on issues that are important to filers that report reserves for unconventional resources, such as shale oil and gas. Issues include the "five-year rule", estimating proved undeveloped reserves, and estimating proved and probable producing reserves. These briefs are simply that, and are not supported by written guidance from the SEC to the general public.

Wednesday, 31 October


Keynote Luncheon: "My Journey to the Summit: How to Tackle Your Own Everest"

Keynote Speaker: Lucille de Beaudrap

Lucille deBeaudrapMost people have an Everest, or an ambitious or seemingly unreachable goal that they dream about. From the age of 8, when Lucille first dreamt of summiting Mt. Everest, she has slowly been working towards her goal. In 2010, Lucille became the seventh Canadian woman to summit Mt. Everest. But Lucille is an ordinary person, living an ordinary life. By incorporating a few changes into her busy schedule, she managed to make her dream a reality. Follow along as she inspires you to reach for your own Everest and will present you with the tools to make it a reality.


Young Professionals Workshop

The SPE Young Professionals event is free to attend with your full conference registration, or Young Professionals (YPs) may register to attend just this workshop and have full access to the conference for the afternoon of Wednesday, 31 October.

YPs are encouraged to attend this event in association with the SPE Canadian Unconventional Resources Conference to engage in one of the most important topics: How do we secure Canada's energy future? Through an interactive keynote and panel discussions, YPs, and conference delegates will engage in conversation to stimulate and challenge conventional thinking for unconventional resources.

Thursday 1 November


Energy4me "Energize Your Classroom" Teacher Workshop

Energy4me, SPE’s energy education outreach program, will invite 100 Calgary-area classroom teachers (grades 4–12) to attend a free, 1-day energy education workshop. Educators will receive comprehensive, objective information about the scientific concepts of energy and its importance while discovering the world of oil and natural gas exploration and production. 

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