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Tuesday, 4 March


Ballroom B

Welcome and Awards Session

This session will include welcome speeches from the 2014 SPE/IADC Drilling Conference Chairman, Kevin Neveu, 2014 IADC Chairman, Jay Minmier, 2014 SPE President, Jeff Spath and a presentation of the SPE Drilling Engineering Award.


Kevin A. Neveu Kevin A. Neveu
2014 IADC/SPE Drilling Conference Program Chairperson
Jay Minmier Jay Minmier
2014 IADC Chairman
Jeff Spath Jeff Spath
2014 SPE President
Rolv Rommetveit Rolv Rommetveit
2014 SPE Drilling Engineer Award Recipient, eDrilling Solutions
Tuesday, 4 March


Ballroom B

Domestic Energy: The Opportunity for North America

Join us as Doug Suttles discusses the critical issues we face today in today's energy world.


Doug Suttles Doug Suttles
Wednesday, 5 March


Ballroom B

Plenary: Eventually That Which is Unconventional, but Successful, Becomes the Conventional

By 2035, the International Energy Agency (IEA) projects that, outside of the Middle East and Russia, nearly half of the world's natural gas supplies will come from what we now call "unconventional" sources. In fact, today, unconventional sources account for nearly 60% of U.S. gas production and are driving renewed growth in U.S. oil and liquids production. Despite the huge opportunities presented to the global energy industry through commercialization of unconventional resources, challenges line the path to success. Internal resources, such as capital, talent, systems and technologies will be required to realize true unconventional potential. Externally, public scrutiny may limit and even prohibit unconventional development. Ensuring success will require a multi-disciplined approach as the industry continues to pursue this opportunity.

Session Moderator:

Dave Fehling, Energy and Environmental Reporter - KUHF


Jeffery Lee Flaherty Jeffery Lee Flaherty
Helmerich & Payne Intl Drlg Co
Karl Blanchard Karl Blanchard
Michael Power Michael Power
Steve J. Bosworth Steve J. Bosworth
Anadarko Petroleum Corp