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Tuesday, 3 March


Keynote Breakfast

The Digital Oil Field: Has It Crossed the Chasm?

Digital systems are disrupting every sector of the global economy, so when it comes to energy, the question is not if, but when. But that when can be a very interesting question, especially when millions or even billions of dollars of investment are at stake. Join Geoff Moore as he shares the tech sector’s understanding of the dynamics of disruptive innovation and how they play out over the Technology Adoption Life Cycle, and learn about the different strategies for engaging with any Next Big Thing.

Speaker: Geoffrey Moore, Author, Speaker, and Advisor

Speaker provided by GE Oil & Gas

Geoffrey Moore
Geoffrey Moore
is an internationally-renowned author, speaker, and advisor for start-up companies and established high-tech enterprises. He is the author of Crossing the Chasm and Escape Velocity, works that are frequently cited regarding technology adoption and large enterprise challenges associated with adding new business lines.

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Tuesday, 3 March


Plenary Session I

Crossing the Chasm for Digital Energy

Our industry has been on the Digital Oil Field journey since the early 2000s, but have we reached our destination yet? This panel of industry leaders will share their insights into digital energy technologies and barriers to their adoption. Geoffrey Moore, internationally-renowned author, speaker and advisor to start-up and established high tech companies, will join the panel to help us understand if we have “crossed the chasm” for digital energy.


  • Kirk Coburn, Surge Ventures
    Founder & Managing Director
  • Russell Rankin, Statoil Gulf Services LLC
    Manager Geology 
  • Frans van den Berg, Shell
    Smart Fields Collaboration Manager
  • Peter Zornio, Emerson Process Management
    Chief Strategic Officer

Tuesday, 3 March


Networking and DSATS Luncheon

Drilling Systems Automation: What It Is and Why It Is Happening

Speakers: John Macpherson, Baker Hughes; Thomas Geehan, Consultant; Moray Laing, SAS

Drilling Systems Automation (DSA) covers the use of computer systems in monitoring, advising, and control of the real-time wellbore construction process. Currently within the drilling process there are discrete nodes that are highly automated and other nodes that remain manual. The SPE Drilling Systems Automation Technical Section (DSATS) is creating the digital communications and open protocols to enable uniform automation of drilling systems. The talk will give a background and describe the benefits of DSA, work being done in this area to create open systems, automation and optimization of downhole, surface and remote components, and the role of data quality and analytics in this process.

Wednesday, 4 March

0730 –0815

Student/Young Professional Breakfast

Speaker: Andrew Wright, Lead Advisor, Digital Technology in Asset Management, ExxonMobil Production Company

Digital energy technologies are broad technology disciplines that deal with the creation, management, and use of data. They cover, but are not limited to, measurement and sensing, hardware, software, and automation.

This breakfast will highlight the importance of the digital energy technologies (including R&D trends and innovations) and their use in the energy sector.  It will also provide networking opportunities with other professionals with similar technical interests.

Thanks to the generosity of STATOIL, the corporate sponsor of this breakfast, complimentary registration for the breakfast includes the breakfast program and a 1-day (Wednesday) Digital Energy conference pass.

Presentation: Digital Oilfield: Technologies and Applications

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Registration for this special event has been extended to Friday, 27 March.

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Wednesday, 4 March


Keynote Session

Innovation at Scale

Mark Little will speak about the merging of the physical and digital worlds that is changing the face of the industry.

Speaker: Mark Little, CTO for GE

Mark Little
Mark M. Little
is responsible for leading one of the world’s largest and most diversified industrial research and technology organizations. He leads GE Global Research, where 3,700 people from virtually every major scientific and engineering discipline focus on the company's long-range technology needs. The organization has research facilities in the United States, India, China, Germany and Brazil working in collaboration with GE businesses around the world.

Mark holds BS and MS degrees in mechanical engineering from Tufts and Northeastern universities, respectively, and in 1982 earned a PhD in mechanical engineering at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Wednesday, 4 March


Plenary Session II

Future Vision—Emerging Technologies and Their Transformational Potential on the Energy Industry

Where will Digital Energy be in ten years? To look that far ahead, we need to broadly consider how artificial intelligence, robotics, big data, nanotechnology, internet-of-things and other rapidly evolving and interrelated technologies will shape mankind’s future. A panel of innovative visionary leaders from inside and outside the energy industry will discuss the emerging technologies that will shape the future of industrial operations over the next decade.


  • Currie Boyle, IBM
    Global GBS CoC Natural Language & Dialogue Lead
  • Steven Fredrickson, NASA
    Chief of the Spacecraft Software Engineering Branch
  • Mark Little, GE
    Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer
  • David Rossi, Schlumberger
    Scientific Advisor Asset Optimization

Wednesday, 4 March



End the busy day by taking in bite-size information, packed full of ideas to expand your mind. DigiBites offer novel concepts and insightful messages in a 15-minute format. Take time to absorb and debate the new ideas with your peers.


1730 – 1742:

Paradigm Shift: They Said It Couldn’t Be Done
Drew Lafleur, ConocoPhillips

1745 – 1757:

Frac Your Data: Changes Coming for the Next GenerationNate Richards, Entrance Software

1759 – 1812:

Big Everything: The Future of Oilfield Service
Tor Ramsoy, McKensie and Company