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About this Conference

This biennial conference has been growing in importance and popularity in recent years. Much like the 2011 event we will have an exhibition, training courses, oral and poster technical sessions as well as a number of interesting social activities throughout the conference. The main technical sessions will take place on 5–7 June and the training courses will precede the main conference.

The event

Formation damage has a significant impact on the performance of many wells and fields. The conference aims to further our understanding of damage, stimulation, and the impact on well performance. Gathering many of the leading experts in formation damage and stimulation technology enables collective progress in the understanding, reduction, and mitigation of formation damage. With a specific focus on innovative solutions for challenging wells and reservoirs, the conference will commence with a plenary session dealing with unconventional reservoirs and the application of different technologies to better understand well and field performance.

Who should attend

Engineers and geoscientists including reservoir, petroleum, drilling and completion engineers, production technologists, reservoir geologists, production chemists, and formation damage specialists.

Topics covered

  • Case studies
  • Depleted reservoirs
  • Formation damage in HP/HT reservoirs
  • Injection into unconsolidated reservoirs
  • Innovation and fluids
  • Sand control
  • Unconventional reservoirs