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About the Conference

Building on the overwhelming success of our 2011 event in Vienna, the SPE European HSE Conference and Exhibition will combine first-rate technical content with high-level networking within this fascinating and critical area of the oil and gas industry.

Themed ‘Delivering Consistent HSE and SR Performance across Europe,’ the event will enable the industry to share best practices and raise the level of performance across the European E&P sector as well as provide an opportunity for professionals from across the industry to share experiences and dialogue with their peers.

The audience of senior-level delegates will be composed of:

  • HSE professionals, experts, and managers of oil and gas companies and supply industry consultants, contractors, and leaders
  • Local, national, and international governmental organisations
  • Non-governmental organisations
  • Institutes and universities
  • Medical/occupational health, safety, and environmental representatives
  • Professional societies, labour unions, and other worker representatives
  • Oil and gas regulators