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Technical Program

Tuesday, 16 April, 0900–0930

Orchard Suite

Introduction and Keynote Session

Session Chairs: Tom Knode, Halliburton; Don Smith, Eni

Keynote Presenter: Philip Hemmens, Managing Director, Eni UK Limited

The opening session will provide attendees with an overview of the conference, its theme and structure. The keynote presentation, delivered by Phil Hemmens, will consider the HSE challenges the industry currently faces and their implications with respect to operations within the European sector.


Orchard Suite

Opening Plenary Session: Delivering Excellence in HSE and SR Performance across Europe—The Journey Ahead in the Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Industry

Session Chairs: Tom Knode, Halliburton; Mark Shemaria, BNK Petroleum, Inc.

Moderator: Philip Hemmens, Managing Director, Eni UK Limited



Steve Flynn, Group Head of Risk Learning and HSSE, Safety and Operational Risk, BP


Jonathan Lewis, Senior Vice President, Europe/Sub-Saharan Africa, Halliburton


John Simonson, Chief Executive Officer, EMEA, ERM

As an industry we continually strive to provide safe, healthy, and secure workplaces; protect the environment, uphold and promote human rights, and respect cultural norms and values everywhere we operate. These commitments are the cornerstones of the E&P industry’s social responsibility programmes. The need for our companies to deliver excellence in performance continues to grow with the increasing awareness of a global society who is concerned about the protection of people, natural resources and the way we live. Our work has the potential to impact people, the environment and society but through good management practices, we are able to sustainably make use of the resources which we use.

In this session we will take a look at how we can effectively manage, measure, and advance our HSE and SR performance across Europe to achieve excellence in the years ahead.


Orchard Suite

Special Session: Safety Leadership
Case Study of the RAF Nimrod Accident in Afghanistan—UK Forces Greatest Single Loss of Life Since the Falklands (Part 1)

Session Chair: Lindsay Callard, BG Group

This two-part session presented by Adrian Tait, Mission Excellence, will explore a safety leadership case study of the Royal Air Force’s Nimrod air accident in Afghanistan, which resulted in the deaths of 14 military personnel. The accident was a seminal moment in the RAF’s organisational approach to risk and safety management. Whilst military aviation safety has generally been good at the tactical level, this accident exposed fundamental leadership and organisational failings leading to an independent enquiry commissioned by the Secretary of State of Defence, the setting up of the Military Aviation Authority, and a root and branch review of the organisation’s approach to executive ownership of risk.  Mission Excellence’s lead consultant on risk and safety was the expert adviser to the original Board of Enquiry. The case study lays out the factors contributing to the accident drawing on the original accident report, the Haddon-Cave Inquiry report and personal observation and insight from key players. 

Adrian has a first-class honours degree, a master’s and a doctorate, and is a published environmental critic. He presents to Mission Excellence clients on risk and safety management systems and culture.

Cromwell Suite 1

Technical Session: Social Responsibility Matters—Challenging Frontiers for the Business

Session Chairs: Arthur Leuterman, Schlumberger; Marco Stampa, Saipem



Socio-Economic Challenges of Shale Gas Developments in Europe
D. Heinz, ERM GmbH



Smooth E&P Activities in a Remote Area Having Fragmented/Hostile Communities Around—A Case Study Highlighting How an E&P Company Made it a Reality
M.A. Khan, Eni Pakistan Ltd



Management Systems Approach to Managing Human Rights Issues
T.R. Nguyen, Chevron Products Co.; B. Fokkema, Shell; J. Vallat, Total; M.R. Cleland, IPIECA

Cromwell Suite 2

Technical Session: Safety—Qualitative and Quantitative Risk Assessment

Session Chairs: Tom Knode, Halliburton; Norman Smith, Subsea 7



Demonstrating Adequate Management of Risks: The Move from Quantitative to Qualitative Risk Assessments
G. Bower-White, TSRhorizons Consulting



Ten Golden Rules for Developing Robust Bowties
M. Ramsden, M. Taylor, R. Steer, R. Bennett, Environmental Resources Management



A Generic Model to Assess Major Incident Frequencies for Offshore Assets
R.J. Emery, J. Flynn, MMI Engineering; D. Smith, P. Linzi, Eni UK Limited


Orchard Suite

Special Session: Safety Leadership
Case Study of the RAF Nimrod Accident in Afghanistan—UK Forces Greatest Single Loss of Life Since the Falklands (Part 2)

Session Chair: Lindsay Callard, BG Group

This session concludes Adrian Tait’s two-part presentation on safety leadership which looks at a case study of the Royal Air Force’s Nimrod air accident in Afghanistan, which resulted in the deaths of 14 military personnel.

Cromwell Suite 1

Technical Session: Oil and Gas Exploration, Production Operations, and Ecosystems

Session Chairs: Philippe Jean, PJN Consulting; Mark Shemaria, BNK Petroleum, Inc.



Environmental Risk Analysis in Permitting Process of Oil and Gas Activities in Brazil
G.B. Azevedo, A.C. Santos, A. Moreira, S. Schaffel, AECOM; J. Pellegrini, N. Santos, PROOCEANO



25 Years of Operating Germany’s Largest Oilfield Mittelplate: Applying the Experience to Exploratory Drilling in a National Park which is an UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site
H. Oppermann, M. Zettlitzer, RWE DEA A.G.



Best Practice in Managing Biodiversity and Ecosystem Service Issues in Any Operating Environment
E. Pavanel, M. Marconi, M. Nucci, D. Palliggiano, P. Pedroni, Eni E&P Division

Cromwell Suite 2

Technical Session: Enhanced Training Methods to Improve Performance in the Workforce

Session Chairs: Andrea Forzan, Saipem; Tom Knode, Halliburton



Virtual Reality as Effective Tool for Training and Decision-Making: Preliminary Results of Experiments Performed with a Plant Simulator
S. Colombo, S. Nazir, D. Manca, Politecnico di Milano



Defensive Driver Training (Does e-Learning Have a Role to Play?)
W.F. Fee, G. Morrison, B. Von Berg, MiX Telematics



Standardising HSE Training through Delphi
R. Tamburro, A. Forzan, Saipem



Orchard Suite

Keynote Plenary Session: Safety Leadership—Performance, Culture and Risk

Session Chair: Lindsay Callard

In this keynote session Justin Hughes, MD, Mission Excellence examines the tension between outcomes and safety in fast-jet operations. When operating in environments with multiple dependent and independent variables (many of which may be correlated in ways which are not obvious) decisions have to be made faced with ambiguity and armed with only imperfect information. Because of this, a compliance or process-based approach to risk and safety will always be insufficient. Justin is a former fighter pilot and was Executive Officer on the Red Arrows performing over 250 displays worldwide. Over the last 10 years he has consulted extensively to the energy, construction and healthcare sectors on performance and safety and is a non-executive advisor to a hedge fund on risk management. In this session Justin will examine additional factors in a more holistic culture of safety management, including behavioural safety, operational excellence and leadership. The presentation includes a short video case study of the Red Arrows’ debriefing process. Following the presentation there will be Q&A and discussion.

Cromwell Suite 1

Panel Session: Contractor Management—When is it Needed?

Session Chairs: Hans Jorn Johansen, QHSE Advisor; Don Smith, Eni

Giambattista De Ghetto, HSE Senior VP, Eni E&P
Jorgen Berg, Group Business Development Manager, Schlumberger
Patrick Toutain, Safety Director, OGP

Clients, contractors and sub-contractors strive to deliver outcomes that cause no harm to individuals or damage to the environment. Despite this common objective, the HSE performance of contractors remains a function of how the client engages with and manages them. The range of engagement between E&P companies and their contractors varies considerably; it is not usually a function of the contractor’s ability to manage its HSE performance with or without company intervention. This panel session will cover how organisations decide on the appropriate level of engagement, what form that engagement should take, and which forms of engagement are counterproductive. The panel comprises representatives from E&P companies as well as their contractors.

Cromwell Suite 2

Technical Session: Monitoring Environmental Impacts in Sensitive Environments

Session Chairs: Alistair Fulton, ERM; Paul Shone, Chevron



Monitoring the Environmental Impact of Offshore E&P Discharges through Innovative Techniques
M. Alboussiere, B. Kampala, C. Michel, L. Cazes Total E&P; F. Galgani, Ifremer; S. Canovas, Euro Engineering



The "Dream Charter" Project: Towards a Unified Approach for Evaluation and Reduction of Potential Environmental Impact Caused by Regular Discharges to Sea
H. Rye, M. Ditlevsen, S. Sørstrøm, SINTEF; T.K. Frost, Statoil



Real-Time Discharge Modelling and Environmental Monitoring System for Drilling Operations
U. Brönner, R. Nepstad, G. Eidnes, P. Rønningen, H. Rye, SINTEF Materials and Chemistry; M. Alver, D. Slagstad, SINTEF Fisheries and Aquaculture

Sentosa Room

Knowledge Sharing ePoster Sessions



The Governance of Acceptability
G. Muscio, Total E&P Italia SpA



Using Incident Data as Leading Indicators in the Assessment of Major Incident Risk within JV Operations
D. Smith, P. Linzi, Eni UK Limited



Exemplary Environmental Impact Assessments as Tools to Optimize Operations and Assure Approvability—Experiences with Projects Around Germany´s Largest Oilfield in a National Park and UNESCO World Heritage Site
M. Reichenbach, ARSU GmbH; D. Mattfeld, RWE Dea AG



Environmental Baseline Assessment of a Large Natural Area in Southern Italy
M. Remonti, S. Azzolini, ERM



A Plant Simulator to Enhance the Process Safety of Industrial Operators
D. Manca, S. Colombo, S. Nazir, Politecnico di Milano



Offshore Environmental Management: Monitoring Guidelines in Oil & Gas Activities
M. Buffagni, C. Cova, L. Pedroni, I. Zappacosta, G. Aiello, Eni E&P Division



Modelling the Options for Managing Drill Cuttings Piles on Decommissioning
S.K. Hayes, Genesis; L. Galley, CNR International



Technical Program