Testimonials from previous CTCE events

"Having such a prestigious SPE technical conference and exhibition in Baku is a fantastic opportunity for colleagues to share challenges and experiences to help progress understanding of the oil and gas industry here in the Caspian region. I would encourage anyone associated with the industry to participate and take advantage of this truly worthwhile technical event.
Martyn Smith
VP Reservoir Development
CTCE 2015


"I'm a witness and contributor to the story of CTCE since it started in November 2014 in Astana. This event has been established and evolved as a giant technical gathering in the Caspian Region that attracts lots of International interest and attendance. Both the Panel and Technical Sessions cover regional concerns very professionally with the inclusion of Operating & Service companies onboard. Significant development of the technical content of CTCE, in addition to the increasing number of participants, indicates the importance and growth of CTCE."

Sameh Macary
Senior Petroleum Engineer
Dragon Oil Turkmenistan
CTCE 2016


“The SPE specialised conference and exhibition held in Astana has become a very good platform for  discussion of new technologies used in the oil and gas industry in Kazakhstan, exchange of experiences of professionals from different countries and is an overwhelmingly important event.”

Baltabek Kuandykov
Kazakhstan Association of Petroleum Geologists
CTCE 2016


"Effective technological development is impossible without a platform for the exchange of professional experience and best practice on current important issues. The Caspian Technical Conference and Exhibition, returning to Astana this year, is a particularly significant event for the Kazakh oil and gas industry."
Magzum Mirzagaliyev
Vice-Minister of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan
CTCE 2016

"SPE provides resources to help the industry develop oil and gas resources in Kazakhstan, as well as globally and to the public in general, a role that has become even more important given the current market conditions in the oil and gas industry. KMG is proud to continue its support for CTCE this year."
Christopher Hopkinson
First Deputy Chairman
CTCE 2016

"I enjoyed the Caspian Technical Conference and Exhibition in Baku. It gave me a lot of useful information, the opportunity to meet a lot of professionals around the world, read technical articles and find out about new methods and technologies for oil exploration." 
Nobel Upstream
CTCE 2015


"This conference provided a lot of technical meetings and networking possibilities."
Wartsila Gas Solutions
CTCE 2015


"Currently we live in a challenging time - oil prices are low and a lot of companies are cutting back.. but I still think it’s essential to travel to events like this and talk to people directly."
CTCE 2015


"Hosting the first CTCE in Astana opened the region to SPE members from all over the world and served as an excellent knowledge sharing platform for international and local oil and gas professionals.”
North Caspian Operating Company
CTCE 2014


"A great event with excellent networking opportunities for all those who are interested in this region."
CTCE 2014