OTC Brasil 24 - 26 Oct 2017 Riocentro Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Tuesday, October 24

09:00 - 10:30
SE01  Opening Session Main Auditorium
Moderator(s) Jorge Camargo - IBP
Speaker(s) Joao Carlos F. De Luca - OTC Brasil General Chairperson, Wafik Bulind Beydoun - OTC Chairman
10:30 - 13:00
01  Exploration Room 204 A
Session Chairpersons Andre Luiz Lupinacci Massa - Genesis Oil & Gas Consultants, Igor Viegas - Petrobras
Time Paper # Presentation
1030-1055 28090 Dealing With Geomechanical Properties Derived From Seismic Inversion and Facies Classification: Evaporitic Section in Santos Basin J.P. Laquini, L.T. da Silva, A.R. Maul, N.S. da Cruz, F.O. Gobatto, C.J. Goncalves, Petrobras
1055-1120 28152 Improved Ocean Current Estimation using a Seismic Streamer Model J. Grindheim, Geograf AS; I. Revhaug, NMBU; K. Welker, Geograf AS
1120-1145 28089 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Closed-Loop Field Development Under Geological Uncertainties: Application in a Brazilian Benchmark Case D.M. Hidalgo, A.A. Emerick, Petrobras; P. Couto, J.L. Alves, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
1145-1210 28055 A Useful Tip for De-Risking Purely Stratigraphic Traps in The Ultra-Deep Waters of Selected Brazilian Basins P.V. Zalan, Zag Consultoria em Exploração de Petroleo
1210-1235 28147 Salt Heterogeneities Characterization in Pre-salt Santos Basin Fields P.M. Barros, J. Fonseca, L.M. Silva, A. Maul, T. Yamamoto, T. Meneguim, L. Queiroz, T. Toribio, A.F. Martini, F. Golbatto, Petrobras; M. Gonzalez, Paradigm
1235-1300 27984 True Amplitude Rtm (Reverse Time Migration) Images in Zones Complex Geology L. Espinel, Universidad Nacional de Colombia
Alternate 28145 Seismic Stratigraphy Characterization of Carbonate Deposits, Eastern Offshore Caribbean Basins, During the Cenozoic, Venezuela A.E. Laya, PDVSA
Alternate 28001 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Formation Oil Characterization in Oil-Based Mud Environments Using Blind Deconvolution in NMR Data
M. Barroso, H. Tomoto, R. Senne, Halliburton; A.C. REIS, Petrobras
10:30 - 13:00
02  Drilling Room 204 B
Session Chairpersons Carlos Alberto Pedroso - Queiroz Galvao Exploration & Production SA, Felipe Fonseca Freitas - Stress Engineering Services Inc
Time Paper # Presentation
1030-1055 28029 An “All Electric” BOP Control System: A Game Changing Drilling Technology J. Dale, Electrical Subsea & Drilling AS; T.B. Howes, Well Design Solutions LLC; M. Rod, Electrical Subsea & Drilling AS
1055-1120 28160 Risk Mitigation on Deepwater Drilling Based on 3D Geomechanics and Fit-For-Purpose Data Acquisition C.A. Pedroso, J.B. Salies, Queiroz Galvao Exploration & Production SA; B. Holzberg, M. Frydman, J. Pastor, Schlumberger
1120-1145 27999 Transferring Aeronautic Reliability Experience to BOP Design and Operation R. Gandelman, A.B. Hougaz, A.L. Martins, D. Colombo, P. Marins, G. Rebouças Neto, Petrobras; J. Passos, Embraer
1145-1210 28081 Challenges of Drilling Operations in Extreme Water Depths J. Capeto, M.J. Stahl, K. Bhalla, D.J. Kluk, Stress Engineering Services, Inc.
1210-1235 28112 Soil Modelling Calibration Using Measured Data G.C. Venero, A. Diezel, L.M. De Vale, V. De Paula Gomes, R.T. Fachini, H. Corrignan, Wood Group
1235-1300 28006 Simultaneous Effect of Salt Creep and Dissolution in Caliper Prediction During Drilling Operations B.F. Da Silva, G.C. Longhin, Simworx Engineering R&D; A.A. Waldmann, R.F. Lomba, A.L. Martins, Petrobras
Alternate 28018 Mud Gas Separator Sizing and Considerations for Managed Pressure Drilling Operations M. Mirrajabi, R.F. Ziegler, Weatherford
Alternate 28069 Drilling Geomechanical Model and Wellbore Stability Analysis of Brazil’s Pre-Salt Carbonates, a Case Study in Block BM-S-8 C.F. Da Silva, Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio); C. Rabe, Baker Hughes Incorporated; S. Fontoura, Pontíficia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio)
Alternate 28052 Drilling Designing Fluid Properties To Minimize Barite Sag and its Impact on Annular Pressure Build Up Mitigation in Producing Offshore Wells
A.L. Martins , A.L. Martins, Petrobras; L.A. Calcada, Fedeal Rural University of Rio de janeiro; E. Souza, Petrobras; F. Arouca, UFU; C.M. Scheid, Universidade Federal do Rio De Janeiro; B. Oechsler, Fedeal Rural U of Rio de janeiro; F. Fagundes, N. Santos, F. Arouca, J. Damasceno, Federal University of Uberlandia; A. Waldmann, PETROBRAS; L. Meleiro, Fedeal Rural U of Rio de janeiro
Alternate 28011 Well Specific Operating Guidelines and Emergency Disconnection Guidelines

D.F. Cruz, D.R. Fonseca, Petróleo Brasileiro S.A.
10:30 - 13:00
03  Flow Assurance Room 204 C
Session Chairpersons Reda Bouamra - Onesubsea, Marcelo A. Goncalves - Petrobras
Time Paper # Presentation
1030-1055 28120 Wax Removal Procedure Used in Pre-Salt Oil Well T. Andreotti, J.C. Lorenzeti, Petrobras
1055-1120 28106 On the Hydrodinamic Aspects of the Carbonate Scale Formation Process in High Flow Rate Wells A.L. Martins , A.L. Martins, Petrobras; F. Ressel, UFES; B. Castro, Petrobras
1120-1145 27956 A Physical Model for Scale Growth During the Dynamic Tube Blocking Test H.L. Santos, B.B. Castro, M. Bloch, A.L. Martins, H. Schluter, M.F. Da Silva, C.C. Jacinto, F.F. Rosário, Petrobras
1145-1210 28142 Oil-Water Pipe Flow Dispersions - From Traditional Flow Loops to Real Industrial Transport Conditions A. Shmueli, H. Schümann, T. Unander, SINTEF Petroleum AS
1210-1235 28111 Study of the Effect of Monoethylene Glycol on the Precipitation of Calcium Carbonate in Low and High-pressure Systems V. Kartnaller, F.D. Venancio, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro; F. Rosário, Petrobras - CENPES; J. Cajaiba, Universidade Federal do Rio De Janeiro
1235-1300 28043 Synergistic Combination of Products for Optimization of Oil Well Production and H2S Reduction R.C. Silva, M.T. Gomes, R.B. Rocha, Dorf Ketal; P. Dias, Petrobras; J.B. Marcorighi, Dorf Ketal; T.P. Sampaio, Petrobras; M. Pazinatto, J. Bitencourt, A.W. Hanna, J. Paprocki, Dorf Ketal
10:30 - 13:00
04  Regulation and Local Content Room 210
Session Chairpersons Mariana Cavassin Paes - Petrobras, Eduardo Batista Neiva - Consultant, Elizabeth Creed - Kongsberg Underwater Technology Inc.
Time Paper # Presentation
1030-1055 27994 Field Decomissioning Obligations in Brazil: The Differences and Impacts of Current Methodologies for Concessions & Sharing Regimes in Light of Investment Attraction K. Bilda, F. Gaspar, Shell Brasil
1055-1120 27996 Management & Information Unitization Involving Non Contracted Area: Comparison Between Contractual Models
C.V. Da Silva, D.D. Bonolo, Petrobras
1120-1145 28128 Brazil New Local Content Rules: Moving Forward or Backwards? L.D. Toledo, Mattos Filho Advogados
1145-1210 28146 Evaluation of Social and Economic Impacts of Local Content Management in Oil & Gas and Shipbuilding Industry in Brazil: An Application of Input-Output Analysis S.R. Furtado, E.D. Junior, Petrobras; M.F. Ludovico, PUC-Rio
1210-1235 28010 Management & Information Industrial Policy and Local Content: Brazil’s Pre-Salt Area Case T. Roitman, F.D. de Jesus, Fundação Getúlio Vargas
1235-1300 28000 Local Content Management: Impacts on Large FPS Project Planning and Execution Strategies R. Souza, P.R. Ribas, SBM Offshore do Brasil
Alternate 28140 The Dichotomy of Local Content Policy and the Statistical Results Achieved in the Brazilian Concessions R.L. Jeronimo, Petrobras
Alternate 28072 Management & Information Fiscal and Contractual Hurdles for Stablishing Asset Sharing Agreements in Offshore Operations
M.C. Santoro, V.F. Ribeiro, M.J. Tavares, M.P. Almeida, Petrobras
Alternate 28076 Multiphase Flow Measurement: Advantages and Brazilian Regulation H.C. Saad, L.C. Ribeiro, ANP - Agencia Nacional Do Petroleo; M. Oliveira, UFF - Universidade Federal Fluminense
Alternate 28113 Integrated Oil Spills Response Plan To Protection of Shoreline and Wildlife R.Z. Possobon, I.R. de Noronha, Petrobras; G.S. Xavier, Tier Zero; P.B. Kammradt, Petrobras
13:00 - 14:30
SE02  Topical Luncheon: Opportunities for the Oil Business in Brazil Auditorium I
Moderator(s) Joao Carlos F. De Luca - OTC Brasil General Chairman
14:30 - 17:00
05  Geology Room 204 B
Session Chairpersons Cristiano Leite Sombra - Petrobras, Frances Vivien Abbots-Guardiola - Shell Brazil E&P
Time Paper # Presentation
1430-1455 28159 Campos and Santos Basins: Reservoir Characterization and Management from Shallow-Water to Ultra-Deep Water, Post- and Pre-Salt Reservoirs - Historical Overview and Future Challenges C.H. Bruhn, A.C. Pinto, P.R. Johann, C.C. Branco, M.C. Salomao, E.B. Freire, Petrobras
1455-1520 28004 Development and Evaluation of Ocean Bottom Hybrid Joint Box System for Real-time Communication and Monitoring in Deep Seabed
N. Fujiwara, K. Hishiki, Y. Yonezaki, NESIC; T. Kimura, E. Araki, T. Yokobiki, K. Kawaguchi, Japan Agency for Marine-earth Science and Technology
1520-1545 28007 Assessment of Cold Water Injection Geomechanical Effects on Brazilian Pre-Salt Reservoirs and on its Saline Caprocks R. Fernandes Do Amaral, G.S. Seabra, J.P. Laquini, Petrobras
1545-1610 27981 Joining Geological and Reservoir Engineering Data into Quantitative Seismic Interpretation to Reduce Risk in Reservoir Characterization L. Teixeira, N. Cruz, P. Silvany, J. Fonseca, Petrobras
1610-1635 27958 New Developments in Saturation Height Modeling in Carbonates V. Baines, G. Carneiro, A. Souza, N. Bize-Forest, R. Polinski, M. Portillo, S.L. Reeder, F.C. Ferreira, Schlumberger
1635-1700 28126 Orientation of Core With Borehole Image Log Calibrated With Cylindrical Tomography A. Cavalcanti De Castro Laier, Petrobras
Alternate 27957 Rate Transient Technique to Determine Fault Slip Onset and Associated Fault Permeability Enhancement O. Molina, M. Zeidouni, Louisiana State University
Alternate 28015 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Integration of Ensemble Data Assimilation and Deep Learning for History Matching Facies Models S.W. Arauco, Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro; A.A. Emerick, Petrobras; M.C. Pacheco, Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro
Alternate 28098 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Petrophysical Characterization of Carbonates Heterogeneity
L.O. Pires, G.L. Fiorelli, A. Winter, O.V. Trevisan, Universidade Estadual De Campinas
Alternate 28150 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Identification of Stresses on Near-Borehole Field Using Cross-Dipole Sonic Tool and Image Logs: Case Study in Deepwater Carbonate
H. Tamoto, Halliburton; T. de Bittencourt Rossi, Petrobras; M. Barroso, Halliburton
14:30 - 17:00
06  Completions Room 204 C
Session Chairpersons Augusto Borella Hougaz - Petrobras, Felipe Fonseca Freitas - Stress Engineering Services Inc
Time Paper # Presentation
1430-1455 28102 First Openhole Intelligent Well Completion in Brazilian Pre-salt E. Schnitzler, L.F. Goncalez, W.M. Ascaneo, F.F. Gonçalves, R.S. Almeida, M. Marques, Petrobras
1455-1520 27983 Cableless Intelligent Well Completion Development Based on Reliability M.F. Da Silva, C.C. Jacinto, E. Schnitzler, C. Hernalsteens, M. Nobrega, M. Defilippo, Petrobras
1520-1545 27992 Production Experience of ICD/AICD for Heavy Oil at the Peregrino Field S.V. Araujo, I.L. Leitao Junior, C. Pettan, Statoil do Brasil; S.M. Erlandsen, Statoil ASA
1545-1610 28040 Completions Use of Autonomous Inflow Control Device (AICD) Within a Horizontal Gravel Pack Completion in a Depleted Reservoir Well
L. Netto, L. Xavier, R.F. Valinho, Halliburton
1610-1635 28056 Completions Intelligent Completions as a Key Technology in the Brazilian Pre-salt
D. Rodrigues, L.B. Minassa, L. Costa, R. da Silva, Halliburton
1635-1700 28136 First Intelligent Completion Installation in a Subsea Well with 3 Producers Zones - Brazilian Pre-Salt: Complexity and Lessons Learned
P. Maciel, F. Del Vecchio, J.V. Chagas, F.J. Salom, A.J. Ortiz, Baker Hughes Inc
Alternate 28085 Acid Transport Modeling Using Finite Element Discretization with Weak Formulation for Simulation of Acid Fracturing M. AlHubail, A. Misra, The University of Kansas; R. Barati Ghahfarokhi, University of Kansas
Alternate 27980 Completions Successful Application of Cased and Perforated Completions in Deepwater
S. Sathyamoorthy, Tullow Ghana Limited; A.P. Singh, Tullow Oil Plc.; L. Odai, K. Amaning, Tullow Ghana Limited; S.K. Ampim, Tullow Oil Ghana Limited; T. Boakye Boahen, Tullow Ghana Limited
Alternate 28103 Completions Intelligent Completions used During Extended Well Test of Exploratory Wells in Brazil
L. Costa, D. Rodrigues, R. da Silva, I. Souza, M.A. Fernandes, Halliburton
14:30 - 17:00
07  Riser System and Pipelines Room 210
Session Chairpersons Rajiv Aggarwal - Consultant, Alex Dal Pont - Petrobras
Time Paper # Presentation
1430-1455 28101 Developments and Optimizations in the Pre-Salt Risers Systems: From Initial Technical Challenges up to Future Expectations R.C. De Oliveira, V. Gasparetto, E. Oazen, S.F. Senra, L.L. Aguiar, C.J. Valença, D.L. Lima, W.C. Júnior, C. Lemos, Petrobras
1455-1520 28013 Technical Feasibility Study of Steel Catenary Riser for Libra Field R.M. brito, L.L. Aguiar, V.G. Prado, Petrobras
1520-1545 28084 Nemo Hybrid System - A Novel Field Joint Solution N. Cunha, Shawcor (Pipeline Performance)
1545-1610 28114 Pre-Lay of Flexible Risers in Lazy Wave Configuration in Pre-Salt Projects: Overcomiming Technical Challenges and Enabling Installation S. Laquini, P. Moura, R. Oliveira, P. Fernandes, J. Oliveira, F. Gonçalves, M. Pereira, Petrobras
1610-1635 28021 Study on a Direct Criterion to Treat Wake Effect in Interference Analyses T.R. Pombo, A.L. Massa, Genesis Oil & Gas
1635-1700 28063 Planning And Execution Of Pigging Procedure For URG-MXL Gas Pipeline M.H. Carvalho, E. Rotava, Petrobras
14:30 - 17:00
08  MPD & Fluid Technologies Room 211
Session Chairpersons Gleber T. Teixeira - Petrobras
Time Paper # Presentation
1430-1455 27990 Drilling Evolution of Control Strategies To Minimize Pressure Fluctuation During Connections in MPD Deepwater Operations
A.L. Martins , Petrobras; M. Vega, Fedeal Rural University of Rio de janeiro; C. Dammenhauer, ESSS; G.S. Vanni, Petrobras; E. Grein, M. Cruz, F. Silva, ESSS; V. Ribeiro, Fedeal Rural U of Rio de janeiro
1455-1520 28139 Drilling MPC Successful Application in Deepwater Exploration: Case Study

A. De La Cruz Sasso, Halliburton; T. Pinheiro Da Silva, P.R. Brand, Blade Energy Partners
1520-1545 28049 Surface Plasmon Sensors for Fluid Analysis in Upstream Oil O. Monteiro, R. Suresh, A. Chandran, Baker Hughes Inc
1545-1610 28130 Production & Operations Saving Capex on Further Development Of Complex Mature Fields With MPD in Deep Water Drilling - Roncador Case
O. Campos, Petrobras
1610-1635 28122 Novel Acid Nanoemulsions Systems for Application in Acidizing P.T. Aum, T.N. Souza, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte; Y. Gurgel, Universidade Federal Do Amazonas; T.N. Castro Dantas, A.A. Dantas Neto, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte
1635-1700 28092 Addition ofNanoparticles to enhance Filtration and Rheological Properties of Water-Based Drilling Fluids J.L. Pereira, Y. Gurgel, Universidade Federal Do Amazonas; P.T. Aum, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte
Alternate 28025 New Fibers Technology to Improve Mud Removal D. Petersen, B.S. Engelke, F. Martinez, R. Revilla, F. Moretti, L. Aguiar, Schlumberger
14:30 - 17:00
SE03  New Technologies and Innovation Solutions for the New Oil & Gas Market Room 203 A
Session Chairpersons Mika Tienhaara - Sulzer Chemtech Ltd, Marcelo Taulois - Scatec Solar Brasil
Time Paper # Presentation
1430-1455 28058 Importance of Technical and Strategic Drivers in the Topsides Facilities Conceptual Design. J. Ribeiro, Petrobras
1455-1520 Presentation Title TBD M. Rivero, Total
1520-1545 GVA10000 FPU, A New Solution for A New Market D. Ellis, KBR
1545-1610 Digitalization V. Girardi Silva, ESSS
1610-1635 Presentation Title TBD G.C. Nunes, UFRJ
14:30 - 17:00
14:30 - 17:00
SE05  Offshore EOR: Recovery Factor Optimization in Ultra Deepwater Fields Room 204 A
Moderator(s) Stephen Geoffrey Goodyear - Shell, Austin J Boyd - Schlumberger

Wednesday, October 25

09:30 - 12:00
09  Reservoir Engineering Room 204 B
Session Chairpersons Luiz Schmall - Petrobras, Paulo Sergio Rocha - Queiroz Galvao Exploration & Production SA
Time Paper # Presentation
0930-0955 28161 Uncertainty Analysis in Well Test Interpretation - The Three Conservation Principles L.K. Kubota, Petrobras
0955-1020 27993 Production & Operations Optimizing Production of Santos Basin Pre-Salt Fields Through Sound Reservoir Management Practices J.O. Pizarro, R.E. Poli, M.B. Rosa, V. Silva, C.C. Branco, B. Cunha, M. Doria, N. Alles, D. Batello, A.C. Pinto, Petrobras
1020-1045 28110 Reservoir Description & Dynamics NMR Petrophysics on Rocks Saturated With Alcohol: An Alternative Core Analysis Workflow H.C. Saad, ANP - Agencia Nacional Do Petroleo; L.C. Ribeiro, UFF - Universidade Federal Fluminense
1045-1110 28153 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Application of a Methodology To Incorporate Probabilistic Data From two Technologies: Reservoir Simulation Models and 4D Seismic G.S. Assuncao , DEP-FEM-UNICAMP; G.S. Assuncao, A. Davolio, D.J. Schiozer, University of Campinas (UNICAMP)
1110-1135 28020 Use of Oceanic Tidal Model Driver, TMD, as a Filter To Recover Reservoir Signal From Well Test Pressure History E.A. De Oliveira, C.P. Junqueira, Petrobras
1135-1200 27955 How to Improve the Use of PDG Data on Injector Wells: A Temperature Build-Up Approach V.C. Silva, K. Glitz, Petrobras
Alternate 28143 Effects Of Calibrated Water Into Carbonate Dissolution R. Nunez, E.T. Koroishi, University of Campinas; R.D. Freitas Filho, Repsol Sinopec Brasil; O.V. Trevisan, Universidade Estadual De Campinas
Alternate 28095 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Direct Pore-level Examination of Hydraulic-Electric Analogy in Porous Media
B. Goudarzi, P. Mohammadmoradi, A. Kantzas, University of Calgary
Alternate 27963 Flow Rate Measurement Using Multiple PDG and Test Separator Data Allows Individual and Commingled Production Zone Flow Rate History Calculation Minimizing Zonal Ratio Errors E.A. De Oliveira, A.C. De Oliveira, Petrobras
Alternate 28036 Application of Peres Integral and Gladfelter Deconvolution to Unconventional Reservoirs - The Fractured Basement Case L.K. Kubota, Petrobras
Alternate 28061 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Application of the Delta Transient Method to Multi-Rate Tests: A Method for Calculating Individual Layer Permeability and Skin in a Multilayered Reservoir Using Production Logging Data C. Guimaraes, M.D. Galvao, Petrobras
09:30 - 12:00
10  Control and Equipment Room 204 C
Session Chairpersons Eduardo Coelho - Petrobras
Time Paper # Presentation
0930-0955 27997 DC/FO A Lean and Powerful DC Subsea Control Infrastructure R. Michel, Alcatel Submarine Networks
0955-1020 28162 Standard Multiplexed Subsea Control Systems in the Brazilian Pre-Salt Projects A. Rabello, E.P. Seraco, E. Coelho, W. Destro, D. Neto, Petrobras - Petroleo Brasileiro S.a
1020-1045 27987 Subsea Fibre Wet-mate Connectors: Achieving the Balance Between Consistent Optical Performance, Product Cost and Compact Size E. Saxton, R. Ketelaars, O. Evju, M. Tucker, Siemens Subsea Plc; H.E. Parente, Siemens
1045-1110 27974 Static and Dynamic Performance Analysis of an Electro-Hydraulic Underwater System R.M. Goularte, Federal University of Santa Catarina; A. Orth, Bosch Rexroth Corporation; V.J. De Negri, Federal University of Santa Catarina
1110-1135 27967 Installation of Manifold: A Success Story L.T. Costa, Petrobras
1135-1200 27959 Sesv Operations - Seven Years of Highly Reliable Solution M. Dendena, U.A. Lima, Petrobras
Alternate 28107 Process Safety Approach for Subsea Production Manifolds by Bayesian Belief Network Application H.S. Oliveira, Petróleo Brasileiro S.A.; G.B. Lima, Universidade Federal Fluminense; V.S. Pinto, Halliburton
Alternate 27971 Integrated Analysis in Conceptual Design Phase Applicable to Flow Coefficient (Cv) Optimization of WAG Injection Manifold Choke Valves J. Ribeiro, Petrobras
Alternate 27954 Completions Completion of Successful Multistage Sliding Sleeve Fracpack in the Campos Basin
R. Correa, C.L. Cova, Halliburton
09:30 - 12:00
11  Production Optimization Room 210
Session Chairpersons Geraldo Afonso Spinelli Ribeiro - Petrobras, Daniel Merino Garcia - Repsol S.A.
Time Paper # Presentation
0930-0955 28096 Production & Operations Integrated Asset Modelling for Brazil Ultra Deep Water Development Project
F. Garcia Ruiz, Repsol Sinopec Brasil; R. Sauve, Schlumberger; G. Ponce, Repsol Sinopec Brasil; M. Cavadinha, J.A. Rojas, Schlumberger
0955-1020 28009 Projects, Facilities & Construction Intelligent System for Start-up and Anti-Slug Control of a Petroleum Offshore Platform M.M. Campos, L.D. Ribeiro, F. Diehl, C. Moreira, D. Bombardelli, A. Carelli, G. Junior, S. Pinto, Petrobras; B. Quaresma, PUC-Rio/Tecgraf
1020-1045 27995 Short-Term Production Optimization Using a Model of The Peregrino Field, Brazil M.E. Stanko, Norwegian University of Science & Technology; A. Hoffmann, Petrostreamz AS; Ø. Kristoffersen, Norwegian University of Science and Technology
1045-1110 28042 Integrated Production Management System for Optimum Flow Assurance and Reservoir Recovery R. Bouamra, Schlumberger; C. Vielliard, A. Lupeau, OneSubsea, a Schlumberger Company
1110-1135 28088 Production & Operations Low-Cost, Rigless, Nonintervention Well Testing

D. Engel, R. Margotto, V. Azevedo, Halliburton
1135-1200 28104 Production & Operations Dynamic Model for Production Optimization to Offshore Platforms with Short-Time Machine Failures
B.F. Vieira, Petrobras Cenpes; V.R. Rosa, F.F. Arraes, A.F. Teixeira, Petrobras
Alternate 28108 Advanced Control For Gas-lift Well Optimization M.M. Campos, M.L. Lima, A.F. Teixeira, C. Moreira, A.S. Stender, O. Meien, Petrobras; R. Cota, PUC-Rio/Tecgraf
Alternate 28003 Future Well Performance Predictions Based on PLT Analysis and Hydraulic Simulations D.G. Bueno, J.d. Monteiro, M.D. Bezerra, Schlumberger
09:30 - 12:00
12  Emerging Technologies Room 212
Session Chairpersons Cassio Kuchpil - Petrobras, Thomas Leize - Shell
Time Paper # Presentation
0930-0955 28039 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Plain Sailing? Observations of Cybersecurity and Network Health Problems in Control Systems at Sea M.J. Csorba, C. Ramos De Carvalho, S. Boff, DNV GL
0955-1020 28129 Projects, Facilities & Construction MPC Advanced Control of an Offshore Gas Compression System A. Plucenio, FAPEU; J. Normey-Rico, Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina; C. Vettorazzo, FAPEU; M.M. Campos, M. Lopes De Lima, Petrobras
1020-1045 27977 Deployment of Electro-Mechanical Cutting Tool on Intelligent Coiled Tubing for Horizontal Wells R. De Paula Carvalho, R.W. Barros, F. Toloi Gastaldo, J.N. de Andrade Moreira, A. Teixeira Amorim, Baker Hughes
1045-1110 28138 Projects, Facilities & Construction Benefits of Using an Electric Choke for Subsea Applications A. Rubio, H. Abu Zeid, J.H. Meyer, OneSubsea
1110-1135 28105 Projects, Facilities & Construction Cost, Efficiency, and Environmental Considerations of Medium Voltage Electric Heating Technology

C. Molnar, Chromalox
1135-1200 28075 Direct Potable Reuse: An Alternative for Impacts Mitigation in the Water Supply Chain in Offshore Platforms V.M. Duarte, L.M. Queiroz, E.A. Torres, A. Kiperstok, Universidade Federal da Bahia
Alternate 28065 Drilling Optimization and Application of Cluster Horizontal Well Drilling Technologies and Foamy Oil Flow in ML Block, Venezuela
F. Jin, CNPC Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration & Development, CNPC Drillling Research Institute; W. Xi, CNPC Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration & Development, CNPC Drilling Research Institute; Z. Shunyuan, CNPC Drilling Research Institute
Alternate 28046 Management & Information Experiences from Automated Hardware-In-The-Loop Testing of BOP Control Systems O. KÃ¥rvand, L. Pivano, R. Stenbro, C. Ramos De Carvalho, S. Boff, DNV GL; L. Staudacher, NOV Rig Systems
Alternate 28035 Completions A Novel Approach to Reliability Qualification Testing: Key Constituent in Successful Development of Electrohydraulic Flow Control Device

A. Balasubramanian, B. Gissler, P. Shrivastava, S. Saldanha, Halliburton
09:30 - 12:00
13  Advanced Computation and Simulation - Facilities Room 211
Session Chairpersons Rajiv Aggarwal - Consultant
Time Paper # Presentation
0930-0955 28027 Nonlinear Model Predictive Controller Applied to an Offshore Oil and Gas Production Facility S. Simoes Neto, Petrobras; A.R. Secchi, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro
0955-1020 28005 Online Simulation For Equipment Performance Improvement F. Martins, A. Hinojosa, Schneider Electric
1020-1045 28109 Projects, Facilities & Construction Predicting and Detecting Equipment Malfunctions Using Machine Learning P.D. Bangert, Algorithmica Technologies Inc.
1045-1110 28078 Real-Time Asset Optimisation R. White, A. Black, GE Oil & Gas
1110-1135 28133 The Effect of PDC Bit Tip Profile on Bit Performance Indices F. Popa, B. Taheri, National Oilwell Varco; R.B. Graham, ReedHycalog
1135-1200 28206 Innovative Approach to Well, Reservoir and Facility Management (WRFM) using Customized Integrated Surveillance Tool P. Kumar, Shell Gabon; N. Zdenkovic, ELSA Fluid Consulting
09:30 - 12:00
SE06  Safety in the New Deepwater World Room 203 A
Moderator(s) Henrique M. Paula - ABS
09:30 - 12:00
SE07  Mature Offshore Fields: Lessons Learned and New Concepts to Improve Economics Room 203 B/C
Moderator(s) Marcello Roberto - Petrobras
Speaker(s) Mads Hjelmeland - OneSubsea, Sonja Hauge - Aker Solutions
09:30 - 00:00
12:15 - 13:45
SE09  Topical Luncheon: Awards Luncheon Auditorium I
Moderator(s) Felipe Matoso - Petrobras
14:00 - 16:30
14  Innovative Processing: Subsea, Topside & FLNG Room 204 B
Session Chairpersons Hoss Shariat - KBR, Dalmo Zerbini - OneSubsea LLC
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1425 28017 Subsea Oil/Water Separation System Based on the Pipeseparator Technology for Application in Multiple Wells and Deep Water Environment L.A. Pereira, Statoil; F. Albuquerque, Petrobras; S.H. Hauge, Aker Solutions
1425-1450 28079 Projects, Facilities & Construction New Technologies for Enhanced Production in Deepwater and Long Subsea Tiebacks B.V. Hanssen, A. Hagland, OneSubsea Processing
1450-1515 28086 Projects, Facilities & Construction Gas Monetization Challenges in Deepwater: Liquefaction Technology Considerations for Floating LNG

S. Tierling, KBR
1515-1540 28045 Synthesis of LTA Zeolite With Improved Micropore Accessibility for Natural Gas Dehydration D. De Melo, Petroleo Brasileiro S.A.
1540-1605 27988 Projects, Facilities & Construction Technical-economic Evaluation Of Microfiltration Polymeric Membranes As Pretreatment Of Offshore Sulfate Removal Units
T.N. dos Santos, L. Yokoyama, UFRJ; G.G. Lage, Petroleo Brasileiro SA
Alternate 28068 Projects, Facilities & Construction Experience in the Use of Printed Circuit Heat Exchangers in The Santos Basin S. Simoes Neto, S. Simoes Neto , F.A. dos Santos Serra, G.A. Jusi Rodrigues, Petrobras
Alternate 28066 Three-Phase Separator Design: A Comparison T. Ahmed, Teesside University
Alternate 28071 Integrating CO2 Separation Membrane Units Data with Reservoir Modeling in Brazilian Pre Salt Santos Basin Fields J. Ribeiro, Petrobras
14:00 - 16:30
15  Cementing Room 204 C
Session Chairpersons Jacques Braile Salies - Queiroz Galvao Exploration & Production SA
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1425 28149 Drilling Temperature Development in Coiled Tubing Cementing Operations in Deepwater Environments
A.L. Martins, Petrobras; L.A. Calcada, Fedeal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro; J.S. Rocha, Petrobras; E. Paraiso, C. Scheid, L. Pereira Filho, c. pereira, Fedeal Rural U of Rio de janeiro
1425-1450 28067 Application of Highpowered Lasers When Perforating Cement-Lined Wells in Carbonate Rock Reservoirs F.F. Rosario, Petrobras; G.V. de Faria, PUC-Rio; M.G. da Silva, Petrobras
1450-1515 27968 Enhanced Cement Bond Evaluation in Thick Casing Utilizing Guided Acoustic Modes Generated by Electromagnetic Acoustic Transducers D.J. Patterson, S. Ingram, P. Matuszyk, X. Yao, Baker Hughes Inc
1515-1540 27970 Drilling First Application of Foamed Cement for Production Operation in Ultradeepwater Well: Case History
T. Antunes, R. Blanc, J. Fiorotti, T. Oliveira, M.V. Perez, Halliburton
1540-1605 28030 Lean Approach to Well Integrity Management P. Kumar, C.J. Affeld, Shell Gabon
1605-1630 27960 Ultra Deepwater Salt Zone Cementing in Gulf of Mexico Wells R. Giron Rojas , R. Giron Rojas, Schlumberger; D. Salinas, V. Vallejo, A. Olivares, Pemex; O. Espinoza, Schlumberger
Alternate 27950 Robust Spacer System Overcomes the Most Pre-Salt Cementing Challenge in Brazilian Deepwater Wells B.A. Rogerio, M.T. Gomes, R.S. Torres, F.S. Doria, Baker Hughes
Alternate 28060 Drilling Tailored and Reliable Method for Cement Plug Improves Times in Deep Water
L.F. Souza, A. De La Cruz Sasso, H. Munoz, Halliburton
Alternate 28062 Drilling New-Generation, Circumferential Ultrasonic Cement-Evaluation Tool for Thick Casings: Case Study in Ultradeepwater Well
J.A. Acosta, M.B. Fouraux, B. Mandal, A. Milankovic, Halliburton; L. Lima, T.d. Piedade, Petrobras
Alternate 28115 Drilling Integrated Cementing Solution for Deepwater Challenges: Cases Histories
M.V. Perez, D.M. Ribeiro, L.R. Brunherotto, Halliburton
14:00 - 16:30
16  Multiphase Flow & Solids Room 210
Session Chairpersons Amadeu K Sum - Colorado School of Mines, Joao Carneiro - SINTEF
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1425 28131 Developing the Knowledge Gap for Gas Hydrates in Multiphase Flow A.K. Sum, Colorado School of Mines; J.M. Herri, Ecole des Mines de St. Etienne; R. Morales, UTFPR-Parana
1425-1450 28116 Sand Management and Erosion in Oil & Gas Production Systems - Analysis and Prediction Tools E. Gharaibah, Y. Zhang, GE Oil & Gas - Subsea Drilling & Production
1450-1515 28064 A Review of Criteria for Erosion Prediction During Oil and Gas Production G. Oliveira, Petrobras
1515-1540 28087 Gas Hydrate Wetting Measurements, And Implications For Hydrate Slurry Flow Behaviour M. Fossen, SINTEF Petroleum AS
1540-1605 Application of Mechanistic Erosion Criteria in a Deepwater Development F. Garcia Ruiz, Repsol
Alternate 27952 Investigate the Effectiveness of Eco Friendly Bio-Oils on The Inhibition of Asphaltene Precipitation in a Kuwaiti Crude Oil H. Alrashidi, S. Afra, H.A. Nasr-El-Din, Texas A&M University
14:00 - 16:30
14:00 - 16:30
SE11  Libra Development Room 203 B/C
Moderator(s) Orlando Jose S. Ribeiro - Petrobras America Inc., Daniel Picard - Total
14:00 - 16:30
SE12  Leadership Summit Room 204 A
Moderator(s) Fernando Frimm - GustoMSC Inc., Carlos Tadeu da Costa Fraga - GranEnergia

Thursday, October 26

09:00 - 11:30
17  Enhanced Oil Recovery I Room 204 A
Session Chairpersons Celso Cesar M Branco - Petrobras, Lideniro Alegre - Nalco Brasil Ltda
Time Paper # Presentation
0900-0925 28008 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Methodology to Improve Miscible Gas Injection Forecast Based on a Field Scale Simulation Model V.D. Rios, L. Schmall, F.B. Quadros, R. Lykawka, Petrobras; D.J. Schiozer, Universidade Estadual De Campinas
0925-0950 28023 Low Salinity Waterflooding of Limestone Formations: The Effect of Brine Salinity on Wettability and Oil Production J.T. Tetteh, E. Rankey, R. Barati Ghahfarokhi, University of Kansas
0950-1015 28037 3D Geomechanical Modeling for Large Offshore Sub-Salt Reservoirs L.C. Sousa Jr, J.P. Laquini, Petrobras
1015-1040 28057 A New Methodology To Enhance Reservoir Connectivities Y.F. Bezerra, C. Pinheiro, J. Ricardo, G. Oliveira, Schlumberger; R. Santos, Universidade Federal Fluminense
1040-1105 28048 The Effect of Pore Type on Distribution of T2 and Pore Throat in Bioclastic Carbonate Reservoirs R. Herlinger Jr, B.C. Coutinho dos Santos, Petrobras
1105-1130 27979 Development Strategy Optimization and Application for Naturally Fractured-Caved Carbonate Reservoirs Y. Li, China Natl. Petroleum Corp.; B. Li, Research Inst Petr Expl & Dev
09:00 - 11:30
18  Floating Production Systems - Hull and Mooring Room 204 B
Session Chairpersons Arthur Curty Saad - Petrobras, Robert Goulard - Queiroz Galvao Exploration & Production SA
Time Paper # Presentation
0900-0925 28047 Constructability - A New Approach: Engineering Studies and Their Technologies M.A. Santos, RADIX Engenharia e Software
0925-0950 28137 Cost Reduction Method for the Replacement of a Riser Bellmouth R.Y. Yoshioka, SBM Offshore N.V.; M. Diego, Petróleo Brasileiro S.A.
0950-1015 28119 Automatic Verification of Instrumentation Lessons Learned in New FPSO Projects by Using Constructability-Based Queries Applied to CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) Tools Databases M.S. Torres, B.P. dos Santos, F.C. Diniz, P.V. Cintra, Petrobras S.A.
1015-1040 28141 Effects of a Drillship's Mooonpool in Current Using CFD Simulations with Experimental Validation L.D. Machado, Keppel; A.C. Fernandes, COPPE - UFRJ; A.A. Hussain, Keppel
1040-1105 28050 Heavy Denier High Performance Polyester Yarns for Deep Water Offshore Mooring Ropes M. Briguet Bastos, MBB Enterprises; L. Haach, A. Tomazi, Lankhorst Euronete; E.B. Fernandes, Unisinos
1105-1130 28041 Multirate Timestepping For Mooring Line Dynamics C. Low, S. Narasimalu, Y. Ng, Nanyang Technological University
Alternate 28033 The Next Generation of the Purpose Built Intervention Semi-Submersibles: Delivering Subsea Well Intervention Cost Reduction Through the Increase of the Operational Efficiency J. Batista, C. Halliday, D. Carr, Helix Energy Solutions
Alternate 27972 Decommissioning of Floating Production System (FPS) S. Leite Alves Junior, SBM Offshore
09:00 - 11:30
19  Field Development - A Holistic Approach Room 204 C
Session Chairpersons Flavio L Vianna - Petrobras
Time Paper # Presentation
0900-0925 27982 An Integrated Approach in Well Integrity Service Assists Improving Zonal Isolation in Production Section F. Martinez, O. Cardoso Ronquillo, F. Moretti, Schlumberger
0925-0950 28051 Subsea Concept Alternatives for Brazilian Pre-Salt Fields K.F. Buckley, R. Uehara, Shell
0950-1015 28091 The Longest Horizontal Section Ever Drilled in an Extended Reach Well in Brazil R.G. Pereira, A.M. Lourenco, S. Soltvedt, I.J. Thomson, Baker Hughes; D. Leite, R.M. De Andrade, G.C. Simoes, Statoil
1015-1040 28059 Otimrota - Multiline - Computational Tool for the Conceptual Design of Subsea Production Systems T.D. Santos, Petrobras
1040-1105 27978 Management & Information Discussing Royalties in Brazil in Oil Price Volatility Times: A Public Management Analysis F.D. Jesus, T.B. da Silva, L.D. Resende, T. Roitman, J.F. Silva, FGV Energia
1105-1130 27975 Drilling Lessons Learned and Reduction in Rig Time with the Use of Water-Based Mud to Bottom Hole Drilling in the Pre-Salt R. Balthazar Vadinal, P.H. Pereira da Silva, F. Fabri, G.T. Teixeira, K.A. Gonzaga, Petrobras
Alternate 27989 An Integrated Field Development Methodology for Improving FEL1 G.C. Nunes, B. Asrilhant, Petrobras; A.L. Costa, Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro; J.d. Romão, Petrobras
Alternate 28097 New Technologies For Cost Effective Offshore Compression Stations S. Falomi, D. Matina, G.F. Iurisci, M. Bigi, V. Bisio, GE Oil & Gas
09:00 - 11:30
20  Advanced Computation and Simulation - Reservoir Room 210
Session Chairpersons Antonio E.A Amorim - Faculdade De Tecnologia E Ciencias, Gerardo Acosta - U Nacional Del Centro De La Provincia De Buenos Aires
Time Paper # Presentation
0900-0925 28002 Multi-Scale Ensemble-Based Data Assimilation for Reservoir Characterization and Production Forecast: Application to a Real Field A. de Lima, D. Riffault, T. Gentilhomme, F. Allo, CGG; A.S. Anyzewski, A.A. Emerick, M. dos Santos, Petrobras
Alternate 27986 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Estimation of Water Flooding Performance by Using Capacitance Resistive Model and Fractional Flow Model by Layer F. Castillo Gamarra, N.E. Ramos , I. Borsani, Sinopec Argentina E&P
0950-1015 28117 Thermodynamic Properties and Fluid Phase Equilibria of Natural Gas Containing CO2 and H2O at Extreme Pressures for Injection in the Brazilian Pre-Salt Reservoirs C. Aimoli, D.P. Carvalho, Petróleo Brasileiro S.A.; P.A. Pesso Filho, Universidade de São Paulo
1015-1040 28073 Evaluation of the Discrete Latin Hypercube with Geostatistical Realizations Sampling for History Matching under Uncertainties for the Norne Benchmark Case C.J. Ferreira, A. Davolio, D.J. Schiozer, Universidade Estadual De Campinas
1040-1105 28156 Hybrid Process of Gas Injection- and Downhole Water Sink-Assisted Gravity Drainage (GDWS-AGD) To Improve Oil Recovery in Reservoirs With Infinite Edge and/or Bottom Water Drive W.J. Al-Mudhafer, Louisiana State University and A&M College
1105-1130 27966 Numerical Simulation of a Reservoir Coupled to Horizontal Well : A Case Study of the Influence of Well Length and Diameter R.T. Marques, T. Klein, R. Medronho, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
Alternate 28125 Evaluation of Hybrid EOR as Polymer-Assisted Carbonated Waterflood in Calcite Cemented Sandstone Reservoir J. Lee, K.S. Lee, Hanyang University
Alternate 28207 Laboratory Validation of Engineered Composite and High Fluid-Loss Materials to Help Cure Severe Losses in Fractured Formations
D.M. Obando, F.C. Fornasier, Halliburton
09:00 - 11:30
21  Sour Service - Pipes Room 211
Session Chairpersons Pascoal Jose Peixoto Bordignon - CBMM, Christian Schruff - EUROPIPE GmbH
Time Paper # Presentation
0900-0925 28082 Projects, Facilities & Construction Application of TMCP Material for Large Diameter Pipelines Under Sour Service Conditions

C. Schruff, C. Kalwa, H. Hillenbrand, EUROPIPE GmbH
0925-0950 27962 Study of The Mechanical Properties and Fracture Morphology of Nb Microalloyed Thick Plates of the Class of 80 Ksi Produced by Controlled Rolling Followed by Accelerated Cooling R.T. Viana Junior, A.A. Gorni, J.H. Silveira, K. Camey, R.J. de Faria, Gerdau Ouro Branco
Declined 27991 Evaluation of Aluminum-Coated Flexible Pipe Armour Wires Exposed to a Sour Environment J.C. Bertoncello, M. dos Reis Tagliari, T. Brun Coser, F. Stefanowski Kerpen, L. Meirelles Santana, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul; M. Paes, Petrobras; C.E. Fortis Kwietniewski, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul
1015-1040 28134 Corrosion Resistance Evaluation of Two X65 Steels With Low Manganese and High Niobium in H2S Saturated B Solution of Nace TM 0284 J.D. Santos, D. Hincapie Ladino, N. Alonso Falleiros, J. Quispe Aviles, H. Gomes de Melo, Universidade de Sao Paulo
1040-1105 28154 Effect of Microstructure on Hydrogen Diffusivity, Trapping and HIC Resistance in Two API X65 Steels D. Hincapie, V.S. Marques, L. Nishikawa, N. Alonso-Falleiros, H. Goldenstein, Escola Politecnica da Universidade de Sao Paulo
1105-1130 28026 Development of Low-Manganese L80 HF-ERW Tube Containing 1%Cr with Addition of Boron W. Cordeiro, M.W. Ferreira, L. Melo, I. Gomes, L. Boni, U. Oliveira, Apolo Tubulars S/A
Alternate 28032 Mechanical Behavior Analysis of a X-65 Seamless Rigid Pipe During Resonant Fatigue Testing: a Numerical and Experimental Approach T.Z. Stapasolla, O.D. Pinto, A. Mosquen, M.F. Borges, C.E. Kwietniewski, UFRGS
Alternate 28151 Production & Operations Resistance To Hydrogen Induced Cracking (HIC) in Steels HSLA API 5L X65 e 5L X80 J. Quispe Aviles, N. Alonso-Falleiros, H. G.de Melo, Universidade de Sao Paulo
09:15 - 11:15
09:15 - 11:15
SE14  Pre-Salt Development -1 Billion bbl Cumulative Production: Concepts, Implementation and First Results Room 203 B/C
Moderator(s) Antonio Carlos Capeleiro Pinto - Petrobras, Olivier E Wambersie - Shell
Speaker(s) Joelson Mendes - Petrobras, Executive Manager - Ultra-Deep Water Projects, Tiago Da Rosa Homem - Petrobras, General Manager - Ultra-Deep Water Projects - Reservoir, Lift and Flow Assurance, Cristiano Leite Sombra - Petrobras, Coordinator - Pre-Salt Technological Program, Daniele Lomba Zaneti Puelker - Petrobras, General Manager, Corporate HSE, Marco J Brummelhuis - Shell. Libra General Manager
11:30 - 13:00
12:15 - 13:45
14:00 - 16:30
22  Enhanced Oil Recovery II Room 204 A
Session Chairpersons Othon Monteiro - Baker Hughes, Carlos E Alvarez - Gaffney, Cline & Associates Inc.
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1425 28019 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Qualification of Biopolymer in Offshore Single Well Test
H. Urkedal, O. Selle, O. Seime, Ø. Brandal, T. Grostad, Statoil ASA; A. Todosijevic, M. Dillen, D. Prasad, B. Ernst, Wintershall Holding GmbH; F. Lehr, E. Mahler, BASF SE
1425-1450 27953 HPAM Mechanical Degradation and Stability in the Presence of Iron V.D. Ferreira, R.Z. Moreno, University of Campinas
1450-1515 28144 What is X-Ray Diffraction and What Does It Provide? M. Rowe, J. Teotonio da Silva, Halliburton
1515-1540 27973 Experimental Study of the Flow of Ferrofluid in a Porous Media under a Magnetic Field M. Khurana, Michigan Technological University
1540-1605 28038 Near Miscible Flooding By Production Gas Rejection In Qhd 29-2 Offshore Oilfield H. Chen, China University of Petroleum, Beijing
1605-1630 28034 Artificial Intelligence Strategy Minimizes Lost Circulation Non-Productive Time in Brazilian Deep Water Pre-Salt R.A. Leite Cristofaro, G.C. Longhin, Simworx Engineering R&D; A.A. Waldmann, C.M. De Sa, R. Balthazar Vadinal, K. Gonzaga, A.L. Martins, Petrobras
14:00 - 16:30
23  Production Room 204 B
Session Chairpersons Denis Jose Schiozer - Universidade Estadual De Campinas, Marcelo A. Goncalves - Petrobras
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1425 28093 Projects, Facilities & Construction Parametric Study of the Influence of GOR and CO2 Content on the Simulation of a Pre-Salt Field Configuration M.d. Pasqualette, M.J. Rempto, J.N. Carneiro, Instituto SINTEF do Brasil; R. Fonseca, J. Ciambelli, Petrobras; S.T. Johansen, B.T. Løvfall, SINTEF Materials & Chemistry
1425-1450 28053 Production & Operations Reynolds Number Influence on Wax Deposition

R.C. Albagli, L.B. Souza, A.O. Nieckele, PUC-Rio
1450-1515 28155 Stability Solver for Offshore Oil Flows I. Andreolli, Petrobras; G.R. Azevedo, J.L. Balino, Escola Politécnica, Universidade de São Paulo
1515-1540 28123 Production & Operations A Step Change in Safety and Quality for ESP Deployment in the North Sea L.F. Pastre, Schlumberger Artificial Lift; W. Barclay, D. Elrick, A. Kriptanto, Schlumberger
1540-1605 28132 Production & Operations Subsea Demulsifier Injection to Reduce Emulsion Viscosity and Enhance Crude Oil Production M.C. Oliveira, L.F. Paiva, F.A. Meireles, R. Mendes, P.M. Silva, L.G. Machado, Petrobras
1605-1630 28127 Comparison Between the Void Fraction Calculated by the Beggs & Brill and Bhagwat et al (2014) Correlations D.M. De Oliveira, Petrobras
14:00 - 16:30
24  Offshore Logistic and Decommissioning Room 204 C
Session Chairpersons Luis Gustavo Storino Bastos - Shell Brasil Ltda, Demerson Duarte - Halliburton
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1425 27951 Management & Information Tracking of Materials and Equipment Used in Planned Maintenance Shutdowns on Offshore Platforms: An Approach using RFID P.D. Soares, C.M. de Oliveira, G. Morales, J. Arica, State University of Northern Rio de Janeiro; I. Matias, Universidade Cândido Mendes; A.S. Ferreira, Fluminense Federal University (UFF); V. Carneiro, I-dutto
1425-1450 28014 Estimation of Diesel Supply Vessels in Offshore Oil & Gas Activities through Dynamic Simulation V.A. Silva, P.C. Moreira, R.P. Leite, Petrobras
1450-1515 28157 Analytical and Experimental Analysis of Friction Forces Inside Curved Pipes E.W. De Menezes, F.P. Geiger, E.D. Basso, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul; J. Marenco, Universidad de la Republica; E.A. Perondi, F.D. Wildner, R.C. Laranja, T. Becker, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul
1515-1540 28148 Production & Operations A Solution to Optimize the Logistics of a Fleet of Workover Vessels Applied to Offshore Operations in the Gulf of Mexico

D. Vasconcelos, Halliburton; E.M. Nogueira, formerly Halliburton; S. Sousa, R. Charrouf, Halliburton
1540-1605 28099 Towards a Unified Brazilian Guidelines for Well Abandonment J.A. Borges, L.S. Shigueoka, J.d. Lopez, G. Campos, B.B. Gobbi, Petrobras
1605-1630 28124 Drilling Epoxy Resin Helps to Restore Well Integrity in Offshore Well—Case History
M.V. Perez, J. Melo, R. Blanc, A. Roncete, P. Jones, Halliburton
Alternate 28024 The Effectiveness of the Infraction Notice as a Tool of the Regulation System H.C. Saad, ANP - Agencia Nacional Do Petroleo; G.R. Tavares, M.D. Santos, Universidade Federal Fluminense; M.B. Bergamaschi, ANP - Agencia Nacional Do Petroleo
14:00 - 16:30
25  Life Extension of Offshore Fields and Platforms Room 210
Session Chairpersons Rajiv Aggarwal - Consultant
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1425 28158 A Proactive Risk Based Maintenance and Optimization Strategy for High Performance Offshore Assets T. Nolan, ABS Group
1425-1450 28012 Developing a Digital Twin for Floating Production Systems Integrity Management D. Renzi, S. Mcneill, D. Maniar, Stress Engineering Services, Inc.
1450-1515 28074 Risk Based Ship Collision Assessment For Floating Structures J. van de Graaf, H. Singh, A.R. Anaturk, Shell Projects & Technology
1515-1540 28044 Projects, Facilities & Construction Measured Data Provides Insight for Floating Systems Life Extension D. Renzi, D. Maniar, S. McNeill, Stress Engineering Services, Inc.
1540-1605 28080 Monitoring Flexible Risers with Optical Sensors - Operational Experience and Future Perspectives B.M. Santiago, S.R. Morikawa, W. Carrara, Petrobras
1605-1630 28054 Projects, Facilities & Construction Long Tiebacks for Life Extension of Existing Offshore Facilities - A Novel Solution for Flowline Wet Insulation

A. Rebello, Stress Engineering Services, Inc.; L. Alexander, L. Alexander Consulting LLC.
Alternate 28094 Mexican R&D Deepwater Process Development O. Valle, Alianza FiiDEM
14:00 - 16:30
26  Material Selection and Corrosion Room 211
Session Chairpersons Pascoal Jose Peixoto Bordignon - CBMM
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1425 28198 Completions Chokes in Series Provide Safe Testing Operations in Wells with Abrasive Solids
R. Margotto, J. Cunha, R. Miranda, Halliburton; D. da Cunha Ribeiro, U.M. Moreno Benedito, A.P. Meneguelo, Universidade Federal Do Espirito Santo
1425-1450 28163 Investigation of Electroless Nickel-Phosphorus Coating as an Alternative to Corrosion/Fouling Resistant Alloys in Downhole Service D. Zhu, RGL Reservoir Management; M.N. Leitch, A.A. Uzcategui Cortes, RGL Reservoir Management Inc; H. Zeng, J. Luo, University of Alberta
1450-1515 28199 Development of Alkoxylated Fatty Diamines Based on HLB Evaluation as new Film-forming Corrosion Inhibitors R.B. Rabelo, Oxiteno; F.C. De Rezende, Oxiteno SA; C.G. Ewbank, Oxiteno
1515-1540 27976 Effect of Straining and Aging on Material Properties of Linepipe Suitable for Deepwater Applications M. Marsay, S. Hall, M. Connelly, G. Alderton, Tata Steel UK Ltd
1540-1605 28205 Effect Of Plasma Nitriding In A Duplex Steel In Tribocorrosive Tests Y.E. Nunez De La Rosa, P.C. Borges, G. Pintaude, A.C. Rovani, Universidade Tecnologica Federal do Parana
14:00 - 16:30
27  ePosters Session
Session Chairpersons Jose Alfredo Ferrari - BG Group
Time Paper # Presentation
27998 How Technology and an Integrated Project Approach Help Reduce Well Liability Costs During the Decommissioning Phase F. Marcancola, J.T. Giskemo, Halliburton
28070 Riserless Open-Water Abandonment Module: Allowing Open-Water Tubing Pulling in a Safe and Environmentally Contained Manner J. Batista, D. Carr, J. Rourke, Helix Energy Solutions
28022 Offshore Production Loop Decommissioning Using Filter Press and Oil Absorbent Media G.A. Ewbamk, Halliburton
Alternate 28135 Underwater Towed System Vibration Induced by a Random Flow: a Stochastic Perturbation Approach E. Paifelman, Sapienza University of Rome
Alternate 28028 The Use of Optical Fibers for Measurement of Temperature During the Fatigue Test for Qualification of Submarine Umbilical J.A. Andrade, MFX do Brasil; F. Ravet, Omnisens SA - Switzerland; P.F. Lima, R.S. Almeida, MFX do Brasil
27969 Gangway Motions while Connected to an Accommodation and Support Vessel and an FPSO in Open Sea R. Passos, A.C. Fernandes, COPPE/UFRJ
Alternate 28118 Planned Shutdown Time Optimization Using Lean Six Sigma F. Matos, T.D. Pereira, C. Bonini, D. Carocha, Chevron
28121 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Cybersecurity for Upstream Operations M.A. AlGhazal, M. alJubran, Saudi Aramco
Alternate 28016 Design One-Build Many: The Execution Strategy Leading to the Successful Delivery of FPSO’s Cidade De Ilhabela, Maricá and Saquarema P.R. Ribas, SBM Offshore do Brasil
28164 Lula Alto - Strategy and Execution of a Megaproject in Deep Water Santos Basin Pre-salt R.O. Cruz, A.C. Villar de Almeida, M.B. Rosa, M.J. Faria, N. de Abreu Campos, E.J. Rebeschini, H. Paes Vaz, A. Teixeira, Petrobras
Alternate 28204 Development Of Chemicals To Improve The Flocculation Process In Crude Oils R. Ungarato, F. Rezende, P. Filho, Oxiteno S.A. Indústria e Comércio; G.B. Fonseca, Oxiteno SA
28208 HSE in Libra Project -Designing for Outstanding Performance W. Bo, Petrobras; S.W. Balint, Shell; C. Deplante, Total; F. Castro, Shell; R. Barcelos, M. Katekawa, Petrobras
14:00 - 16:30
14:30 - 17:00