SPE Workshop: Data Enabled Operational Excellence - The Value of Information in Oilfield Operations 16 - 17 May 2017 Hotel Kongress Leoben Leoben, Austria

Operational Excellence is a long-term goal to introduce sustainable changes in culture and operations. Digital Oilfield and Integrated Operations have been started as strategies 15 years ago and are still not implemented mainstream. Will current low oil prices hinder all these long-term goals while quarterly reports are key today? How will data help to get culture change and strategy implemented in a sustainable way? This workshop wants to put new ideas and related lessons learnt on the table to be discussed. The industry is still struggling with proper field data acquisition, integration and quality control – after all these years.

Progress in information technologies has led to more robust and effective solutions for production operations. Real-time monitoring devices are becoming the norm, providing large volumes of data. Nevertheless many operators still struggle to retrieve value out of these investments. Properly planned data acquisition, data integration, preparation and enrichment is still an issue due to migrating data to actionable information. 

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Collaborative environment among industry experts

Knowledge sharing platform between technology providers and end users

Feedback on technologies and best practices that maximise values in the current environment


By attending an SPE workshop, you can network with knowledgeable industry experts who are enthusiastic about discussing and advancing technology and best practices.

Staged in an intimate setting, an SPE workshop brings together E&P professionals with common roles and business or technology challenges to collaborate and solve problems together.

SPE workshops are highly focused on a given technical topic and provide attendees with an in-depth review in a short amount of time. The agendas include research-based, field-tested industry topics so attendees receive current, relevant technical knowledge.

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What is an SPE Workshop?

An SPE workshop is a multi-day event that fosters knowledge sharing in an intensive learning experience. It provides highly focused technical topics through presentations and extensive Q&A. 

The workshop’s program committee members solicit presentations from top industry professionals. This ensures a robust technical program with presentations that are laser focused on critical industry topics.

Since proceedings are not published, SPE workshops provide an environment for frank, open discussion. Presentations are provided to participants after the workshop, if approved for release.

Presentations may not have promotional or commercial elements, so the agenda is truly an objective review of the technical topics.