SPE Workshop: Lost Circulation: Natural and Induced Fractures - Carbonates and Other Formations 6 - 7 Dec 2017 Sofitel Dubai Jumeirah Beach Dubai, UAE
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The objective of this workshop is to discuss how we deal with lost circulation, with a strong focus on carbonate formations.  A lot of progress has been made in the past few years, but lost circulation remains a stubborn problem. The workshop will discuss how to anticipate and plan for lost circulation, how to deal with it, and how it should shape well construction and field development plans. We will discuss all types and sources of lost circulation, but with an emphasis on carbonate formations.

The technical programme will include discussions and case histories on:

  • ​Anticipating and planning for lost circulation
  • Development and lab/field testing of lost circulation or loss prevention materials
  • Current research into lost circulation and loss prevention
  • ​Fluid-based approaches - old and new
  • Drilling engineering approaches
  • Success stories and best practices from an industry perspective



​Drilling and Well Construction Professionals

​Drilling Fluids Specialists

​Well Planners

​Geomechanics Specialists

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