SPE Workshop: Oilfield Geomechanics 27 - 28 Mar 2017 Borodino Hotel Moscow, Russia

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Application of Geomechanics in oil and gas industry is relatively new, it was recognized and become a fast-growing area. Started from hydraulic fracturing and drilling operations improvements, it then spread to almost all parts of E&P and has become even more important for reserves estimation and field development. As for unconventional reserves, geomechanics data appear to be crucial.  Although geomechanics helped to solve a set of questions in E&P, other issues remain behind. Geomechanics is playing and will play in future fundamental role in maintaining and increasing existing hydrocarbons production rates.

The Society of Petroleum Engineers workshop on geomechanics will take place in Russia for the first time and will cover frontmost geomechanics application in E&P: from reservoir characterization to field development, oil recovery improvement, drilling and completion.

“Clear knowledge of how to apply geomechanics appropriately will increase exploration and development efficiency in both conventional and unconventional resources”

 Hamed Soroush, Shell