SPE/ICoTA Workshop: Refracturing and Advancing the Learning Curve 11 - 12 Apr 2017 Archer Hotel Austin Austin, Texas, USA

Training Course


10 April 2017 | 0800-1700

Re-Fracturing - Candidate Selection and Design

Instructor: Michael B. Smith

If I want to re-frac a well “just because” – maybe I am disappointed in the production – that is most likely a BAD idea. This course discusses how I can go about selecting a candidate (there are no really “good” candidates since having to re-frac indicates original fracs were not adequate) that will benefit from such a workover. Then, what extra considerations are involved in a treatment design.

  • What makes a good (or NOT) re-frac candidate
  • How does depletion affect the re-fracture for good and bad
  • What might be different about re-fracture treatment design

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