SPE Workshop: Improve Well Control and Drilling Performance with the Advances in Managed Pressure Drilling Technology 20 - 21 Feb 2017 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) is defined by the International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC) as a technique that accurately controls annular pressure while drilling and completing wells. MPD technologies require specifically designed fit-for-purpose equipment specifications and operational procedures, which can vary significantly (with some options having large cost implications) depending on project objectives. In the current low oil price environment, the additional cost for MPD can challenge project economics. However, MPD has the ability to improve drilling performance and the overall drilling time of some wells, delivering significant well cost reductions and makes it possible to drill wells that are undrillable otherwise. The workshop will discuss well candidate selection, where this can be maximised to the greatest effect.  In addition, Underbalanced Drilling (UBD) technology in its current form was borne out of the 1986 oil price crash, from the desire to obtain higher production rates and faster hydrocarbon recovery, from reservoirs which were prone to impairment or were pressure depleted. This enabled the changing of the NPV curve in marginal projects. Today we are back in a low oil price environment, which will if past experience is repeated, see the expansion in the deployment of this technology.

The workshop will review the recent advances made in the application and deployment of MPD technology and will be used to update the understanding of operators, drilling contractors and service providers of the value delivered by this technology and its ability to enhance well control. Recent developments in MPD technology will also be reviewed together with the further developments required to address the ever more challenging needs of the industry, particularly in deepwater and HPHT. In the last two to three years there has been a move by the operators to contract MPD ready rigs whenever possible, particularly in deep water applications. The workshop will discuss this trend from the point of view of the operator, drilling and service contractor.

Who Attends

This workshop is primarily aimed at professionals in the oil, gas, geothermal, coal seam gas, and unconventional resources industries who are involved in design, implementation, operation and management of exploration, appraisal or field development programs. Reservoir, production, petrophysical and drilling engineers working on onshore, offshore and deepwater and HPHT assets would benefit greatly from this workshop, as will rig designers and builders of the latest offshore units. Registrants will be encouraged to discuss their own case histories and experiences.

Benefits of Attending

  • Collaborative environment between industry focal points
  • Knowledge sharing platform between technology providers and end users
  • Breakout sessions to address current industry challenges
  • Presentations on technology that can provide value in the current environment