SPE Workshop: Maximising Well Performance through Drilling Fluids, Cementing and Waste Management Optimisation 13 - 14 Mar 2017 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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This workshop focused on design improvements, best practices, lessons learnt and technological advancements in the sphere of drilling fluids and cementing to maximise the drilling performance in the challenging environment. In addition, the workshop reviewed and identified current and future drilling waste management technology in creating values while complying with the local environmental regulations.

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  • Review case studies of design optimisations and best practices in drilling fluids and cementing in delivering value-added well safely.
  • Review case studies and technological advancements for complex wells such as in ERD, deepwater, HPHT and wells under extreme corrosive environment.
  • Review the latest innovation and technology to maximise well productivity and maintain well integrity throughout the entire well lifecycle.
  • Identify improvement opportunities from existing waste management practices and technologies while complying with local environmental requirements.


  • Diagnosing a well problem - Is it always a mud problem?
  • Innovation, best practices and lessons learnt – Providing value through drilling fluids and cementing
  • Drilling fluids and cementing advancements in deepwater/HPHT/ERD/narrow margin wells
  • Optimising cementing design and operations
  • Managing the environmental impact of drilling fluids through advancements in solids control and
  • drilling waste management
  • Formation damage minimisation


This workshop will benefit professionals in drilling and completions, operators, service providers and academicians who are interested in learning about new technologies, relevant industry challenges and achievements, including:

  • Drilling Fluids, Cementing and Waste Management Professionals
  • Drilling and Completion Engineers


  • Production Technologists
  • Formation Damage/Reservoir Professionals
  • Products/Equipment Manufacturers
  • Academicians
  • Environmental Advisers
  • Operators
  • Service Companies



Collaborative environment among industry experts

Knowledge sharing platform between technology providers and end users

Feedback on technologies and best practices that maximise values in the current environment