SPE Workshop: SPS and SURF - How to Maximise the Total Life of Field Value 25 - 26 Sep 2017 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The need for sustainable cost improvements in the ways hydrocarbons are produced and delivered will require fundamental changes to the way that we design, manage and deliver subsea projects. Bringing together complementary subsea scopes of work can drive greater collaboration across operators and service industries to bring true value through the integration of technology, schedules, and delivery models.

This workshop will bring together people from the operators, service companies, industry analysts and operational end-users. Presentations will focus on technologies, case studies and growth areas that offer potential cost reduction across the life of a subsea project. The goal will be to host a collaborative environment that can provide value to all attendees through knowledge sharing.

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This workshop is designed for professionals involved in mutliple disciplines, including:

  • Subsea Engineers
  • Installation Engineers
  • Front End Engineering and Design Engineers
  • Project Operations Engineers
  • Development Planning Engineers
  • Facilities Engineers
  • Production Surveillance
  • Asset Managers
  • Engineering Advisors
  • Contract Management Specialists
  • Drilling and Production Engineers


Collaborative environment between industry focal points

Knowledge sharing platform between technology providers and end users


Presentations on technology that can provide value in the current environment

Breakout sessions to address current industry challenges

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