SPE Workshop: Maximising Value in Offshore Operations - Automation, Monitoring, Surveillance and Control 3 - 4 Oct 2017 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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In the current low oil price environment, there has been an increasing need from all parts of the upstream oil and gas industry to do more with less. Everyone in the industry is being asked to reduce the cost of doing business and still deliver the same quality of engineering work, demonstrate annual, quarterly and even weekly cost savings while continue to execute projects and produce at sustained or increased levels.

As a result, engineers have turned to both new and also previously lower priority technology to achieve these goals of maximising offshore operations. There has been a shift of moving complex, mundane and labour intensive work to machines, in order to enable a simpler way of working for engineers and managers. Buzz words such as data analytics, digitisation, automation, integration, collaborative and remote work environments, high quality surveillance and optimised intervention have gone from a distant goal to a reality with an increasing number of success stories in many parts of the offshore oil and gas industry.

The switch to a highly automated and modern way of managing offshore assets, especially ageing assets comes with its fair share of challenges. Whilst we now have highly accurate software to automate and digitise our business, we are challenged to implement this new found machine-brain power into existing facilities, many of which are ageing and struggle with asset integrity issues and a lack of reliable data from the field.


This workshop is primarily aimed at oil and gas professionals involved in offshore design and operations of offshore wells and production facilities. Professionals involved in planning, surveillance, production, maintenance and efficiency improvements around the various phases of a field’s life will benefit from cross learning from other phases and disciplines. The lessons from the use of technology to overcome the challenges in doing more for less will be at the heart of discussions and can be applied across the board.  


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