SPE Artificial Lift Conference and Exhibition - Americas 28 - 30 Aug 2018 The Woodlands Waterway Marriott and Convention Center The Woodlands, Texas, USA


Monday, August 27

13:00 - 17:00

Tuesday, August 28

07:00 - 17:00
07:00 - 08:30
10:00 - 10:30
10:00 - 18:30
10:30 - 12:00
01  Sucker Rod Pumps I
Session Chairpersons Imran Md Hashim - Newfield Exploration Company, Blake Myers - EP Energy
When producing a horizontal well with a sucker rod pump, gas entering the pump may result in more than just inefficiencies; it may also lead to increased failure rates due to compression. The papers presented in this session will recommend both downhole design changes and changes to operational practices in an effort to reduce the negative impacts of gas entering the sucker rod pump.
Time Paper # Presentation
1030-1100 190938 Evaluating Tailpipe Systems Designed to Optimize Artificial Lift Performance in Horizontal Wells C.R. Humphreys, B.N. Vangolen, A. Allison, Occidental Petroleum Corp.; D. Yin, Occidental Permian Ltd.; C. Yicon, OXY Inc.
1100-1130 190942 Quantitative Analysis of the Packer-Style Gas Separator Through Laboratory and Field Trials M.L. Thompson, A. Monk, Schlumberger Oilfield Services
1130-1200 190936 Solving Gas Interference Issues with Sucker Rod Pumps in the Permian Basin A.P. Allison, C.F. Leal, M.R. Boland, Occidental Petroleum
Alternate 190958 SRP Equipment Customization Creating Value by Increasing run Life in a low oil Price Environment M. Hoy, OMV E&P Gmbh; B. Kometer, OMV Austria E&P Gmbh; P.C. Buerssner, OMV Petrom S.A.; G.A. Puscalau, Weatherford International Ltd.
Alternate 190917 Reducing Sour Corrosion With Nickel Based Alloys in Sucker Rod Couplings S. Gonzales, ConocoPhillips
Alternate 190932 Downhole Plunger Speed Study in Sucker Rod High GOR and High Friction Wells E. Ferrigno, YPF
13:15 - 14:00
14:00 - 15:30
02  Electric Submersible Pumps I
Session Chairpersons Jeff Dwiggins - Artificial Lift Solutions Pte Ltd
Looking for better economics for your ESP operations? This session will focus on the use of permanent magnet motor technology to reduce ESP power consumption and enable ESP installation in wells with smaller casing sizes.
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1430 190934 Energy Management Applied to Electric Submersible Pumping (ESP) A.D. Caicedo, Repsol S.A.; M. Guevara, Baker Hughes; L. Paredes, E.R. Martinez Villarreal, Repsol S.A.
1430-1500 190951 Efficiency Study in Vizcacheras Field and Implementation of PMM Motors to Increase Production Capability A.L. Tiofiolo, J.J. Dotta, YPF S.A.
1500-1530 190957 High-Speed High-Rate Slim ESP Development and Qualification Testing R.A. Lastra Melo, C.E. Ejim, J. Xiao, Saudi Aramco PE&D
Alternate 190960 Permanent Magnetic Motors/Powder Metallurgy Pump Stages: Surviving Low-Price Environments by Decreasing Operating Expenses J. Lucas, Novomet USA; S.C. Donham, T. Wrobel, Merit Energy Company
15:30 - 16:00
16:00 - 17:30
03  Gas Lift: Application in Unconventional Wells
Session Chairpersons Steve Pohler - Polher Consulting, Eduardo Pereyra - University of Tulsa
The production characteristics of unconventional wells pose special challenges for artificial lift systems. Gas lift, known for its flexibility, is well suited to this environment and has gained popularity in recent years. This session explores the fundamentals and applications of gas lift that lead to successful deployment in unconventional wells.
Time Paper # Presentation
1600-1630 190923 Chamber Gas Lift in Horizontals C.N. Hardegree, B. Gerrard, S.L. Wildman, K.S. McKenzie, Occidental Oil and Gas Corp.
1630-1700 190959 Life-of-Well Gas Lift Installations for Unconventional Resources G.B. Stephenson, W.M. Rodgers, S.L. Wildman, K.S. McKenzie, B. Latif, Occidental Petroleum Corp.
1700-1730 190965 Production & Operations End of Tubing and Packer Placement Effects on Gas Lift Operations in Toe Down Gas Wells J.V. Nair, E. Pereyra, C. Sarica, University of Tulsa
Alternate 190929 Gas Lift Annulus Pressure K.L. Decker, Retired
Alternate 190950 Impact Of Gaslift Design in Unconventional wells - A Delaware Basin Operators Perspective S.K. Kannan, J. Dufresne, M. Boyer, Anadarko Petroleum Corp; L.E. Gonzalez, Xenon Lift Services
17:30 - 18:30

Wednesday, August 29

07:00 - 17:00
07:00 - 08:30
08:30 - 10:00
04  Gas Deliquification
Session Chairpersons Bruce Gerrard - OXY USA Inc., Barry Labrecque - Shell Canada Ltd.
Lifting gas in unconventional wells is key to recognizing the entire value of the well. Typical challenges include determining liquid loading rates and velocities and applying the best artificial lift method to produce the well. This session will focus on understanding liquid loading and lifting liquid-loaded gassy shale wells effectively.
Time Paper # Presentation
0830-0900 190921 Production & Operations A Simple Critical Gas Velocity Equation as Direct Functions of Diameter and Inclination for Horizontal Well Liquid Loading Prediction: Theory and Extensive Field Validation A.S. Nagoo, Pipe Fractional Flow; P.M. Kulkarni, Statoil; S. Kannan, Anadarko; P.O. Oyewole, Proline Energy Resources; J. Sosa, Jones Energy; C. Arnold, Escondido Resources; C. Mason, Definitive Optimization; M. Dunham, Bravo Natural Resources; R. Briggs, EQT Corporation; M.M. Sharma, Pipe Fractional Flow
0900-0930 190947 Unconventional Lift for Unconventional Wells B. Jackson, Tech-Flo Consulting
0930-1000 190930 Novel approach in digital diagnostic for Plunger Lift in non conventional wells at Vaca Muerta J. Barros, YPF; J. Alvarez Claramunt, YPF SA; E. Ferrigno, YPF
Alternate 190941 Efficacy of Surfactants in Rich gas Shale Wells Y. Alzhanov, University of Tulsa; H. Karami, University of Oklahoma; J.A. Gamboa, B. Partington, Chevron Corporation; E. Pereyra, University of Tulsa
Alternate 190919 Surfactant Batch Treatment Efficiency as an Artificial Lift Method for Horizontal Gas Wells C. Gcali, Petroleum Abstracts/The University of Tulsa; C. Sarica, E. Pereyra, University of Tulsa; H. Karami, The University of Oklahoma
10:00 - 10:30
10:00 - 16:00
10:30 - 12:00
05  Progressing Cavity Pumps
Session Chairpersons Darin Austin - Innovative Production Inc, Laura Labrador - Occidental de Colombia Inc.
This session will explore the latest developments in progressing cavity pump materials, geometries, and technologies. These developments, coupled with innovative solutions and challenging applications, improve the run life of PCP systems.
Time Paper # Presentation
1030-1100 190945 One Company’s Experience using Metal to Metal PCPs as the Primary Artificial Lift Method in a SAGD Operation O. Becerra, Brion Energy; J. Sheldon, C-Fer Technologies
1100-1130 190933 Identifying Analogue Fields in PCP Applications using Classification Trees J. Sheldon, F.J. Alhanati, P. Skoczylas, C-FER Technologies
1130-1200 190925 Increase Progressing Cavity Pump Run Life By Selectively Operating the Stator S. Barbour, L.J. Dunn, R. Rowan, A.N. Prakash, Lifting Solutions Inc
Alternate 190964 Successful Application of an Innovative Geometry of Progressive Cavity Pumps in Application With High Sand and Gas Content: Colombian Successful Case L.F. Valderrama Arias, J. Molina, Dover International Operations Inc; L.S. Labrador, P.A. De Sales, Ecopetrol S.A
Alternate 190948 System Run Life Improvement for Rod Driven PCP in High Deviation Well S. Khadav, s. agarwal, R. Baid, N. Pandey, A. Parasher, s. kumar, A.S. Rathore, v. agarwal, A.K. Rai, Vedanta Limited - Cairn Oil and Gas
Alternate 191118 Increased Run Life in Progressive Cavity Pumps From Characterization of High Nitrile Elastomers in the Orinoco Oil Belt M.J. Han, PDVSA Petropiar; E. Guerra, Chevron Global Upstream; S.V. Rangel, I.B. Gamez, A. Delgado, PDVSA Petropiar
Alternate 190944 Challenging sand producer well handling with PCP in Eastern Desert, Egypt M.S. Abd-Elhamed, Cairo University; K.A. Al-Sawi, M.I. Hegazy, Kuwait Energy Egypt
13:15 - 14:00
14:00 - 15:30
06  Sucker Rod Pumps II
Session Chairpersons Sergio Gonzales - ConocoPhillips Co, Michael Poythress - Conocophillips Corporate Contributions
Tubing failures in sucker rod pumping applications have become problematic in many basins around the world, especially in unconventional wells. Two papers in this session will detail how we can closely examine the product delivered by the drilling department, as we attempt to cycle a sucker rod string more than 7,000 times per day for many years without a failure. The third presentation will share a case history that focuses on getting more from our rod pump controllers, in the way of inferred production, to assist with the validation of well tests.
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1430 190935 Rod-Guide Placement Based on High-Resolution Tortuosity Analysis of Production Tubing O. Jegbefume, J. Bang, R. Shoup, A.G. Ledroz, Gyrodata Inc.; R.S. Vincent, PL Tech LLC; J.T. Hohn, ConocoPhillips Co
1430-1500 190920 Production & Operations Visualizing Rod Design and Analysis Through the Wave Equation W. Phillips, Wansco
1500-1530 190931 Utilization of Rod Pump Inferred Production as a Function of Wear Related to Plunger Travel L.L. Hain, ConocoPhillips Co
Alternate 190955 Deriving More Accurate Downhole Conditions Using IoT-Enabled Devices in Bakken Horizontal Wells B. Arnst, R. Benoit, Ambyint; P.M. Kulkarni, J. Freeman, M. Rafiee, W. Choi, Statoil
Alternate 190946 Analysis of Artificial Lift Type Selection Based on Economics: ESP vs Long Stroke Pumping Units W. McDaniel, W. McDaniel, Weatherford International Ltd.
Alternate 190924 Beam Pump Design for Steam Stimulation Heavy Oil Wells A.L. Pandit, R. Abdulaziz, Kuwait Oil Company
15:30 - 16:00
16:00 - 17:30
07  Electric Submersible Pumps II
Session Chairpersons Barry Nicholson - Oxy Inc, Steven Kennedy - EOG Resources Inc.
Science and math triumph over rules of thumb. In this session, three papers will be presented featuring exciting new models to simulate and predict ESP performance over a range of fluid characteristics, thereby enabling better ESP design, operational performance, and troubleshooting.
Time Paper # Presentation
1600-1630 190926 Modified Affinity Law to predict the pump performance under different viscosity fluids A.R. Patil, G. Morrison, A. Delgado, Texas A&M University; H.I. Casillas, Royal Dutch Shell
1630-1700 190927 A Mechanistic Model to Predict Flow Pattern Transitions in Electrical Submersible Pump under Gassy Flow Condition J. Zhu, J. Zhang, H. Zhu, The University of Tulsa; H. Zhang, University of Tulsa
1700-1730 190956 A First Principles Model for Virtual Sensing Operational Parameters in an ESP A.J. Verde Salas, Easy Oil, LLC; E. Aceros, Universidad Del Zulia; E. Camargo, Universidad de los Andes; J.I. Canelon, Universidad Del Zulia
Alternate 190918 Numerical Simulation and Design Optimization of Electrical Submersible Generator R. Rutter, D.F. McManus, Baker Hughes a GE company; T. Hepp, Baker Hughes, a GE company
Alternate 190939 Material Overview for Electric Submersible Pumps J. Xiao, Saudi Aramco PE&D; R.A. Lastra Melo, Saudi Aramco PE&D EXPEC ARC; B.A. Roth, Saudi Aramco PE&D; W. Lee, Alkhorayef Petroleum Company

Thursday, August 30

07:00 - 14:00
07:00 - 08:30
08:30 - 10:00
08  Intermittent Gas Lift and Gas-Assisted Plunger Lift
Session Chairpersons Bill Hearn - ConocoPhillips Co, Clint Mason - Definitive Optimization
Gas lift is increasingly used as the primary lift method on new unconventional wells. Key to its success is the deployment of intermittent gas lift (IGL) and gas-assisted plunger lift (GAPL) later in the well’s life to reduce lift gas requirements and optimize flowing bottomhole pressure. This session will focus on the transition from continuous gas lift to IGL and GAPL and its implications on production, pressure, and operations.
Time Paper # Presentation
0830-0900 190943 Gas Assisted Plunger Lift (GAPL) Modeling and Optimization through Dynamic Simulation H. Lu, Schlumberger Information Solutions; G. Yuan, Schlumberger
0900-0930 190916 Modeling Transient Inflow Performance Relationship in Artificial-Lift Systems Z. Xiang, C. Kabir, University of Houston
0930-1000 190937 Plunger-Assisted Gas Lift and Gas-Assisted Plunger Lift M. Burns, XTO Energy
Alternate 190966 Innovative Well’s Designs for HGOR Wells: Extending Gas Production with Common Gas Well Deliquification Techniques M. Ballarini, G. Perez Cometto, Pan American Energy; B.S. Mohando, Universidad Nacional De Cuyo; N.J. Clifton Goldney, Pan American Energy LLC
10:00 - 10:30
10:30 - 12:00
09  Designing Artificial Lift for the Life of the Well
Session Chairpersons Bill Hearn - ConocoPhillips Co
Critical to managing costs as wells decline is having a strategy to ensure that the correct artificial lift type can be applied at the right time during a well’s life with minimal intervention costs. This session focuses on applying artificial lift throughout the life of a well and preparing the initial completion for the low-cost introduction of artificial lift later on.
Time Paper # Presentation
1030-1100 190954 Innovative Downhole Design for Optimize ALS Installation at Shale Oil Wells I. Cuneo, N. Ribera, YPF SA; E. Ferrigno, YPF
1100-1130 190928 Reducing Artificial Lift Surface Conversion Costs In A Unconventional Oil Field C.L. Weiss, Tourmaline Oil Corp; V. McGee, QCI; K. McAdam, Western Oil Tools
1130-1200 190961 Getting Wells Back to Production: Using an Innovative Artificial Lift System for Recovering Inactive Wells A.F. Vargas, Pump Best Services Colombia; J. Duran, Ecopetrol SA; R. Santos, Schlumberger; J.M. Doval, L. Muñoz, Ecopetrol SA; A.E. Patino Jerez, Schlumberger Surenco S.A.; C. Rativa, N. Hernandez, A. Rozo, Ecopetrol SA
Alternate 190922 Artificial Lift Selection and Applications for Deep Horizontal Wells in the Unconventional Reservoirs P. Pankaj, Schlumberger
Alternate 190953 Implementation of Artificial Lift for pumping wide ranges of fluids and solids from unconventional wells if the Delaware Basin D. Narvaez, Schlumberger; B. Connolly, Devon Energy; O. Andara La Corte, Schlumberger
13:15 - 14:00
14:00 - 16:00
10  Artificial Lift Optimization
Session Chairpersons Bill Hearn - ConocoPhillips Co
Once artificial lift has been introduced, optimization and reliability become the key focus for achieving maximum value. This session focuses on the optimization workflows and the measurement and optimization of reliability in artificial lift.
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1430 190940 Tuning VSDs in ESP Wells to Optimize Oil Production - Case Study H. Gong, L.A. Camilleri, Schlumberger; N. Al-Maqsseed, A.M. Al-Jazzaf, Kuwait Oil Company
1430-1500 190949 Plunger Fall Velocity Studies in Vertical Wells R. Acosta, The University of Tulsa; E. Pereyra, C. Sarica, University of Tulsa
1500-1530 190962 Use of Run-Life Measures in Estimating Artificial Lift System Reliability P. Skoczylas, C-FER Technologies
Alternate 190963 Cultural Change in ALS Real Time Operation and Optimization in Vaca Muerta Through CWE E. Ferrigno, YPF; J. Alvarez Claramunt, P.E. Bizzotto, YPF SA
Alternate 190952 Production Optimization for Progressive Cavity Pumps by Interconnecting a Steady State Flow Simulator and a Black Oil Reservoir Model thru an Integrated Asset Management Software M. Ali, K. Escobar, Schlumberger