IADC/SPE Asia Pacific Drilling Technology Conference and Exhibition 27 - 29 Aug 2018 Bangkok, Thailand

Media Supporter


Mediabuz, is a Singapore based publishing and events management company. In their stable of publications are, Petromin Marine & Offshore (previously PetroMin) and Petromin Hydrocarbon Asia (previously Hydrocarbon Asia).

Petromin Marine & Offshore, first published in 1974, is the Asia Pacific's first and most established oil and gas and marine magazine covering exploration, drilling, production, pipeline activity, naval architecture and marine technology; while Petromin Hydrocarbon Asia, is the Asia Pacific's only hydrocarbon processing industry magazine covering refining, petrochemicals and gas processing  since 1990. The magazines, which have long been a reference point for the industry, play a pivotal role in providing up-to-date technical and business information in the form of in-depth well-researched articles and insights.

For more than 20 years, F&L Asia Ltd. has remained the preferred media choice for industry giants. Unparalleled thought leadership, stringent content quality standards and uncompromising journalism— gathering facts directly from the frontline, including from its permanent bases at the heart of the strategic Asian region are some of F&L Asia’s core strengths and the reason why it retains an unchallenged “first with the latest” position.

F&L Asia’s diverse portfolio of unique and powerful lead generation tools fulfils the needs of hundreds of fuels and lubes operators of all sizes, all disciplines, and from around the world. This empowers them to increase their brand awareness and establish, promote and nurture fluid industry connections globally.