IADC/SPE Asia Pacific Drilling Technology Conference and Exhibition 27 - 29 Aug 2018 Bangkok, Thailand


Monday, August 27

11:00 - 12:30
GP01  Executive Plenary Session: Reshaping for a Smart and Sustainable Future World Ballroom, Level 23
Speaker(s) Visal Leng - Baker Hughes, a GE company, Brad Middleton - Chevron Asia South Ltd, Marcus Chew - Energy Driling, Chayong Borisuitsawat - PTT E&P PLC, Raphael Siri - Sapura Energy
Since the last event held in Thailand in 2014, the industry has altered significantly. Evolving challenges such as oil price volatility, the “big crew change”, and digital disruption, require new approaches in applying business models and technologies to achieve cost and operational efficiencies, whilst meeting stakeholders’ expectations to preserve the core business and, at the same time, stimulate progress by exploring challenges, successes, and strategies to create a fit-for-purpose set of tools, systems, models, technologies and capabilities that will reshape the industry for a smart and sustainable future.


​Visal Leng
Baker Hughes, a GE company

Brad Middleton
Chevron Asia South Ltd

Marcus Chew
Energy Driling


Chayong Borisuitsawat

Raphael Siri
Sapura Energy


13:30 - 14:00
01  ePoster
The current presentation date and time shown is a tentative schedule. The final/confirm presentation schedule will be notified/available in late July or early August 2018.
Time Paper # Presentation
1330-1400 191051 Drilling Optimisation in Hard and Abrasive Basement Rock Using a Conical Diamond Element Bit B. Noviasta, K. Astasari, H.B. Febriarto, M.Y. Mardiana, Schlumberger; S. Prayitno, J. Sondang, R.H. Irwan, R. Rizaldi, Pertamina
1330-1400 191090 Drilling Simultaneously Drilling and Underreaming Directional Topholes with Underreamer below Mud Motor save a Trip in Collision-Free Operations: Offshore Sakhalin Island Case Study

R.V. Kasumov, I.R. Shakirov, Schlumberger; R. Gaisin, A. Romanov, Sakhalin Energy Investment Company Ltd.
1330-1400 190967 Drilling Development of Low Toxicity and High Temperature Polymer Drilling Fluid for Environmentally Sensitive Offshore Drilling X. Liu, CNPC Boxing Co. of China National Petroleum Offshore Engineering Co., Ltd.; B. Xie, Yangtze U.; Y. Gao, H. Gu, Y. Ma, Y. Zhang, CNPC Boxing Co. of China National Petroleum Offshore Engineering Co., Ltd.; R. Zhang, China U. of Petroleum, Beijing; Q. Li, Southwest Petroleum U.
1330-1400 190994 Advances in Rig-Less Well Abandonment: Pathfinder to Enormous Economic Advantage A.K. Singh, M.D. Kothiyal, P. Sarma, A. Prakash, R. Shrivastava, S. Vermani, Cairn Oil & Gas
1330-1400 191023 OCTG Tubular Running Flat Time Reduction Analysis and Opportunity Z. Razak, S. Ong, M. Hairi, PETRONAS
1330-1400 190988 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Successful Impact of 3D Seismic Attributes in Planning and Drilling Directional Wells in Clastic Reservoir of Greater Burgan Field in Kuwait
H.A. Bahman, F.M. Ali, S.M. Al-Haddad, D. Al-Muzaffar, Kuwait Oil Co.
1330-1400 190971 Completions Effective Approach to Wellbore Clean Out Operation: A Case Study from Zawtika Phase 1B A. Choodesh, M.G. Rutland, PTTEP International Ltd. (Yangon); C.W. Grant, PTTEP
1330-1400 191037 Drilling Managing Losses with Controlled Mud Level Drilling G. Smaaskjar, E. Bergseth, Lundin Norway; L. Hollman, L. Arseneault, C. Leggett, Blade Energy Partners; B. Fossli, E. Claudey, Enhanced Drilling
1330-1400 191106 Integrated Project Management as a Solution to Geothermal Drilling Development, a Review of 8 Years Project in Indonesia W.A. Nugroho, W. Atmojo, Pertamina; F. Arifin, PT Pertamina Drilling Services Indonesia
1330-1400 191115 Evaluation of Novel Surfactant for Acid Stimulation and EOR Treatments A.M. Bin Omar, A.M. Moajil, Saudi Aramco
1330-1400 191082 Advanced FEA Modelling Solution for 6.125in BHA Drillstring Whirl Prevention: Case Study for Horizontal Well in Australia C. Singam, Schlumberger; S. Loveless, PTTEP; N.N. Mohd Najmi, A. Nagorcka, Schlumberger
14:00 - 15:30
TS01  Technical Session 01: Well Design Lotus Suite 5, Level 22
Session Chairpersons Darryl Eisler - Baker Hughes, a GE company, Habil Akram Rosland - Halliburton
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 191071 Drilling Successfully Drilling an Extremely Complex ERD, HPHT Exploration Well H. Alemi, U. Uzu, M. Pourtangestani, L.T. My, H. Maliekkal, Schlumberger
1420-1440 191064 Efficiency Improvement and Effective Sand Control Completion Unit by Drilling Rig in Zawtika M9 Development Field V. Benjaboonyazit, P. Chatporntanadul, PTTEP International Ltd. (Yangon); K. Intrachai, C. Kongdachudomkul, T. Kreethapon, PTTEP; M. Follet, G. Marvin Rutland, PTTEP International Ltd. (Yangon)
1440-1500 191089 Successful Well Placement in Multilayer Sandstone Achieving Maximum Reservoir Exposure M. Aip, PETRONAS Carigali Muriah Ltd.; C. Nugroho, Baker Hughes, a GE company; Z. Ernando, E. Suryana, W. Ferdiana, T. Tg. Othman, PETRONAS Carigali Muriah Ltd.; G. Sucahyo, Baker Hughes, a GE company
1500-1520 190979 Drilling Using Simultaneous Gyro Measurements to Determine Orientation of Magnetic Ranging Instruments in a Vertical Environment G. Rassadkin, D. Ridgway, C.J. Moss, Scientific Drilling International
Alternate 191019 Drilling Design Optimisation from 3 Strings to 2 Strings for Deep Wells in Sirikit Field
P. Tangkaprasert, S. Rattanachan, PTTEP; P. Watchalapong, Schlumberger Overseas S.A.
Alternate 191024 Drilling Critical Casing Points: Identification of Najmah Top and Sublayers with Wellsite Inorganic Geochemistry in Kuwait Carbonate Reservoir J.M. Dashti, M. Al-Awadi, M. Moshref, Kuwait Oil Co.; A. Shoeibi, A. Pozzi, J. Estarabadi, Geolog International
Alternate 191069 Drilling Application of Artificial Intelligence to Predict Sonic Wave Transit Time in Unconventional Tight Sandstones A. Muqtadir, S.M. Elkatatny, Z. Tariq, A. Abdulraheem, M.A. Mahmoud, King Fahd U. of Petroleum and Minerals
Alternate 190989 CwD - Enables for Successful Extended Reach Drilling. First Time with 9 5/8” Casing at High Angle A.C. Liew, M. Ibrahim, Petrofac; M.A. Zaba, M. Shafiq, Schlumberger
14:00 - 15:30
TS02  Technical Session 02: Drilling and Related Production Enhancement Lotus Suite 6, Level 22
Session Chairpersons Fikri Irawan - Independent, Ben Gedge - RMES & PV Drilling & Well Services
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 191087 Completions Innovative Solution for High Temperature High Gas Rate Carbonate Well N. Abdul Rashid, O. Fabian, M. Johari, M. Rosato, O.B. Samuel, M.R. Idris, S. Ong, M.R. Shaedin, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.; W. Kweh, Weatherford Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.
1420-1440 191006 Production & Operations Application of Velocity String to Improve Productivity from Bottom Pays after Hydraulic Fracturing in Multilayered Low Permeability Reservoir S. Anand, N. Johri, K. Chandak, R. Vijay, S. Tiwari, A. Bohra, U. Vijayvargia, J. Khemchandani, Cairn Oil & Gas; I. Singh, A. Agarwal, Schlumberger
1440-1500 191066 Completions Significant Operation Efficiency Improvement of Cased Hole Gravel Pack Completion by Implementing Factory Completion Strategy A. Choodesh, M.G. Rutland, PTTEP International Ltd. (Yangon); C.W. Grant, T. Kreethapon, C. Phasook, PTTEP
1500-1520 190975 Drilling A Sustainable Approach to Production Increase in the Zawtika Field: Sand Control Assisted with Hydrofluoric Acidizing
C. Graham Grant, PTTEP; A. Choodesh, PTTEP International Ltd. (Yangon); C.R. Ramirez, A. Nusyirwan, D. Cahyanto Santoso, Halliburton
Alternate 190998 Drilling High Challenging Tight Oil Development by Integrating Innovative Reservoir Boundary Detection Technology into High Efficiency Horizontal Drilling Campaign in West China J.F. Zhang, C. Zhi, J.X. Zhu, Y.P. Ye, PetroChina XOC; T. Li, F. Wang, Y. Wang, S.Z. Li, Schlumberger
Alternate 190972 Production & Operations First-Time Implementation of Water Management Technology to Improve Water Flooding Performance in a Multi-restriction Injector Well: Brownfield Redevelopment, Onshore Thailand
P. Thawatthukool, W. Toempromraj, P. Lilaprathuang, C. Kaewwetchawong, D. Weeramethachai, T. Kiatrabile, S. Krisadasima, PTTEP; R. Wattanasuwankorn, T. Daohmareeyor, A. Kangsadarn, K. Kritsanaphak, I. Pathmanathan, Halliburton
Alternate 190973 Drilling Successful UBD Application through the Full Operation Cycle of the Production Section on an Exploration Gas Well in Thailand: A Case History

P. Wang, Weatherford
Alternate 191010 Drilling Integrated Solution to Optimise Drilling Efficiency and Production in Marginal Tight Oil Field Development: A Case from Songliao Basin, North China W. Wang, Y.W. Zhao, H.Z. Xue, H.J. Wang, J. Chen, CNPC-Daqing; F. Wang, Z.R. Fu, C. Li, C.Q. Chen, S. Wang, Schlumberger; X.W. Yuan, HOPEC
14:00 - 15:30
TS03  Technical Session 03: Performance and Profitability Lotus Suite 7, Level 22
Session Chairpersons Fredric Young - Dalma Energy, Jan Brakel - Shell
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 191039 Applied Value Stream Mapping as Enabler to True Collaboration and Advanced Commercial Constructs D.M. Luna, V. Rikhi, Shell Global Solutions International
1420-1440 191038 Enhancing Technology Development Process through Purpose Built Testing and Training Facilities A.D. Johnson, B. Piccolo, J. Fraczek, B. Anderson, AFGlobal Corp.
1440-1500 191035 Drilling Contractor's Strategy under Gross-Split Production Sharing Contract W.A. Nugroho, Pertamina
Alternate 191058 Management & Information Achieving Repeatability and Reproducibility in Competency-Based Training H. Lau, National U. of Singapore; M. Pang, Consultant
Alternate 191086 Drilling Process, People and Technology: Synergy Leads to Performance Improvement, a Case from South Iraq A. Hajaj, C. Ghidoni, Zubair Field Operating Division, Eni Iraq B.V.; M.P. Mee, A.V. Dementyev, Schlumberger
Alternate 191025 Drilling Achieving Performance Excellence through Integrated Efficiency Workflow Services
A. Soong, M. Ariffin, H.A. Rosland, B. Ismail, Halliburton
Alternate 191110 Agile Drilling Performance Improvement through Rigorous Measurement of Rig Activities: A Case Study from Oman Y. Al-Aufi, A. AlSulti, Medco Energi; A. Arnaout, TDE International Ltd.; G. Thonhauser, Montanuniversitaet Leoben
Alternate 191388 Drilling Drilling with Digital Twins D. Nadhan, M.G. Mayani, R. Rommetveit, eDrilling AS
16:00 - 17:30
TS04  Technical Session 04: Tubulars Lotus Suite 5, Level 22
Session Chairpersons Shankar Bhukya - NOV Grant Prideco, Habil Akram Rosland - Halliburton
Time Paper # Presentation
1600-1620 191032 Drilling The Triaxial Limit and Safety Factor of an Anisotropic CRA Tubular U.B. Sathuvalli, P. Suryanarayana, S.M. Rahman, S. Chandrasekhar, Blade Energy Partners
1620-1640 190968 Focus on Reducing Cost of Ownership Drives the Development of the 4th Generation Drill Pipe Connection Design G. Plessis, A. Muradov, D. Morgan, NOV Grant Prideco; J.N. Brock, James N Brock Consultant LLC; A. Primeaux, Workstrings International
1640-1700 191061 Casing Drilling Technology as the Solution for Severe Lost Circulation: LSE Casing Drilling Pilot Project Case Study
B. Noviasta, H.M. Falhum, K. Astasari, Schlumberger; S.F. Abdila, SKK Migas; A. Muslim, A.M. Harahap, H. Yuristyanto, J. Sondang, Pertamina EP
1700-1720 190981 Analysis on Selection of Completion Tubular Connection for HPHT Gas Well J. Wang, CNPC Tubular Goods Research Inst.
Alternate 191005 Completions Effects of Erosion on TP140 Casing Strength Due to Sandblasting during Sleeve Hydraulic Fracturing in Keshen Tight Gas Reservoir H. Geng, X. Chen, L. Cao, H. Liu, J. Liu, L. Li, PetroChina Tarim Oilfield Co.
Alternate 191047 An Efficient Gas Lift MPD Technology Based on Double Wall Drill Pipe B. Kang, China U. of Petroleum, Beijing
Alternate 190986 Designing and Qualifying Drill String for Deviated Well Drilled in Barekuri Field and Its Effect on M.E.R P.U. Dubey, Quippo Oil & Gas Infrastructure Ltd.; R. Gupta, ITM U.; A. Pathak, R. Prakash, I. Husain, V. Parashar, Quippo Oil and Gas Infrastructure Ltd.
16:00 - 17:30
TS05  Technical Session 05: Well Evaluation Lotus Suite 6, Level 22
Session Chairpersons Chansin Kaewetchawong - PTTEP, Bob Kerr - Scientific Drilling Controls, Robert F Ziegler - Weatherford
Time Paper # Presentation
1600-1620 190978 Successful Utilisation of New Slim Formation Testing and Sampling Tools Across Complex Reservoirs in Thailand D. Chantipna, I. Espinoza, Weatherford
1620-1640 191011 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Defining Downhole Contribution/Injection Profile in Multi-Zone Completion by Temperature and Spectral Noise Logging
W. Toempromaraj, T. Sangvaree, Y. Rattanarujikorn, C. Pahonpate, PTTEP; R. Karantharath, I. Aslanyan, R. Minakhmetova, L. Sungatullin, TGT Oilfield Services
1640-1700 191095 Production & Operations Cost and Operation Optimisation for Downhole Tractor Conveyance for Perforating in ERD Wells by Using Wireline Multistage Pressure Deployment System M.Z. Ibrahim, M.M. Ibrahim, C. Findlay, T. Techanukul, Carigali-PTTEPI Operating Co. Sdn. Bhd.; M.F. Noor Hashim, K. Wongyaowarat, M.R. Ramli, Schlumberger
1700-1720 191093 Productivity Forecasting by Using LWD Pressure Testing and NMR Data, Case Study from South China Sea M. Li, M. Zhang, CNOOC; G. Lei, N.P. Hardikar, Baker Hughes, a GE company
Alternate 191050 Completions Wellbore Geometric Analysis for Improved Completions
A. Pile, R.P. Kerr, J.K. Wilson, Scientific Drilling International
Alternate 191036 Completions Effectiveness Assessment of New Advanced Laser Perforation Technique for Improve Well Productivity M. Bakhtbidar, National Iranian South Oilfields Co.; M. Abdideh, Islamic Azad U.; R. Hafizi, Shimiagin Co.; M. Bakhtbidar, U. of Tehran
Alternate 191081 Drilling High Definition Reservoir Multi Boundary Mapping Delivered Highly Productive Horizontal Well in Challenging Clastic Reservoir and Faulted Area N.M. Rane, B. Al-Shammari, S. Al-Sabea, Kuwait Oil Co.; M. Wenang, M. Juyal, C. Keot, Schlumberger
Alternate 191108 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Optimising Heavy Oilfield Development through Innovative Logging while Drilling and Horizontal Well Steam Stimulation with Multiple Fluids Technologies in Bohai Bay B.Q. Zhang, F. Liu, CNOOC-Tianjin; B. Zhang, C.H. Zuo, CNOOC-Energe Development Ltd.; X.W. Zhang, Offshore Oil Engineering Ltd.; X.N. Yu, F. Wang, T.Y. Xu, K. Wu, Z. Hu, Schlumberger; X.W. Yuan, HOPEC
Alternate 191040 Completions Evaluation of Relative Permeability Modifiers in Sand-Control Applications: Case History, Results, and Improvements
A. Choodesh, C.W. Grant, K. Wuthicharn, PTTEP International Ltd. (Yangon); C.R. Ramirez, A. Nusyirwan, D.C. Santoso, Halliburton
16:00 - 17:30
TS06  Technical Session 06: Optimisation-MPD Lotus Suite 7, Level 22
Session Chairpersons Martin Stanley Culen - Blade Energy, Bot Viet Nguyen - PVD Well Services, Ben Gedge - RMES & PV Drilling & Well Services
Time Paper # Presentation
1600-1620 190997 Drilling Near Real-Time Monitoring of PDC Bit Condition and Associated NPT Mitigation Using Online Alkene Detection M. Regan, E. Carcione, A. Martocchia, Geolog International
1620-1640 191073 A Success Story of Deepest Geothermal Well in Asia W.A. Nugroho, R. Mirza, Pertamina
1640-1700 191074 Using Drill Pipe Connection Continuous Circulation Technology on a Geothermal Drilling Project in Indonesia to Reduce Stuck Pipe Events H. Pinkstone, R. Doll, J.W. Bisset, AFGlobal Corp.; S. Scagliarini, Schlumberger; Y. Indrinanto, Star Energy
1700-1720 190991 Drilling A Precise MPD Technology to Reduce Risk in Drilling of Fractured Cavernous Carbonate with Narrow Pressure Margins
P. Chen, Y. Zhou, W. Liu, CNPC Engineering Technology R&D Co. Ltd.; J. Wang, CNPC Chuanqing Drilling Engineering Co. Ltd.
Alternate 191101 Continuous Circulation Technology to Reduce Drilling Days in Offshore Cape Three Points Field in Ghana: Case Study R.L. Johnson, A. Reynolds, P. Midolo, D. Zerari, Halliburton
Alternate 191033 Drilling Circulating Temperatures in Complex Wellbores: A Quasi-Exact Solution S. Chandrasekhar, P. Suryanarayana, U. Sathuvalli, Blade Energy Partners
Alternate 191099 Drilling Complete MPD Rigs: Is this the Future? B.J. Gedge, Regional Marine & Engineering and PVD Well Service Co. Ltd.; N. Yaw, D. Postel, J. Mardon, Regional Marine & Engineering Services Pte. Ltd., Singapore; N.V. Bot, N.T. Ban, V.H. Duc, PVD Well Services Co., Ltd.; B. Barbee, Ensco; H. Santos, Safekick Ltd; D. Goulding, Seadrill
Alternate 191083 Managed Pressure Drilling for Offshore Operations in Thailand: Advantages of Dynamic FIT/LOT Techniques - A Case History H. Dalgit Singh, Weatherford Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.; B. Ta Quoc, Weatherford Vietnam
Alternate 191060 Drilling Operational Designs and Applications of MPD in Offshore Ultra-HTHP Exploration Wells Q. Yin, J. Yang, China U. of Petroleum, Beijing; B. Zhou, CNPC Drilling Research Inst.; M. Luo, W. Li, Y. Huang, CNOOC China Ltd., Zhanjiang; T. Sun, X. Hou, X. Wu, J. Wang, China U. of Petroleum, Beijing

Tuesday, August 28

09:00 - 10:30
TS07  Technical Session 07: High-Temperature and Downhole Tools Lotus Suite 5, Level 22
Session Chairpersons Stephen Alexander Mcbride - Parami Energy, Kamolchai Pattanapong - PTTEP
Time Paper # Presentation
0900-0920 191054 Thailand Joint Development Project Delivers 200°C M/LWD Triple Combo: Eliminating Wireline, Driving World Class Efficiency and Slashing Days Per Well S.A. McBride, Weatherford; P. Thipmongkolsilp, C.A. Silva, N. Pisarnbut, Chevron Thailand Exploration & Production, Ltd.; D.W. Ellis, Independent Consultant; L. Lim, R. Barton, J. Pruimboom, Weatherford
0940-1000 191105 Effect of Synthesized Polyacrylamide/2-2 Diallydimethyl Ammonium Chloride Grafted Fe2O3 Nano Composite on WBM for Drilling High Temperature Shale Wells N. Kumar, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.; S. Kumar, DIT U.
1000-1020 191080 Drilling Development of Modified Rhizophora spp. Tannin Biopolymer Additive in Drilling Fluid System for High Temperature Well Applications N.A. Ghazali, U. of Tokyo; S. Naganawa, Akita U.; Y. Masuda, U. of Tokyo
Alternate 191084 Drilling Overcoming the Challenges during Cementing Spacer Design for Deep Deviated HPHT Wells Containing Heavy Oil Based Muds
A. Brandl, A. Doan, A. Alegria, Baker Hughes, a GE company
Alternate 190996 Drilling A New Fatigue Management Workflow for BHA Integrity Risk Reduction H.G. Suryadi, Schlumberger
Alternate 191104 Successful Acquisition and Verification of Complete LWD Triple Combo Data up to 200°C 392°F S.M. Antonson, Weatherford International
Alternate 190985 Sweep Method Improvement to Total Field Calibration of MWD Tools B.v. Steenwyk, Scientific Drilling - Applied Technologies; B. Gleason, Scientific Drilling International
Alternate 191072 Application of Reservoir Mapping while Drilling with Comprehensive Formation Evaluation in the Challenging Low Resistivity Low Contrast Environment K. Alang, Schlumberger
09:00 - 10:30
TS08  Technical Session 08: Field Development Lotus Suite 6, Level 22
Session Chairpersons Fredric Young - Dalma Energy, Tomaso Ceccarelli - Schlumberger
Time Paper # Presentation
0900-0920 191017 Multi-Stage Acidising of Tight Carbonate Reservoirs: LabStudy and Flow Back Analysis B.S. Aldakkan, A.M. Almoajil, Saudi Aramco; K.R. Noaimi, Saudi Aramco PE&D
0920-0940 191088 Management & Information Aligning Field Development Options to Harsh Economic Conditions in an Offshore Brownfield in Malaysia P. Kumaran, D. Mandal, Z. Kadir, D. Kamat, R. Ibrahim, PETRONAS; J. Maldonado, G. Iskenova, S.K. Sharma, M. Abdul Rahman, T. Chabernaud, T.U. Ceccarelli, A. Syahir, F. Djarkasih, N. Abdul Rahman, J. Moreno, Schlumberger
0940-1000 191091 Production & Operations Driving Efficiencies in Well Intervention Operations

Y. Yong, Y. Azizan, A. Leong, Halliburton; Y. Song, R. Abdul Rani, Shell
1000-1020 191078 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Assessing the Impacts of Groundwater Intrusion to Production Efficiency and Proposing Solutions to Enhance Oil Recovery from Fractured Basement Reservoir in SuTuDen Field, Offshore Vietnam X.V. Tran, Ho Chi Minh City U. of Technology; T.V. Nguyen, Cuu Long JOC; T. Nguyen, K.X. Nguyen, N.B. Thai, T.Q. Truong, Ho Chi Minh City U. of Technology
Alternate 191029 Drilling BD Gas Field Near-HPHT and Critical Sour Development: A Journey to Maintain Well Integrity Y. Tian, K. Yustendi, J. Lian, M.O. Etuhoko, A. Soufanny, Husky CNOOC Madura Ltd.; K. Jiang, L. Luo, M. Xiang, C. Chang, CNOOC International Ltd.; A.P. Diemert, Husky Energy
Alternate 190999 Production & Operations Application of Artificial Intelligent Techniques to Quantify the Wellhead Performance for Gas Condensate Reservoirs M.A. Elnaeem, A. Hassan, A. Abdulraheem, King Fahd U. of Petroleum and Minerals
Alternate 191030 The Platform to Optimise the Stranded Well Potential H.B. Bakar, D. Watchawong, M. Md Zainuri, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.
Alternate 191055 Production has Spoken, Listen to Your Reservoir Needs and Technology Respond: A Case Study of Y Field Development G.K. Goh, Schlumberger WTA Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.; A. Zakariah, E. Rosland, T. Afandi, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.
09:00 - 10:30
TS09  Technical Session 09: Fluids and Cementing Lotus Suite 7, Level 22
Session Chairpersons Keith Rae - TAM International Asia Pacific Pty. Ltd.
Time Paper # Presentation
0900-0920 191049 Drilling Innovative and Cost-Effective Invert-Emulsion Fluids for Drilling Complex Wells M. Al-Bagoury, P. Revil, Elkem
0920-0940 191075 Filter Cake Buildup in Horizontal Wells: Characterisation and Impact on Removal Operation B.S. Hamzaoui, A.M. Al Moajil, Saudi Aramco
0940-1000 190970 Zonal Isolation in Horizontal Configurations: Dynamic Cement Placement Approach Applied in Argentina, a Case Study S. Ficetti, Schlumberger; N. Torgau, N. Carestia, Wintershall; S.P. Baggini Almagro, Schlumberger Argentina S.A.; P. Silva, D. Paz, Schlumberger
Alternate 191062 Drilling Study to Evaluate the Effect of Using Expansion Materials with Cement Slurry for High-Pressure/High Temperature Wells
A. Shafqat, S. Taoutaou, R. Abdurrahman, A.A. Maksoud, L. Otaremwa, Schlumberger
Alternate 191042 Minimising Excess, Mitigating Losses and Improving Cementing Job Quality along Challenging Tophole Sections by a Simplified Novel Spacer-Cement Train: Evaluation of 3 Case Histories Offshore Malaysia A. Brandl, R. Mahaiyudin, H. Razali, Baker Hughes, a GE company; H. Hassan, NOEX
Alternate 191068 Wellbore Stability Analysis in Drilling of Deviate Wellbores in Permeable Formations Using High-Compressible Drilling Fluids; Time-Dependent Considerations P. Behnoudfar, A. Rezagholilou, Curtin U.
Alternate 191116 Drilling A New Generation Environment Friendly Water-Based Drilling Fluid and Field Applications Q. Zhu, Y. Wang, CNPC Bohai Drilling Engineering Co. Ltd.; Z.H. Sun, Engineering Technology Inst. of PetroChina Huabei Oilfield Co.; Y.Q. Zhang, Y.H. Wei, R.P. Wang, CNPC Bohai Drilling Engineering Co. Ltd.
11:00 - 12:30
PS01  Panel Session 01: What's Next in the Future for Drilling Rigs Lotus Suite 7, Level 22
Moderator(s) Eric R. Wagner - Chevron Thailand E&P Ltd, Kirk Atkinson - Noble Corp
Speaker(s) Yun Yun Teo - IHS Markit, David Reid - National Oilwell Varco, Waldemar Szemat - Schlumberger, William Gu - SembCorp Marine, Johan Surewaard - Shell
As the petroleum industry recovers from market lows and business recovers, we ask ourselves, what is next? This panel session shall discuss these and other appropriate topics including:
- Rig utilisation forecasts
- Regions for future growth
- Rig types for expansion: Land, shelf, deep or ultra-deep water
- Rig retirements, cold vs warm stacking and reactivation
- Shipyard activity: Upgrades vs new build construction
- New technologies in Rig Components or Service Delivery
- Data management and work processes
-Partnerships between drilling contractors and drilling service providers

The industry’s needs to position for recovery and forecasting is an integral component in the planning for next phase. Identifying both type of rig and regions for growth will advance the planning for the next stage of activity.

Drilling Rigs will continue to be retired, however many others will return from stacking to active operation. There is opportunity to support the industry’s recovery by introducing and applying new technology, data management, work processes and operating philosophies. This includes adding new rig components through new builds and rig upgrades as well as rig and service provider alliances to offer streamlined solutions. We need to be positioned for the evolution of our drilling industry.

Yun Yun Teo
IHS Markit

David Reid
National Oilwell Varco Malaysia Inc.

Johan Surewaard


14:00 - 15:30
TS10  Technical Session 10: Bit/BHA/Geomechanics Lotus Suite 5, Level 22
Session Chairpersons Nick Wasuthalainunt - Baker Hughes, a GE company, Leongsakol Chinarat - PTTEP
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 191100 Drilling Conical Diamond Element PDC Bit as a Breakthrough to Drill Hard Geothermal Formation in Indonesia F. Gunawan, W. Krisnanto, Pertamina Geothermal Energy; M.Y. Mardiana, B. Noviasta, H.B. Febriarto, Schlumberger
1420-1440 191045 A Successful High-Ratio Hole Opening Utilising a Dual Underreamer Saved Drilling Time in a Shale Gas Exploration Well B. Noviasta, K. Pratama, I. Agustina, Schlumberger
1440-1500 191046 Drilling Experimental Study of Frictional Pressure Loss for Eccentric Drillpipe in Horizontal Wells M. Khatibi, E. Wiktorski, D. Sui, R. Time, U. of Stavanger
1500-1520 191096 Drilling Step Change in BHA Reliability and Performance Due to Utilisation of Downhole Drilling Dynamics Services H. Reckmann, A. Hohl, H. Oueslati, O. Akimov, Baker Hughes, a GE company
Alternate 191014 Drilling First Time Application of Bit with Unique-Geometry Cutting Element and Step Change Drilling Automation Software Set New Performance Benchmarks in Northern Kuwait Fields D. Al-Enezi, T. Al-Wehaidah, B. Gowsami, M. Al-Salamin, S.S. Sulaiman, Y. Takate, M. Al-Balool, Kuwait Oil Co.; A. Salaheldin, F. Hosein, M.C. Acuna, A. Dundin, E. Al-Binali, R.G. Covarrubias, A. Jokhi, P. Nair, A. Carasco, R. Mohiey, M.A. Sanderson, Schlumberger
Alternate 190983 Effect of Steering Mechanism on Wellbore Tortuosity in Horizontal Wells A.A. Alruushud, Baker Hughes, a GE company; B.S. Ghamdi, Saudi Aramco; M.S. Mohammad, Baker Hughes, a GE company
Alternate 191077 Drilling Rock-Breaking Mechanism Study of Axial and Torsional Impact Hammer and Its Application in Deep Wells S. Liu, H. Ni, X. Wang, Y. Wang, P. Wang, China U. of Petroleum (East China)
Alternate 191059 Drilling Unique Backup Cutter Layout Method Leads to Step Change in Bit Durability and Performance when Transition Drilling through Hard Limestone Formations at High Inclinations K. Vrnak, F. Boutot, S. Anderle, Halliburton
Alternate 191098 Drilling A Coupled CFD-DEM Numerical Study of Lost Circulation Material Transport in Actual Rock Fracture Flow Space Y. Feng, G. Li, Y. Meng, Southwest Petroleum U.
14:00 - 15:30
TS11  Technical Session 11: Case Studies - Production Enchancement Lotus Suite 6, Level 22
Session Chairpersons Wiwat Pattarachupong - PTTEP, Feng Gui - Baker Hughes, a GE company, Basker Stargard Murugappan - TAQA
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 191063 Integrated Under-Pressure Operation Workflow to Improve Unconventional Well Performance in Sichuan Basin S. Li, Y. Fu, PetroChina Southwest Oil and Gas Field Co.; X. Yi, Chengdu U. of Technology; Z. Tang, PetroChina Southwest Oil and Gas Field Co.
1420-1440 190974 Drilling Non-Portland Cement Slurry Development and Application for Ultrahigh-Temperature Geothermal Well with Supercritical Conditions
G. Di Martino, A. Ruch, Halliburton
1440-1500 190992 Acidising Non-Flowing Offshore High Permeable Sandstone Oil Reservoirs Lab Study and Field Applications A.M. Al Moajil, Saudi Aramco
1500-1520 191103 A Case Study on Open Hole Zonal Isolation in a Depleted Reservoir Using a Hydraulically Expandable Metal Sealing Packer J.P. Nayak, Welltec A/S; M. Patowary, Reliance Industries Ltd.
Alternate 191114 Completions Lesson Learned from Hydraulic Fracturing Stimulation Improve Oil Production Rate in the Lower Miocene Reservoir, Offshore Vietnam T.H. Nguyen, PetroVietnam U.
Alternate 191079 Completions When to Tolerate Bad Cementing for Hydraulic Fracturing Job S. Suprihono, S. Belhaj, Medco Energi
Alternate 190982 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Application of Temporary-Blocking Fracturing Technology in Casing-Deformed Shale Gas Well N. Liu, M. Liu, CNPC Greatwall Drilling Co.
Alternate 190995 Coiled Tubing Sand Consolidation Treatment-Design, Operational Challenges and Lesson Learnt A. Kumar, C.H. Dickson, Schlumberger; P. Kumar, Shell India Markets Pvt. Ltd.
14:00 - 15:30
TS12  Technical Session 12: New Technologies - Drilling Completions and Production Lotus Suite 7, Level 22
Session Chairpersons Henry Pinkstone - AFGlobal, Jan Brakel - Shell, Suwin Sompopsart - PTTEP
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 191031 Intelligent Completions Pilot Implementation of Injector Multi-Zones: Injectivity Optimisation and Efficiency for EOR Integrated Operation G.K. Goh, Schlumberger WTA Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.; O.B. Samuel, PETRONAS; S. Mohd, A. Khalid, M. Abdul Razak, A. Abu Bakar, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.; L. Tan, N. Faizah, Schlumberger WTA Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.; F. Bakar, J.B. Ruvalcab, M.S. Saeed, N.S. Sadan, PETRONAS Cairgali Sdn. Bhd.
1420-1440 191027 Drilling Fracture Optimisation Orientated Geosteering within a "Fracable Window" can Improve Production Performance Y. Yao, N. Zhang, Baker Hughes, a GE company; Q. Li, Y. Yang, J. Zheng, M. Chen, L. Yang, H. Zhou, Z. Zhang, Changning Shale Gas Co., PetroChina
1440-1500 191015 Rig Time Optimisation and Risk Mitigation with Slim Formation Testing and Sampling Tool in Combination with through Drillpipe Wireline Logging Technique V. Pinprayong, Weatherford
1500-1520 191102 Production & Operations The First CT Fiber-Optic Digital Implementation in Asia Pacific to Support Real-Time Perforation Depth Correlations and Enhance Wellbore Cleanout Efficiency in Horizontal Well, Thailand P. Thawatthukool, W. Toempromraj, S. Sompopsart, P. Lilaprathuang, D. Weeramethachai, T. Kiatrabile, S. Krisadasima, PTTEP; R. Wattanasuwankorn, I. Pathmanathan, K. Kritsanaphak, A. Kangsadarn, T. Daohmareeyor, J. Bohorquez, Halliburton
Alternate 190980 Production & Operations Acquisition of Downhole Pressures without Downhole Gauges in the Gulf of Thailand via the Self-Powered Intelligent Data Retriever
W. Pattarachupong, N. Piyakunkiat, T. Ananwattanasuk, T. Sirirattanachatchawan, S. Sompopsart, W. Toempromraj, PTTEP; D. Koseluk, D.B. Finley, M. Redman, R. Wattanasuwankorn, Halliburton
Alternate 191097 Using a Developed Real-Time Mud Contamination Monitoring Simulator in Ummer-Radih and Tayarat Hydrogen Sulfide Formations E. Alkamil, A.K. Abbas, R.E. Flori, Missouri U. of Science and Technology
Alternate 191111 Completions Experimental Investigation on Pore Characteristics and Carrying Capacity of Longmaxi Shale under Liquid Nitrogen Freezing and Thawing L. Jiang, Y. Cheng, Z. Han, Q. Gao, C. Yan, G. Wang, China U. of Petroleum (East China); H. Wang, CCCC Marine Construction & Development Co., Ltd.; L. Fu, Changzhou U.
16:00 - 17:30
PS02  Panel Session 02: Enhancing Business Partnerships Lotus Suite 7, Level 22
Moderator(s) Pasook Eagark - PTT E&P PLC, Suresh Kumar - Progrowth Energy Pvt Ltd
Speaker(s) Supat Napanoparatkaew - Department of Mineral Fuels, Ahmed Ibrahim - Baker Hughes, a GE company, Azhar Abdullah - Schlumberger
Long term, high risk E&P investment demands a fair return. Our industry has to achieve a reasonable margin in producing hydrocarbons despite the current oil price to sustain growth. To succeed in this effort, the industry must recognise and exploit the crucial role digital transformation plays.

Evolving digital transformation is widening boundaries in reshaping E&P methodologies to prepare for big crew change and future resource optimisation. We should guide digital transformation by promoting its application to achieve continuous efficiencies in mature fields as this is where big data is. Big data presents outstanding opportunities for digitalisation, such as automating entire work processes of repetitive activities and optimise resources, where there is less experienced personnel.  

Big data needs to be a long-term focus in optimising mature fields production and operations. It is crucial to remain open to innovation and form smart collaborations to stimulate progress for more step-change for full value chain optimisation. In addition, automation capability is essential as it enable us to plan ahead or perform heavy-front-end, loading work that not only ensures that we are efficiently improving existing asset values, but also provide sufficient lead time to effectively manage external factors, such as regulatory changes and fiscal regime, engaging other stakeholders as well as efficiently structure contract strategies.

The oil and gas industry has already started to implement digital technologies and solutions across E&P workflows. Steps include more effective data analytics, utilising artificial intelligence and predictive software in all phases of field management, and maximising asset values of a field.

Fiscal policies need to be restructured to fit current reality. Regulators and operators should focus on standardising well design and modular facility for field development based on offset data while restricting detailed engineering to frontier areas with limited analogues. More responsibility with limited experience mandates the industry to have adequate digital guidance, stringent personnel training and certification to ensure efficiency, quality and HSE preservation.

Traditional E&P contracting of specialist service companies, supervised by discipline experts and layers of project managers has to undergo a paradigm shift towards greater delegation of risk and responsibility within agreed contract boundaries. A lead contractor of a consortium can deliver bundled services or small E&P projects to pre-set goals, costs or incentives. An integrated service provider should be encouraged to operate service intensive projects, such as, marginal and late life fields on pre-set return basis.

Ahmed Ibrahim
Baker Hughes, a GE Company

Azhar Abdullah

Wednesday, August 29

09:00 - 10:30
TS13  Technical Session 13: Case Studies - Directional Drilling Lotus Suite 5, Level 22
Session Chairpersons Muhammad Faris Arriffin - Halliburton, Sarit Rattanachan - PTTEP
Time Paper # Presentation
0900-0920 191003 Research on Safe Drilling Technology for Ultra Deep Ultrahigh Pressure Saltwater Zones in Piedmont Area, Kuche H. Ja, P. Wang, L. Li, X. Li, H. Feng, PetroChina Tarim Oilfield Co.
0920-0940 191048 Eliminating Operational Risk Using Sampling while Drilling in High Risk Borehole Environment of Marginal Fields N.P. Hardikar, J. Pragt, Baker Hughes, a GE company; H.M. Nguyen, PVD-Baker Hughes, a GE company
0940-1000 191065 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Integrated Reservoir Modelling while Drilling Enhances Horizontal Well Placement and Productivity in a Complex Offshore Field, Bohai Bay M. Mao, L. Bai, W. Shen, China France Bohai Geoservices Co., Ltd.; X. Li, Z. Xia, TimeGeosmart
Alternate 191002 Drilling Geosteering and Drilling Challenges in a Faulted Reservoir Northern Oman R.O. Vasquez Bautista, V.C. Sanchez, A. El Hawy, A. Al Zrafi, A.Z. Al Busaidi, Schlumberger; R. Lui, A. Al Shidhani, M. Picha, H. Rashdi, Petroleum Development of Oman
Alternate 190993 Drilling Geosteering in a Complex Deepwater Reservoir in the Niger Delta C.N. Ndokwu, N. Foekema, V.A. Okowi, Baker Hughes, a GE company; O.O. Olagundoye, N. Umoren, A. Delpeint, O. Ndefo, A. Agbejule, Total Upstream Companies Nigeria; O. Jeje, Petrobras Nigeria
Alternate 191013 Production & Operations Successful Hydraulics Workover with Snubbing Application Performed Underbalanced Fishing of Parted Coiled Tubing in Live High-Pressure Well: Offshore Vietnam
R. Wattanasuwankorn, T. Daohmareeyor, K. Kritsanaphak, I. Pathmanathan, J. Bohorquez, Halliburton
09:00 - 10:30
TS14  Technical Session 14: Well Completion and Stimulation Lotus Suite 6, Level 22
Session Chairpersons Feng Gui - Baker Hughes, a GE company, Keith Rae - TAM International Asia Pacific Pty. Ltd., Tomaso Ceccarelli - Schlumberger
Time Paper # Presentation
0920-0940 191007 Production & Operations Effective Secondary Recovery Stimulation Using Solid Propellant Technology for Tight Sand Development in Sirikit Oil Field, Thailand
W. Toempromaraj, D. Weeramethachai, T. Kiatrabile, T. Sangvaree, A. Nadoon, S. Sompopsart, PTTEP; R. Duncan, M. Lan, R. Havalda, P. Havalda, TC Energy International Ltd.
0940-1000 191001 Completions Fracture Packing in Previously Gravel-Packed Well Using Single-Trip Multizone System J. Deng, Y. Ma, M. Zhang, CNOOC, Tianjin Branch; J. Qian, C. Fang, Halliburton; Q. Wang, X. Wang, formerly Halliburton
1000-1020 191067 Ground Breaking Technology in Artificial Lift; 1st Installation of Full Digital Intelligent Artificial Lift (DIAL) System at DL Field, Brownfield Offshore Malaysia S. Ismail, S. Elshourbagi, W. C Hamat, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.; A. Ben Amara, Silverwell Energy
Alternate 191026 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Optimised Diversion System Applied in Stimulation Treatments in a Highly Naturally Fractured Carbonate Formation: Successful Case Histories C.R. Ramirez, K. Campos, A.D. Gonzalez, Halliburton
Alternate 191107 Completions Investigation on Hydraulic Fracture Initiation and Propagation with LPG Fracturing in Shale Formation based on True Tri-Axial Laboratory Experiments R. Zhang, B. Hou, China U. of Petroleum, Beijing; Y. Zeng, J. Zhou, Sinopec Research Inst. of Petroleum Engineering; Q. Li, Southwest Petroleum U.
Alternate 191028 A Successful Story of New Stimulation Technologies Enhanced Gas Production in Mature Gas Well in North East of Thailand R. Wattanasuwankorn, T. Daohmareeyor, Halliburton
Alternate 191041 Managing Uncertainties and Surprises in Carbonate Gas Reservoir through Lower Completion Design Optimisation H.B. Bakar, K.A. Shata, C.S. Bernard, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.
09:00 - 10:30
TS15  Technical Session 15: Offshore, Deepwater and Subsea Lotus Suite 7, Level 22
Session Chairpersons Guillaume Plessis - NOV Wellbore Technologies, Koji Sakura - TenarisNKKTubes
Time Paper # Presentation
0900-0920 191085 Detection of Shallow Gas Flow in Riserless Drilling: Lessons from Deepwater Myanmar F. Crea, E. Chen, K. Ho, Woodside Energy Ltd.
0920-0940 190990 Drilling Blow-Out Prediction for Contingency Plan: Worst Case Discharge
& Dynamic Well Killing Study in Mahakam Area Case
A.S. Ashfahani, D.A. Dewanta, D.H. Kusuma, S. Sulistiyo, Pertamina Hulu Mahakam (PHM)
0940-1000 191016 Performance Improvement from Drilling Control Systems Alarm Management and Analytics C. Goetz, R. Woolford, Kingston Systems LLC
Alternate 190969 Drilling Well Control for Offshore High-Pressure/High-Temperature Highly Deviated Gas Wells Drilling: How to Determine the Kick Tolerance? X. Chen, J. Yang, D. Gao, China U. of Petroleum, Beijing; Y. Huang, Y. Li, M. Luo, W. Li, CNOOC Ltd., Zhanjiang Branch
Alternate 191053 Completions Egina Deep Water Project Completion Success: One Team Working Together Setting New Performance Standards K.J. Johnson, C. Morand, M. Williams, V. Okengwu, T. Akinniyi, Halliburton; V. Chaloupka, R. Djenani, C.J. Okpalla, U. Bassey, Total E&P Nigeria Ltd.
11:00 - 12:30
PS03  Panel Session 03: Drilling Technologies to Increase Efficiency and Improve Recovery Lotus Suite 7, Level 22
Moderator(s) Ben J Gedge - RMES & PV Drilling & Well Services, Robert Peter Kerr - Scientific Drilling Controls
Speaker(s) Fredric Young - Dalma Energy & Co LLC, Maurizio Montanari - Drillmec S.p.A, Wade Davis - Enhanced Drilling Solutions Co Ltd, Toby Dixon - Halliburton, Fauzi Abbas - Vestigo Petroleum
In the current and foreseeable future of low oil prices, improvements in drilling technologies; to increase efficiency and/or improve ultimately recovery, are essential for the sustainability and viability of the industry.

Technological innovations, and innovative management techniques are very important to overcome the current challenges for new project feasibility. Without some new techniques in drilling and completions to reduce development costs and improve ultimate recovery, many projects will not pass their economic feasibility hurdle. R&D has been severely reduced by operators and service companies through this downturn, so a new paradigm of working together or looking for ideas and concepts that is outside our current technology envelope, may be needed. Lowering the cost base of new developments, and or, significantly improving the recovery, are necessary if not vital, to develop many now marginal and even more sizable fields.

How can collaboration in the oil and gas industry between NOC, IOC, Drilling Contractors and Service Companies be fostered, so as to enable new technologies, practices and key lessons learned in previous periods of low oil prices, to come to the market, be tested and implemented successfully.

This panel assembles experts with extensive experience and a range of diverse expertise to discuss issues, new technologies, ideas and practices for reducing costs in drilling and completion, as well as any techniques, that might significantly enhance recovery. This hopefully will enable new and now many more fields, that have joined the ranks of marginal status, become viable developments, in spite of the fall in oil prices.

Fredric Young
Dalma Energy & Co LLC

Maurizio Montanari
Drillmec S.p.A

Toby Dixon

Thursday, August 30

08:00 - 17:00
Training Course A: Data Analytics for Drilling Optimisation
Ticketed Event
Instructor(s) Dr Carlos Damski, Genesis Petroleum Technologies

In today’s world, traditional methods of drilling oil wells don’t work as much anymore. Yesterday’s practices are being superseded by a universal trend towards the extensive use of historical and real-time data to understand, learn and predict all well intervention operations.

This course explores the impact of data analytics on well operations. Drawn from the presenter’s extensive experience in data analysis, it examines, in easily understandable terms, today’s data management processes targeting process improvement.

The course introduces issues related to:

  • Basic concepts of data management with emphasis in drilling operations
  • Methods of using data as a basis for improving and optimizing process control
  • Achieving a common understanding of the issues involved among information technology personnel and field engineers
  • A roadmap for the implementation of a drilling process improvement system
  • Business Intelligence as the ultimate goal of data management processes
  • Discussions about data acquisition, quality control, storage, retrieval and analyses
  • Understanding concepts for operational time and trouble analyses, learning curve, technical limit and benchmarking
  • Real business cases to illustrate the concepts explored in the course.
08:00 - 17:00
Training Course B: Horizontal Drilling – Design and Application
Ticketed Event
Instructor(s) Dr Robello Samuel, Halliburton

The recent years have witnessed the explosion in the number of horizontal wells being drilled around the world. The drilling of horizontal wells presents challenges for the operators, as well as for the well planners, downhole tool engineers, and drilling engineers.


In the next few years, a new generation of engineers will get involved stretching the horizontal departure in the drilling envelope. Stretching the space by way of extending the reach to a greater depth requires improved models, materials, and advanced technologies which are vital at a time when the knowledge base of the drilling industry is eroding and the wells per engineers are increasing.

The framework of questions the course will address include “What are the present challenges associated with drilling horizontal wells?” and “What are the advancements in technologies needed to meet the challenges?”. Although several challenges are inherently present, the presentation will particularly focus on the following primary drilling challenges: Drill String Integrity, Downhole Tool Integrity, Tool Reliability, Wellbore Integrity, and Well Placement.