SPE Norway One Day Seminar 18 Apr 2018 Quality Hotel Edvard Grieg Bergen, Norway
  • Society of Petroleum Engineers
  • Host Organisation Statoil


Wednesday, April 18

08:00 - 17:30
09:00 - 10:30
Opening Panel Session Alexandra
Moderator(s) Speakers announced soon!
11:00 - 12:30
01T  Case Studies - Reservoir I Anitra
Session Chairpersons Edel Reiso - Statoil
The session includes case studies for three North Sea fields: Smørbukk, Grane and Gullfaks Shetland/Lista. The fields represent three quite different types of reservoir, maturity and production strategies. The importance of using cross-disciplinary data is illustrated, in reservoir modelling and history matching, reservoir management and field development. Production data, seismic data and well tests, together with other data, are used in establishing and optimising drainage strategies.
Time Paper # Presentation
1100-1130 191313 Value of Cross-disciplinary History Matching in Reservoir Modeling of the Grane Field M. Moraveji, S. Sinha Roy, A. Ullern, A. Sæbø, R. Elde, Statoil ASA
1130-1200 191329 Developing Gullfaks Shetland/Lista Fractured Carbonate Reservoir - From Hope and Pray to Trial and Error E.I. Dale, M. Irondelle, S. Jonoud, A. Haugen, S. Aase, O. Eikeberg, Statoil ASA
1200-1230 191348 Reservoir Management of Matured Complex Fields Based on Production Data, Standalone and Reservoir Coupled Modeling: Establishing Optimized Drainage Strategy and Lessons Learned V. Alipour Tabrizy, M. Siddique, Statoil ASA; A. Mathiassen, Statoil
11:00 - 12:30
02T  Production Optimisation Alexandra
Session Chairpersons Arild Saasen - University of Stavanger
Production optimisation is vital in today's cost management focused operations. This session covers a variety of different production items including proper analysis of sand production and how management of these can be used for optimising a field's production, as well as looking at statistical methods for improving the oil recovery of the reservoir. To be able to correctly optimise the production, it is also necessary to measure the flow rate of different flow streams. Measurements of phase fractions of hydrocarbon flow will also be discussed.
Time Paper # Presentation
1100-1130 191314 Practical Use of Ensemble-Based Methods for Production Optimization in Oil Recovery Applications Y. Zhang, Universitetet i Stavanger/The National IOR Centre of Norway; A.S. Stordal, Institute of Marine Research; Y. Chang, Intl Research Inst of Stavanger
1130-1200 191312 Sand Management - The Key to EOR from Mature Fields. Research into Multiple Production Optimization Applications G. Malinauskaite, A. Arefjord, FourPhase
1200-1230 191351 Reliably Measuring Phase Fractions in Hydrocarbon Flows for Effective Production Management G. Edward, M-Flow
11:00 - 12:30
03T  Well Integrity Bjornson
Session Chairpersons John Erik Fallstrom - Halliburton
During a well's life cycle, well integrity issues can lead to substantial gaps in production and potential leaks, increasing both cost and risk to an asset's current and future production. In this session we will focus on various well integrity issues and present material on non-intrusive determination of top of cement and wellbore blockage using Pressure Wave Analysis, a method significantly different from traditional depth determination systems and applications. The session will also look at quantification of barrier system failures in permanently plugged and abandoned wells, a risk-based well-specific approach to assess the quality of a given plug and abandonment design solution and work process and systematisation of the new life Cycle Well Integrity Model (LCWIM). Adding to the safety and reducing NPT, a fully digitalised LCWIM can provide a step change in every activity from planning to final P&A, and it can be a good starting point for an automation process of the drilling process.
Time Paper # Presentation
1100-1130 191298 Consequence Quantification of Barrier System Failures in Permanently Plugged and Abandoned Wells E.P. Ford, Intl Research Inst of Stavanger; F. Moeinikia, University Of Stavanger; O. Arild, H. Lohne, M.M. Majoumerd, Intl Research Inst of Stavanger
1130-1200 191299 Work process and systemation of new Life Cycle Well Integrity Model (LCWIM) B. Brechan, A. Teigland, NTNU; S. Sangesland, Norwegian University of Science & Technology; S. Dale, NTNU
1200-1230 191320 Drilling Non-Intrusive Determination of Top of Cement and Wellbore Blockage Depth Using Pressure Wave Analysis
N. Stewart, G. Jack, S. Hariharan, N. Mackay, Halliburton
11:00 - 12:30
04T  Geosteering Ibsen
Session Chairpersons Erlend H Vefring - IRIS
Time Paper # Presentation
1100-1130 191337 An Interactive Decision Support System for Geosteering Operations S. Alyaev, IRIS; R.B. Bratvold, University of Stavanger; X. Luo, E. Suter, E.H. Vefring, IRIS
1130-1200 191340 Successful Implementation of Real-time Look-ahead Resistivity Measurements in the North Sea H.K. Hassan, Schlumberger D&M; A.T. Tiku, M.V. Constable, Statoil
1200-1230 191352 Ultra-deep LWD-resistivity is Essential to Map Reservoir Structure and Fluid Contacts in a Two-branched Horizontal Producer F. Antonsen, Statoil
11:00 - 17:30
13P  Knowledge Sharing ePoster Session
Time Paper # Presentation
191306 Transforming the Concentric Annulus to a Finite Width Duct for Laboratory Measurements of Wellbore Flows H. Skadsem, International Research Institute of Stavanger; J.A. Aasen, University of Stavanger
191336 Drilling "Digital Twin" Success Stories The Last 10 Years S.I. Oedegaard, M. Gholami Mayani, eDrilling
191297 Fiber Optic DHG Provides Reliability During Installation and Production on HPHT Fields L. Kittang, Weatherford Norge
189556 Optimising Sand Control and Production Strategies in a Low Permeability Sandstone Oil Field B. Daramola, Propellio Limited; C.M. Alinnor, Chevron Nigeria Ltd.
191338 Out of Zone Injection M. Volkov, TGT Oil & Gas Services; R.M. Gress, TGT Oilfield Services
191343 Application Of Nodal Analysis In Optimization Of Well Deliverability Y. Maza, University of Portsmouth
Alternate 191310 Drilling Automation of Tubular Running Services B. Thiemann, Weatherford
191335 Cement Plug Hydraulic Integrity - The Ultimate Objective Of Cement Plug Integrity L.P. Delabroy, Aker BP ASA; A. Bois, K. Noel, A.M. Badalamenti, CURISTEC
191323 Overcoming Challenges in an HPHT Abandonment in the North Sea S. Nafikova, G. Joneja, A. Rublevskyi, J.A. Reid, Schlumberger; J.M. Salazar, STS
Alternate 191301 Verification of Barriers in a Suspension or Abandonment Phase
A.F. Stein, Interwell Norway AS
191322 Bond Strength Between Different Casing Materials and Cement M. Khalifeh, A. Saasen, H. Hodne, University of Stavanger; M.Z. Dziekonski, Titanium Engineers, Inc.; C.F. Brown, ALTISS Technologies
191300 Drilling An Experimental Facility for Evaluating Well Barrier Verification Technology D.J. Gardner, IRIS Petroleum; D. Pirovolou, Visuray
191333 Non Operator Partners: Improve Analysis Time to Make More Accurate Decisions J.C. Correa, Schlumberger Information Solutions
191311 Projects, Facilities & Construction DeepString: Robotic Remote Deepwater Oil and Gas Production D.L. Edwards, DeepString Technologies
12:30 - 13:30
12:30 - 13:30
Young Professionals Lunch Session

About this session:
This programme will consist of two guest speakers sharing their experiences of leadership and offering some thoughts and advice for the audience of Young Professionals* and students as they embark on their own career. 

Confirmed Speakers:

Hugo Dijkgraaf
Managing Director
Wintershall Norge 

Malin Torsæter
Research Manager
SINTEF Industry, Petroleum

* To qualify as a Young Professional you should be a Professional SPE Member under the age of 36.

13:30 - 15:30
05T  Case Studies- Drilling Anitra
Session Chairpersons Peter Frank Smits - Statoil
This session puts theory into practice and will display some great case studies in Drilling. The case studies will give you examples from innovative solutions driving improvement in drilling performance as well as "first time examples". With a main focus on the North Sea the key words for this session are analysis, step change in performance, expandable liner, HPHT, long horizontal sections, extreme, one single run and off course drilling! A varied and exciting mix!
Time Paper # Presentation
1330-1400 191331 Drilling Drilling a Challenging Kvitebjørn Field 5¾-in. Section in a Single Run Using a New Mud Motor Modeling Engineering Workflow and New Long-Life Elastomer

H.A. Beeh, D. Nobre, S. Ba, X. Yan, Schlumberger; Ã…. Lauritsen, J. Hodne, Statoil
1400-1430 191349 Installation of the Longest High-Performance and Rotating 11-3/4” Solid Expandable Liner on a HPHT Infill Well with Narrow Mud Weight Window M. ALAHMAD, Total E&P UK Limited; R. Baker, Eventure
1430-1500 191339 Analysis of Asymmetric Tool-joint Wear While Drilling Long Horizontal Sections E. Cayeux, H. Skadsem, L.A. Carlsen, Intl Research Inst of Stavanger; L. Stokland, S. Cruickshank, Wintershall Norge
1500-1530 191316 Thorough Analysis and Commitment for Improvement Led to a Step Change in the Drilling Performance on Valemon Field, North-sea H.K. Hassan, Schlumberger D&M; H.A. Beeh, Schlumberger
13:30 - 15:30
06T  Reservoir and EOR I Alexandra
Session Chairpersons Jan-Erik Nordtvedt - Epsis
This session presents novel research into key topics within reservoir studies and Enhanced Oil Recovery of relevance to the Norwegian Continental Shelf and beyond. Topics include studies of efficiency of low salinity injections into seawater-flooded reservoirs, mobilisation of oil in the low permeability zones in reservoirs using temperature switchable polymers, use of silica nanoparticles for improved CO2 foam mobility and use of decades of Norwegian Continental Shelf field data to predict reservoir souring.
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1430 191318 Performance of Silica Nanoparticles in CO2-foam for EOR and CCUS at Tough Reservoir Conditions A.U. Rognmo, N. Al-Khayyat, S. Heldal, H.T. Horjen, I. Vikingstad, O. Eide, Z.P. Alcorn, S.B. Fredriksen, M.A. Ferno, University of Bergen
1430-1500 191317 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Temperature-switchable Polymers for Improved Oil Recovery
R. Reichenbach-Klinke, T. Zimmermann, BASF Construction Solutions GmbH; A. Stavland, D. Strand, International Research Institute of Stavanger
1500-1530 191334 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Low Salinity EOR Effects After Seawater Flooding In A High Temperature And High Salinity Offshore Sandstone Reservoir Z. Aghaeifar, T. Puntervold, S. Strand, T. Austad, B. Maghsoudi, J. Ferreira, University of Stavanger
13:30 - 15:30
07T  Drilling I Bjornson
Session Chairpersons Jørn Daniel Opsahl - Tomax
In time, depleted reservoirs become a normal consequence in mature fields. With depletion comes new challenges to maintain well safety and field life. It is therefore crucial to develop new technology to ensure safety, efficiency and field prosperity. This session will cover advances within this area including: kick management models, gas influx modelling and well control as well as string measurements and managed pressure cementing techniques.
Time Paper # Presentation
Declined 191346 Well Control Incident in the North Sea as Interpreted With Advanced Gas Influx Modelling J. Skogestad, K. Bjorkevoll, J. Froyen, H. Linga, SINTEF Petroleum Research; E. Lenning, S.T. Havardstein, ConocoPhillips
1400-1430 191344 Experiences from Using Managed Pressure Cementing Techniques with Riserless Mud Recovery and Controlled Mud Level in the Barents Sea E. Claudey, B. Fossli, Z. Qiang, Enhanced Drilling; J. Mo, Lundin
1430-1500 191345 Drilling A Numerical Comparison and Uncertainty Analysis of Two Transient Models for Kick Management in a Backpressure MPD System D. Gomes, University of Stavanger; J. Froyen, SINTEF; K. Fjelde, University of Stavanger; K. Bjorkevoll, SINTEF
1500-1530 191326 Enhanced Well Control Potential With Along-String Measurements K. Bjorkevoll, J. Skogestad, J. Froyen, H. Linga, SINTEF Petroleum Research
13:30 - 15:30
08T  Completion Ibsen
Session Chairpersons Olav Flornes - Lundin
This session covers topics related to all stages of a well's life cycle from completion through to well monitoring and P&A. Cost efficiency by innovative approaches and standardisation and increased well productivity by optimal choice of completion fluids and downhole instrumentation will be addressed. Operating companies, service companies and the research community will be represented in the line-up of speakers, which will allow a diverse exchange of different viewpoints.
Time Paper # Presentation
1330-1400 191319 Innovative Test Solutions of Drilling and Completion Fluids to Maximize Well Productivity Z. Ibragimova, Statoil ASA
1400-1430 191315 Innovative Approaches for Full Subsea P&A Create New Opportunities and Cost Benefits T. Oia, SINTEF Petroleum Research; M.M. Aarlott, SINTEF Technology & Society; T. Vralstad, SINTEF Petroleum Research
1430-1500 191342 Standardisation Of Well Completions In Statoil On The NCS, History And Current Status J.R. Drechsler, Statoil ASA
16:00 - 17:30
09T  Case Studies - Reservoir II Anitra
Session Chairpersons Sjur Arneson - VNG Norge
An optimised production and optimal business decisions are often not straight forward. This session demonstrates that sometimes thinking beyond the normal paths may result in significant improvements and very profitable solutions. Topics discussed includes production management, field development decisions and well interventions.
Time Paper # Presentation
1600-1630 191328 Production & Operations Sleipner B-1 Straddle Operation and Crossflow Project
J.N. Vevatne, Statoil ASA
1630-1700 191303 Askeladd Field Development: The Unknown Fairytale Going on in the Barents Sea J. Vinje, F. Shoaei Fard Khamseh, Statoil ASA
1700-1730 191330 Projects, Facilities & Construction Increased Production With Automatic Well Control at Heidrun
E. Bergheim, M. Fredriksen, P. Kittilsen, A. Strupstad, D. Dudasova, O.T. Gustavsen, Statoil ASA
16:00 - 17:30
10T  Reservoir and EOR II Alexandra
Session Chairpersons Alexander Olsen - Wintershall
Time Paper # Presentation
1600-1630 191327 Fast Analysis of Optimal IOR Start Time Using a Two-Factor Production Model and Least-Squares Monte Carlo Algorithm A. Hong, R.B. Bratvold, The National IOR Centre of Norway / University of Stavanger; L.W. Lake, The University of Texas At Austin
1630-1700 191309 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Simulation Study of Surfactant Imbibition Mechanisms in Naturally Fractured Reservoirs X. Cheng, J. Kleppe, O. Torsæter, University of Science and Technology
1700-1730 191296 An Improved Correlation Approach to Predict Viscosity of Crude Oil Systems on the NCS J.B. Moller, K.K. Meisingset, Statoil ASA; I.H. Arief, Statoil Norway
16:00 - 17:30
11T  Drilling II Bjornson
Session Chairpersons Kjell-Rune Hoff - Baker Hughes, a GE company
Time Paper # Presentation
1600-1630 191332 The Use of Aluminum Drill Pipe for Damping Drill String Vibrations
C.F. Brown, ALTISS Technologies; E. Podnos, ALTISS Technologies LLC; M. Dziekonski, M.M. Al Furati, ALTISS Technologies AS; A. Saasen, University of Stavanger
1630-1700 191307 Effect of Bn, Fe2o3 and Fe2o4 Nanoparticles on the Performance of Polymer and Kcl Treated Water Based Drilling Fluid M. Belayneh, M. Awais Ashfaq Alvi, K. Fjelde, B.S. Aadnoy, University of Stavanger
1700-1730 191341 Influence of compass direction and trajectory on MWD Survey Errors B. Brechan, R.H. Kazmi, NTNU; S. Sangesland, Norwegian University of Science & Technology; S. Dale, NTNU
16:00 - 17:30
12T  Optimisation and Reservoir Management Ibsen
Session Chairpersons Katinka Dahlberg - TechnipFMC
Time Paper # Presentation
1600-1630 191305 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Correlation-Based Adaptive Localization for Ensemble-Based History Matching: Applied to the Norne Field Case Study X. Luo, R. Lorentzen, R. Valestrand, G. Evensen, IRIS
1630-1700 188080 Use of 4D Seismic to Boost the Profitability of Infill Drilling in an Offshore Sandstone Oil Field B. Daramola, Propellio Limited
1700-1730 191347 A Novel Ensemble-Based Trust-Region Optimization in Combining Conjugate Gradient for Reservoir Management Y. Zhang, Universitetet i Stavanger/The National IOR Centre of Norway; A.S. Stordal, Institute of Marine Research; R.J. Lorentzen, Y. Chang, Intl Research Inst of Stavanger
17:30 - 18:30