SPE Canada Heavy Oil Technical Conference 13 - 14 Mar 2018 Calgary Telus Convention Centre Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Monday, March 12

00:00 - 17:00
In-Situ Recovery Methods and SAGD
Instructor(s) K.C. Yeung

Instructor: K.C. Yeung

This course will provide a general overview of current and emerging heavy oil recovery methods with emphasis on field experiences in Alberta and steam assisted gravity drainage (SAGD).

Participants will learn about the concepts, field development, reservoir performances, applicability, challenges, and issues of the various in-situ recovery methods.

08:00 - 17:00
Screening and Field Piloting for EOR Project Development
Instructor(s) Ashok K. Singhal

This course will emphasize critical considerations during enhanced oil recovery (EOR) screening and pilot design. Discussions will include monitoring and surveillance, and EOR project implementation. Appropriate case studies and exercises will be used to illustrate various concepts.

08:00 - 17:00
Overview of SAGD Analytical Models and Their Assumptions and Limitations
Instructor(s) Mazda Irani

Instructor: Mazda Irani

This course is an introduction to Butler assumptions and mathematical principles and its limitations, and also briefly discusses other studies which address steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) oil production and SOR evaluation.

In this course there will be examples using Excel spreadsheets.

08:00 - 17:00
Enhanced Oil Recovery Fundamentals
Instructor(s) Larry W. Lake

Larry W. Lake

This course teaches an integrated version of the basics of waterflooding and enhanced oil recovery (EOR), illustrating the connection of each process to a few fundamental principles. It reviews the specifics of thermal and solvent EOR by relating basic principles to the results of cases from the field.

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Tuesday, March 13

13:30 - 17:00
01  HO - SAGD Improvements
Session Chairpersons Thomas Grant Harding - Nexen Inc., Norman P Freitag - Saskatchewan Research Council
Time Paper # Presentation
1330-1400 189757 Physical and Numerical Modeling of Hybrid Steam and Oxygen Injection for In-Situ Recovery of Oil Sands E. Rios, Nexen Energy ULC; T.G. Harding, Nexen Inc.; R.G. Moore, S.A. Mehta, University of Calgary
1400-1430 189760 Screening Surfactants for Application in SAGD - Including a Steam-Phase Coreflood Test R.G. Jonasson, M. Imran, Saskatchewan Research Council
1430-1500 189725 Integrated Static and Dynamic Big-Loop Modeling Workflow for Assisted History Matching of SAGD Process with Presence of Shale Barriers N.T. Nguyen, University of Calgary; C.T. Dang, Computer Modelling Group Ltd.; Z. Chen, University of Calgary; L.X. Nghiem, C. Yang, Computer Modelling Group Ltd.
1530-1600 189743 Experience with Two Wellheads SAGD Production Wells: Most Controllable and Efficient SAGD Technology Today. Alshachinskoe Heavy Oil Field in Tatarstan, Russia. A. Lutfullin, Tatneft; M. Nukhaev, K. Rymarenko, Baker Hughes
1600-1630 189750 Feasibility of SAGD as a Follow-up Process to CSS for a Massive Deep Bitumen Reservoir Z. Wang, Liaohe Oilfield Company
1630-1700 189715 Effect of Confinement and Well Interference on SAGD Performance - An Analytical Assessment Z. Zargar, University of Calgary; S.S. Farouq Ali, H.O.R. Tech Ltd
13:30 - 17:00
02  HO - Electromagnetic Recovery
Session Chairpersons Sandeep C Solanki - Laricina Energy Ltd, Sahar Ghannadi - University of Alberta
Time Paper # Presentation
1330-1400 189763 Numerical Modelling and Sensitivity Analysis of Electromagnetic-based Hybrid EOR Techniques for Bitumen Recovery A. Sadeghi, H. Hassanzadeh, University of Calgary; T.G. Harding, Nexen Inc.
1400-1430 189771 Equilibrium Analysis of Desiccated Zone Growth during Radio-Frequency Heating M. Irani, University of Calgary; A. Saeedfar, Carbon Management Canada
1430-1500 189724 Electrical Heating ─ Doing the Same Thing Over and Over Again ... S.S. Farouq Ali, B. Bayestehparvin, University of Calgary
1530-1600 189764 Numerical Simulation of Dielectric Heating in a Heavy Oil Reservoir Using a Shaped Dipole Antenna C. Ovalles, G. Dieckmann, J. Dunlavey, Chevron ETC; D. Pasalic, Acceleware Inc; P. Vaca, M. Okoniewski, Acceleware LTD
1600-1630 189746 Factors Affecting Electromagnetic Wave Penetration in Heavy Oil Reservoirs M.K. Morte, G. Huff, J. Dean, B. Hascakir, Texas A&M University
1630-1700 189742 Experimental and Numerical Study of ClayFracturing by Rapid Electromagnetic Heating M. Mohamadi, L. Shi, C. Chen, R. Wan, University of Calgary
Alternate 189714 Critical Considerations for Analysis of RF-Thermal Recovery of Heavy Petroleum A. Saeedfar, D. Lawton, CMC Research Institutes
Alternate 189752 An Innovative Dielectric Constant Measurement Method to Determine the Ideal Surfactant Candidate to Enhance Heavy Oil Recovery M. Alshaikh, G. Huff, B. Hascakir, Texas A&M University
13:30 - 17:00
03  HO - Enhanced Heavy Oil Recovery Processes
Session Chairpersons Jonathan Luke Bryan - Perm Inc, Rahman Rahman Khaledi - Consultant
Many heavy oil and bitumen resources are not prime candidates for SAGD recovery. This session focuses on alternative recovery processes that can be used in shallow reservoirs, or reservoirs that have some initial mobility of the heavy oil. The presentation on horizontal well CSS looks at a case study where steam injection is tried in a low pressure environment. Two papers on Cold Solvent and nano-particle stabilized solvent investigate innovative ways to reduce oil viscosity through the use of solvent instead of heat. The other presentations focus on water and chemical-based heavy oil recovery at various scales, from a field heavy oil waterflood to investigations of surfactant and polymer flooding at the laboratory or pore scale. The talks in this session show data and innovative ways to look at new ways to produce heavy oil effectively.
Time Paper # Presentation
1330-1400 189716 Shallow Horizontal Well Cyclic Steam Stimulation in Clastic Unconsolidated Unconventional Reservoir in Kuwait - A Case Study S. Al-Ballam, H. Al-Dashti, D.C. Pandey, A. Al-Ballam, Kuwait Oil Company
1400-1430 189722 Heavy Oil Recovery Mechanisms by Surfactant, Polymer and SP in a Non-linear System F.V. Guerrero Zabala, University of Calgary; J.L. Bryan, Perm Inc; A. Kantzas, University of Calgary
1430-1500 189767 Cold Solvent Process For Heavy Oil Recovery A. Sood, Cenovus Energy; S.C. Gupta, Cenovus Energy Inc
1530-1600 189731 Viscous-Oil Waterflood Performance and Analyses of the Bhagyam Field V. Shankar, D. Beliveau, Cairn India Ltd.
1600-1630 189774 Nanoparticle Stabilized Solvent-Based Emulsion for Enhanced Heavy Oil Recovery G. Kumar, A. Kakati, E. Mani, J.S. Sangwai, Indian Institute of Technology Madras
1630-1700 189745 Designing Surfactant-Polymer Processes for Heavy Oil Reservoirs: Case Studies D. Rousseau, IFP Energies nouvelles; S. HOCINE, Solvay; S. Bekri, J. Boujlel, IFP Energies nouvelles; G. Degre, Solvay
Alternate 189738 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Diffusion and Dispersion in Solvent-Oil-Water Saturated Porous Media; An Experimental and Numerical Pore-level Study

P. Mohammadmoradi, S. Taheri, A. Kantzas, University of Calgary

Wednesday, March 14

08:30 - 12:00
04  HO - Hybrid or Solvent-Based Processes I
Session Chairpersons Anjani Kumar - Computer Modelling Group Ltd., Mohammad Kariznovi - Canada Husky Energy Inc.
Notes: This session addresses the application of a solvent, steam additive and hybrid recovery processes in oil sands. Presentations will focus on new technological advancements and learnings from lab and field applications with an objective to provide fundamental knowledge and tools for successfully designing, predicting and implementing solvent and hybrid processes in the field.
Time Paper # Presentation
0830-0900 189723 Solvent Process For Reservoirs With Top Water A. Sood, Cenovus Energy; S.C. Gupta, Cenovus Energy Inc
0900-0930 189717 A New PVT Apparatus for Automatic Measurement of Foamy Oil Generation and Stability P. Luo, S. Li, K.D. Knorr, P.P. Nakutnyy, Saskatchewan Research Council
0930-1000 189756 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Christina Lake Early Rise Rate Solvent Aided Process Pilot
Z. Chen, B. Seib, A. Ben-zvi, T. Robinson, Cenovus Energy
1030-1100 189755 Azeotropic Heated Vapour Extraction- A New Thermal-Solvent Assisted Gravity Drainage Recovery Process R.R. Khaledi, H. Motahhari, Imperial Oil; T.J. Boone, SPE; C. Fang, A. Coutee, Exxon Mobil
1100-1130 189754 General Analytical Model for Steam-Solvent Assisted Gravity Drainage Recovery Processes H. Motahhari, R.R. Khaledi, Imperial Oil
1130-1200 189768 Organic Alkali as a Steam Additive for Improved SAGD: Experimental Study of Emulsion Phase Behavior and Viscosity K. Baek, F.J. Arguelles, R. Okuno, K. Sheng, H. Sharma, U.P. Weerasooriya, The University of Texas At Austin
Alternate 189744 Generalized Approach to Predict k-values of Hydrocarbon Solvent/Bitumen Mixtures B. Azinfar, M. Zirrahi, H. Hassanzadeh, J. Abedi, University of Calgary
08:30 - 10:00
05  HO - Drilling and Completions
Session Chairpersons Nick Tumu - Bankers Petroleum Ltd, Ronald A Behrens - Chevron ETC
This session is an in depth look into sand control evaluation for thermal applications and an investigation into sand control failures during a steam breakthrough event.
Time Paper # Presentation
0830-0900 189769 An Experimental Investigation into Sand Control Failure Due to Steam Breakthrough in SAGD Wells M. Mahmoudi, V. Fattahpour, RGL reservoir managment; B. Fermaniuk, Regent Control Systems Ltd.; A. Nouri, U of A
0900-0930 189773 Critical Review of Sand Control Evaluation Testing for SAGD Applications J.D. Montero, S. Chissonde, C. WANG, O.Y. Kotb, A. Nouri, M. Mahmoudi, V. Fattahpour, University of Alberta
0930-1000 189766 Sand Control Testing for Steam Injection Wells M. Mahmoudi, university of alberta; V. Fattahpour, RGL reservoir managment; B. Fermaniuk, Regent Control Systems Ltd.; A. Nouri, U of A
Alternate 189737 Assessment Of Methods For Evaluating Vacuum Insulated Tubing Thermal Performance J. Damour, F. De Paiva Orberg, Majus; D. Johannson, Majus Canada
08:30 - 10:00
06  HO - Data Analytics
Session Chairpersons Mridul Kumar - Chevron ETC, Eric Delamaide - IFP Technologies Canada Inc.
This session focuses on the use of data analytics in reservoir and production aspects of thermal recovery processes.
Time Paper # Presentation
0830-0900 189772 A Benchmarking Study of a Novel “Data Physics” Technology for Steamflood Modeling: Comparison to Conventional Reservoir Simulation Y. Zhao, P. Sarma, Tachyus
0900-0930 189747 Three Approaches to Predicting ESP Pump Failures during SAGD Operations L. Fedenczuk, Gambit Consulting Ltd.; T. Pehlke, University of British Columbia; J.K. Graham, Suncor Energy Inc.
0930-1000 189753 A Cluster-Based Approach for Visualizing and Quantifying the Uncertainty in the Impact of Shale Barrier Configurations on SAGD Production J. Zheng, J.Y. Leung, University of Alberta; R.P. Sawatzky, J.M. Alvarez, InnoTech Alberta
Alternate 189735 Integration of Data-Driven Models for Characterizing Shale Barrier and Lean Zone Configurations in 3D Heterogeneous Reservoirs for SAGD Operations Z. Ma, J.Y. Leung, University of Alberta
10:30 - 12:00
07  HO - Thermall Well Integrity and Design
Session Chairpersons Uliana Romanova - Delta Screens Inc, Spencer Paul Taubner - Noetic Engineering 2008 Inc
10:30 - 12:00
08  HO - Thermal Recovery Non-SAGD
Session Chairpersons Raushan Kumar - Chevron ETC, Mazda Irani - University of Calgary
This session includes papers on recovery mechanism and field experience of Non-SAGD methods (pattern steamflood, in-situ combustion etc.) of thermal recovery.
Time Paper # Presentation
1030-1100 189726 Field-Scale Modelling of Hybrid Steam and Combustion In-Situ Recovery Process for Oil Sands using Dynamic Gridding M. Yang, University of Calgary; T.G. Harding, Nexen Inc.; Z. Chen, University of Calgary
1100-1130 189777 Kinetic Model For In Situ Combustion A. Sood, S.C. Gupta, H.S. Chhina, Cenovus Energy Inc.; S. Mehta, R.G. Moore, University of Calgary
1130-1200 189739 Results from a Phased Piloting Approach in First Eocene Reservoir of Wafra: Reducing Uncertainties in Carbonate Steamflood Development D.L. Barge, TengizChevroil; J.M. Brown, Chevron Corporation; R. Kumar, Chevron Corp; C.S. Lolley, Chevron Corporation; R.H. Bartlema, A. Saleh, Chevron Corp
Alternate 189727 Phase Behavior Modelling of Oils in Terms of SARA Fractions D. Gutierrez, AnBound Energy Inc.; R.G. Moore, S.A. Mehta, M.G. Ursenbach, University of Calgary; A. Bernal, AnBound Energy Inc
13:30 - 17:00
09  HO - Hybrid or Solvent-Based Processes II
Session Chairpersons John Joseph Ivory - Alberta Innovates Technology Futures, Banafsheh Goudarzi - University of Calgary
This session presentations discuss measurements for properties (non-equilibrium behavior, solvent solubility, and diffusivity) involved in hybrid/solvent based processes for heavy oil and bitumen. They also consider coupling of heat and mass transfer at the ES-SAGD interface and describe new solvent based processes.
Time Paper # Presentation
1330-1400 189729 Measurement of Non-Equilibrium Solvent Release from Heavy Oil during Pressure Depletion J.L. Bryan, PERM Inc; E. Nickel, Petroleum Technology Research Centre; A. Kantzas, University of Calgary
1400-1430 189719 Analysis of Heat and Mass Transfer Characteristics at the Chamber Interface for Solvent Assisted SAGD Process H. Liu, University of Calgary; L. Cheng, S. Huang, China University of Petroleum-Beijing; B.B. Maini, University of Calgary; Q. Huang, China University of Petroleum-Beijing
1430-1500 189741 Dimethylether-A Promising Solvent for ES-SAGD A. Haddadnia, M. Zirrahi, H. Hassanzadeh, J. Abedi, University of Calgary
1530-1600 189776 Hydrocarbon Recovery Using A Convective Solvent Extraction Process A. Sood, Cenovus Energy; S.C. Gupta, Cenovus Energy Inc
1600-1630 189765 Interactions of Cold Lake bitumen with CO2, propane and butane: An experimental and modelling study S. Eghbali, H. Dehghanpour, University of Alberta; J.M. Dragani, Cenovus Energy Inc; X. Zhang, Cenovus Energy
1630-1700 189713 Concentration Dependent Diffusivity of Gases in Heavy Oils H. Saboorian Jooybari, Z. Chen, University of Calgary
13:30 - 17:00
10  HO - Production, Operations & Optimization
Session Chairpersons Darren Jeremy Worth - C-FER Technologies, Danial Kaviani - ConocoPhillips Canada Ltd
The focus of this session is on summarizing and interpretation of field results and modeling. The topics include fall-off test interpretation, flow control device field trials and modeling, ESP and PCP failure analysis, and other key production operations related topics.
Time Paper # Presentation
1330-1400 189775 Liner Deployed Inflow Control Devices (ICD) Production Results in MacKay River SAGD Wells B.J. Kearl, O. Becerra, Brion Energy; F. Zaini, Schlumberger Canada Limited; G.E. Woiceshyn, J.A. Pina Romero, M. Melo, Schlumberger Canada Ltd
1400-1430 189720 Study of Temperature and Pressure Fall-offduring Shut-in and Slow-down for SAGD Wells with Top Water Y. Wang, A. Ferrise, Nexen
1430-1500 189718 Designing the Optimum Outflow Control Device for SAGD Using Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulation L. Li, Y. Ma, University of Alberta; M. Mahmoudi, V. Fattahpour, RGL Reservoir Management; C.F. Lange, University of Alberta
1530-1600 189740 On Temperature Fall-off Interpretation in Circulation Phase of Steam-Assisted Gravity Drainage Process M. Irani, S. Ghannadi, university of calgary
1600-1630 189721 Evaluation of Inflow Control Device Performance using Computational Fluid Dynamics M. Miersma, University of Alberta; M. Mahmoudi, V. Fattahpour, RGL Reservoir Management; L. Li, C.F. Lange, University of Alberta
1630-1700 189732 Case Study: Enhancing Pcp Performance Through The Complex Failure Analysis Of More Than 200 Wells Z. Nurkas, Weatherford; B. Ubaidollauly, Buzachi Operating Ltd
Alternate 189736 Lessons Learned from Extending Run Life for Hundreds of ESPs in a Heavy Oil Environment J.L. Villalobos, J.S. Miranda Fernandez, Schlumberger
Alternate 189761 Produced Water Ammonia Removal using RO Membrane Process C. Chen, Chevron Energy Technology Company; S. Heimel, P. Young, Chevron North America Exploration and Production
Alternate 189759 Mist Flow and Steam Hammer Phenomenon in the SAGD Injectors M. Irani, University of Calgary
13:30 - 17:00
11  HO - Cold Production Techniques/Reservoir Characterization & Geomechanics
Session Chairpersons Apostolos Kantzas - University of Calgary, Jinning Chang - ICE Reservoir Solutions Ltd
This session is a collection of presentations on CHOPS simulation, production optimization during waterfloods, and geomechanics issues during heavy oil and thermal bitumen recovery processes.
Time Paper # Presentation
1330-1400 189762 Modeling CHOPS Using Dual Domain with Transient Equilibrium (Foamy-Oil) Kinetic Reactions. A. Badamchizadeh, Devon Canada Corporation
1400-1430 189730 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Practical Reservoir Management Strategy to Optimize Waterflooded Pools with Minimum Capital Employed A. Qazvini Firouz, M. Olisakwe, B.A. Hollinger, D. Vianzon, M. Kenny, Husky Energy Inc.
1430-1500 189749 Wormhole Stability Under Post CHOPS Conditions K. Oldakowski, R.P. Sawatzky, InnoTech Alberta
Alternate 189758 Unique Infill Configuration for Water Injection in Boscán Heavy Oil Reservoir to Unlock Additional Millions of Barrels R. Kumar, Chevron Corp; D.A. Socorro, Chevron Corporation; N. Atalay, Chevron Corp; R.J. NAVA, Chevron ETC; C.S. Lolley, A. Arbelaez, Chevron Corporation
Alternate 189734 Direction of Wormhole Growth Under Anisotropic Stress K. Oldakowski, R.P. Sawatzky, InnoTech Alberta
Alternate 189770 Geologically Consistent History Matching of SAGD Process Using Probability Perturbation Method H. Khani, H. Hamdi, University of Calgary; L.X. Nghiem, Computer Modelling Group Ltd.; Z. Chen, M. Costa Sousa, University of Calgary
15:30 - 17:00
12  HO - Reservoir Characterization & Geomechanics
Session Chairpersons Harris Naseer - Poreflow Energy Consultants, Japan J Trivedi - University of Alberta
Time Paper # Presentation
1530-1600 189751 The Influence of Discontinuities on Geomechanical Analysis of the Joslyn SAGD Steam Release Incident A. Khani, A. Rangriz Shokri, R.J. Chalaturnyk, University of Alberta
1600-1630 189728 Determination of the Correct Formation Fracture Pressure through Analysis of Truncated Minifrac Data P.M. Collins, Petroleum Geomechanics Inc
1630-1700 189733 Effects of Rock Mechanical Properties and Deformational Behavior on Caprock Integrity in Thermal Operations Q. Li, Schlumberger Canada Limited; J.A. Rivero, Schlumberger Canada Ltd.