Training Courses

12 March 2018 | 0800-1700

Overview of SAGD Analytical Models and Their Assumptions and Limitations

Instructor: Mazda Irani

This course is an introduction to Butler assumptions and mathematical principles and its limitations, and also briefly discusses other studies which address steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) oil production and SOR evaluation.

In this course there will be examples using Excel spreadsheets.

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In-Situ Recovery Methods and SAGD

Instructor: K.C. Yeung

This course will provide a general overview of current and emerging heavy oil recovery methods with emphasis on field experiences in Alberta and steam assisted gravity drainage (SAGD).

Participants will learn about the concepts, field development, reservoir performances, applicability, challenges, and issues of the various in-situ recovery methods.

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Screening and Field Piloting for EOR Project Development

 Ashok K. Singhal

This course will emphasize critical considerations during enhanced oil recovery (EOR) screening and pilot design. Discussions will include monitoring and surveillance, and EOR project implementation. Appropriate case studies and exercises will be used to illustrate various concepts.

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Enhanced Oil Recovery Fundamentals

Larry W. Lake

This course teaches an integrated version of the basics of waterflooding and enhanced oil recovery (EOR), illustrating the connection of each process to a few fundamental principles. It reviews the specifics of thermal and solvent EOR by relating basic principles to the results of cases from the field.

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