IADC/SPE Drilling Conference and Exhibition 6 - 8 Mar 2018 Fort Worth Convention Center Fort Worth, Texas, USA


Sunday, March 04

08:00 - 17:00

Tuesday, March 06

07:00 - 18:30
07:00 - 17:00
08:30 - 09:30
OS 001  Opening Session Ballroom B
Speaker(s) Steve Brady - 2018 IADC Chairman, Darcy William Spady - 2018 SPE President
Opening Session of the Drilling Conference with Welcomes being brought by the 2018 Program Chairman, IADC Chairman, SPE President and presentation of the 2018 SPE Drilling Engineer Award.
09:30 - 10:00
02  Deepwater Operations Ballroom B
Session Chairpersons Han J Tiebout - GustoMSC BV, Igor Brucher - Transocean Inc.
Time Paper # Presentation
1045-1115 189674 LMRP Disconnect in Deepwater, Harsh Environment conditions K. Dupal, Shell Exploration & Production Co; S. Greer, Stena Drilling; J. Curtiss, C. Mack, Shell International E & P; R.H. Van Noort, Shell International E&P Co.
1115-1145 189647 Stress path in depleted reservoirs: a case study in Atlantis Field, Gulf of Mexico M.M. Alam, K. Fischer, J.C. Heiland, A.M. Hussein, A. Rodriguez, Schlumberger Oilfield UK Plc; N.C. Last, J. Zhang, BP
1145-1215 189687 Overcoming Tight Annulus Cementing Design Challenges: Gulf of Mexico Case Study M.I. Dooply, Schlumberger; S. Sianipar, Schlumberger Technology Corp.; F. Rodriguez, Schlumberger; D. Poole, Chevron; C.E. Fuenmayor, Chevron Corporation; J. Carrasquilla, I. Rosero Palacios, Schlumberger
Alternate 189623 Knarr Field - Optimization of Wellbore Clean-up Through Dynamic Transient Modeling M. Dimude, Shell; B. Wane, Shell Exploration & Production Co; H. Lu, Schlumberger
Alternate 189603 The Role of Big Data in Operational Excellence and Real Time Fleet Performance Management - The Key to Deepwater Thriving in a Low Cost Oil Environment M.S. Bolen, Chevron Corporation; V. Crkvenjakov, Schlumberger
Alternate 189622 CFD Hydrodynamic Performance Comparison Between Conventional and VIV-Mitigating Drill Riser Buoyancy Modules L. Lai, Trelleborg Offshore
09:30 - 10:00
KN002  Keynote Session Ballroom B
Moderator(s) Cindy Madding - Society of Petroleum Engineers
10:00 - 18:30
10:00 - 10:45
10:00 - 10:15
EP 04  ePosters - Station 4 Foyer
3-day Session
Session Chairpersons Cindy Madding - Society of Petroleum Engineers
Time Paper # Presentation
1000-1015 189706 Adaptive PDC Drill Bit Reduces Stick-Slip and Improves ROP in the Midland Basin A. Phillips, D.E. Gavia, A. Noel, M. Savage, Baker Hughes
1015-1030 189705 Rotary Steerable 2.0 Optimized for Shale 2.0 - A New-Generation Rotary Steerable System (RSS) Designed for Vertical and Nudge Applications in North America Pad Development Drilling S. Jones, J. Sugiura, Sanvean Technologies; C. Feddema, Turbo Drill Industries/Scout Downhole; M. Charter, Scout Downhole
1030-1045 189621 A Method to Estimate Working Range of Agitators Y. Zhang, R. Samuel, Halliburton
1515-1530 189579 Active Mud Line Pumping, Design, Testing and Future Possibilities in Rig Design R.F. Van Kuilenburg, Y. Hong, Noble Drilling (U.S.) Inc.
1530-1545 189651 Well Control Simulator: Enhancing Models With Compositional PVT Models and Kinetics K. Bjorkevoll, J. Skogestad, J. Froyen, H. Linga, SINTEF Petroleum Research
1545-1600 189596 A New Approach to Characterize Dynamic Drilling Fluids Invasion Profiles in Application to Near-Wellbore Strengthening Effect C.P. Ezeakacha, S. Salehi, University of Oklahoma; F. Bi, Grace Instrument Company
1000-1015 189658 Safe Drilling in Chemically Active and Naturally Fractured Source Rocks: Analytical Solution and Case Study C. Liu, Y. Han, ARAMCO Services Company; Y.N. Abousleiman, University of Oklahoma
1015-1030 189590 Fuel Economy and Emission Characteristics of a High Horsepower Natural Gas/ Diesel Dual-Fuel Engine in Oil & Gas Operations A.I. Wijesinghe, C. Lafleur, F. Meng, J. Colvin, R.C. Haut, Houston Advanced Research Center
1030-1045 189625 Case History: Low Cost Wells Minimized Heavy Seepage and Lost Circulation in Howard County, Midland Basin Z. Chen, C. Snider, T. Farish, S. Wilson, Horizon Mud Co.; L. Griffin, M. Dickson, Legacy Reserves
1515-1530 189659 Water-Based Drilling Fluid System To Drill Unconsolidated, Highly Dispersible Formations In Northern Bolivia Sets A New Caliper Record In The Area L. Guevara, M. Longeron, Schlumberger
1530-1545 189575 Determination of Fracture Reopening Pressure in Wellbore Strengthening R. Zhong, S.Z. Miska, M. Yu, M.E. Ozbayoglu, N.E. Takach, University of Tulsa
1545-1600 189593 Time-Dependent Wellbore Stability in Presence of Weak Bedding Planes: A Fully-Coupled, Poroelastic Approach With Field Case Study A. Mehrabian, A. Diaz-Perez, C.L. Santana, Halliburton
10:45 - 10:45
01  Casing and Completions Ballroom A
Session Chairpersons Jim McNicol - Archer, Thomas L Gee - Weatherford
Time Paper # Presentation
1045-1115 189637 Optimizing the Deepwater Completion Process: Case History of the Tamar 8 Completion Design, Execution and Initial Performance - Offshore Israel J.C. Healy, Healy Energy; S.M. Waggoner, Noble Energy Inc.; I. Magin, The University of Texas At Austin; J.N. Fink, BP; J. Perroux, Noble Energy Inc.
1115-1145 189644 Evaluation of a Casing-in-Casing Refracturing Operation in the Burleson County Eagle Ford N. Modeland, B.M. Elbel, Halliburton; J. Nabors, S. Habachy, R. Brannon, Wildhorse Resource Development
1145-1215 189694 Simple Calculation of Compaction-Induced Casing Deformation Adjacent to Reservoir Boundaries Y. Guo, BP; N.C. Last, BP plc; M. Blanford, BP
Alternate 189672 V0 Qualified Port Collar and Inflatable Casing Annulus Packer for Multi-Stage Cementing R. Poynor, TAM International
Alternate 189711 Batch Completion Operations Cost Reduction in a Segregated Drilling Campaign: The Development of an Intervention and Completion Unit S.A. Canny, Weatherford; M.G. Rutland, PTTEP
Declined 189709 Egina Deepwater Development: Isolation Barrier Valve Case Study G. Forrest, Halliburton; K.J. Johnson, Halliburton Energy Services Grp; C. Morand, V. Okengwu, Halliburton; V. Chaloupka, Total E&P Nigeria Ltd.
10:45 - 12:15
03  Directional Drilling and Hole Placement I Ballroom C
Session Chairpersons John Martin Clegg - Weatherford, Liam Anthony Lines - Weatherford
Time Paper # Presentation
1045-1115 189607 Directional Advisor Driven Rig and Directional Operation Integration G. Hildebrand, Schlumberger Limited; H. Schultz, PennWest; A.M. Torre, Precision Drilling Corporation; l. olesen, Pason Systems
1115-1145 189691 Automated Directional Drilling Software and Remote Operations Centers Drive Rig Fleet Well Delivery Improvement C.J. Gillan, Nabors Industries; M.R. Isbell, T.Z. Visitew, Hess Corp.
1145-1215 189677 A 300 Degree Celsius Directional Drilling System A. Stefánsson, HS Orka; R. Duerholt, J. Schroder, J.D. Macpherson, C. Hohl, T. Kruspe, T. Eriksen, Baker Hughes
Alternate 189599 Proactive Directional Drilling KPI Vigilance Drives Build-Up Rate Transformation G. Hildebrand, Schlumberger Limited; A.M. Torre, Precision Drilling Corporation; l. olesen, pason systems
Alternate 189640 3D and Extreme Geosteering on Highly Faulted Reservoir R.O. Vasquez Bautista, Schlumberger Oman; V.C. Sanchez, S.D. Wulandari, Schlumberger Trinidad Inc.; A. Mohammed Al Zarafi, Schlumberger Oman
Alternate 189581 Drilling Extended Laterals in the Marcellus Shale J.S. Doak, Range Resources - Appalachia LLC
12:15 - 13:45
13:45 - 17:30
04  Well Control / Kick Detection Ballroom A
Session Chairpersons Karen Bashford-Provence - ConocoPhillips Co, Otto Luiz Alcantara Santos - RETIRED
Time Paper # Presentation
1345-1415 189655 Dynamic Kill Method using Staged Fluid Densities Can Improve the Killability of Relief Wells for Challenging Blowouts R.T. Oskarsen, P. Chantose, Add Energy LLC; A.F. Negrao, Chevron Corporation; M.H. Emilsen, Well Flow Dynamics AS; O.B. Rygg, add wellflow as
1415-1445 189610 Predicting Hydrocarbon Burn Efficiency of an Ignited Blowout for Oil Spill Source Control M.D. Dunn, Hilcorp Alaska LLC; S. Fitzgerald, Intuitive Machines, LLC.; J.B. Garner, Boots & Coots L.P.
1445-1515 189665 Digitized Uncertainty Handling Of Pore Pressure And Mud-weight Window Ahead Of Bit; Example North Sea A.E. Lothe, SINTEF Petroleum Research; A. Grover, SINTEF Petroleum; P.R. Cerasi, SINTEF Petroleum Research; T. Kristiansen, AkerBP; K. Bjorkevoll, SINTEF Petroleum Research
1600-1630 189586 Early Kick Detection Using Adaptive Analytics with Downhole Accelerometer Data R. Samuel, Halliburton
1630-1700 189701 A Cyber-Physical Approach to Early Kick Detection P. Andia, R.R. Israel, BP
1700-1730 189661 A Novel Practical Approach to Borehole Breathing Investigation in Naturally Fractured Formations S. Baldino, The University of Tulsa Drilling Research Project (TUDRP); S.Z. Miska, M.E. Ozbayoglu, University of Tulsa
Alternate 189606 Study of Gas Kicks in Non-Aqueous Drilling Fluids: A Well Control Challenge Z. Ma, A. Karimi Vajargah, A. Ambrus, E. van Oort, The University of Texas At Austin
Alternate 189617 The Impact of Molecular Diffusion of Methane into Wells with Oil Based Mud J. Petersen, Intl Research Inst of Stavanger
Alternate 189609 An Active Return Flowline Sensor For Onshore Drilling Rigs J.H. Sampaio, P. Lambie, Colorado School of Mines
13:45 - 17:30
05  Cementing and Zonal Isolation Ballroom B
Session Chairpersons Iain Cooper - Schlumberger, Martijn Bogaerts - Schlumberger
Time Paper # Presentation
1345-1415 189594 An innovative Cement Plug Placement Technique focused in save rig time - Gulf of Mexico Case studies F. Rodriguez, Schlumberger Technology Corp.; C.E. Fuenmayor, Chevron Corporation; S. Sianipar, Schlumberger Technology Corp.; D. Poole, Chevron Corporation
1415-1445 189619 Self-Healing Cement as Promising Solution to Overcome Sustained Casing Pressure. A Case History from Tunu Field Indonesia. M. Hidayah, V.R. Wedhaswari, S. Sudarmaji, I. Widyarsa, M.F. Jaffery, M. Pasteris, Schlumberger; I.S. Saptawirawan, M.D. Kadrie, R.A. Panjaitan, Total E&P Indonesia
1445-1515 189685 The Application of Wellbore Strengthening to Achieve Zonal Isolation R. Majidi, A.T. Dondale, R. Flores, N.C. Braley, BP America Inc.
1600-1630 189635 Minimizing the Risk of Casing Failures Across Plastic Salts with Tailored Cements and Software Analysis: Case Histories from the Williston Basin, North Dakota J.F. Pereira, S. Jandhyala, Halliburton
1630-1700 189580 Perf & Wash Cement Placement Technique as a Cost-effective Solution for Permanent Abandonment of a Well with Multiple Permeable Zones: A Case Study from North Sea, UK G. Joneja, S. Nafikova, Schlumberger
1700-1730 189646 Mud-Cement Displacement in Eccentric Annuli: Analytical Solution, Instability Analysis, and Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulations H.K. Foroushan, M.E. Ozbayoglu, University of Tulsa; P. Gomes, BP Exploration Operating Co; S.Z. Miska, M. Yu, University of Tulsa
Alternate 189682 Application of an Innovative Spacer System Designed for Optimal Performance in HTHP Wells A. Doan, Baker Hughes Inc; A.C. Holley, Baker Hughes; M.G. Kellum, Baker Hughes Inc; S. Dighe, Baker Hughes, Inc.; C. Arceneaux, K. Conrad, Chevron Corporation
Alternate 189587 Flexible, Self-Healing Cement Eliminated Sustained Casing Pressure in Denver Julesburg Basin Unconventional Wells M.M. Langley, M. Hudson, J.T. Eulberg, M.A. Cleveland, Schlumberger
Alternate 189684 Application of a wellbore shield eliminates NPT in South China Sea wells M. Wilder, Impact Fluid Solutions, LLC; M. Abu Bakar, A. Nor, Petronas; J. McClellan, Impact Fluid Solutions; A.J. Bradbury, Impact Fluid Solutions, LLC
13:45 - 17:30
06  Directional Drilling and Hole Placement II Ballroom C
Session Chairpersons Blaine Dow - Schlumberger, Martyn Ian Greensmith - Gyrodata Ltd.
Time Paper # Presentation
1345-1415 189613 Twist Compensation Reduces Trajectory Tortuosity and Improves ROP A. Kyllingstad, National Oilwell Varco
1415-1445 189702 Probabilistic Real-Time Trajectory Control Considering Uncertainties of Drilling Parameters and Rock Properties Z. Liu, R. Samuel, Halliburton
1445-1515 189627 Real-Time Tool-Face Control Highly Reduced Borehole Tortuosity and Significantly Improved Directional Drilling Efficiency R. Banirazi, NOV; M.C. Penn, National Oilwell Varco Downhole Tools Division; A.P. Pink, National Oilwell Varco
1600-1630 189697 Real-Time Downhole Data Resolves Lithology Related Drilling Behavior C. Viens, T. Clark, Nabors Drilling Solutions; J.D. Lightfoot, Occidental Development Co
1630-1700 189668 How To Manage Geomagnetic Field Disturbances In The Northern Auroral Zone To Improve Accuracy Of Magnetic Mwd Directional Surveys I. Edvardsen, Baker Hughes Inc; E. Nyrnes, Statoil ASA; M. Gullikstad Johnsen, UiT, the Arctic University of Norway
1700-1730 189639 HPHT Wells Spudded Utilising a Rotary Steerable System Below a 36”x26” Hole Opener to Improve Top Hole Drilling Performance K.B. Hyland, G. Mathieson, Maersk Oil; M. Laing, D. O'Neill, F. Boyce, A.J. Keen, R. Milne, A. Tarn, Schlumberger
Alternate 189614 Effect of Steering Mechanism on Wellbore Tortuosity in Horizontal Wells A.A. Alruushud, Baker Hughes; M.S. Mohammad, Baker Hughes Saudi Arabia; B.S. Ghamdi, Saudi Aramco
Alternate 189612 Anti-Collision Best Practices Developed for Horizontal Drilling Across Pre-existing Horizontal Wellbores. E.E. Britton, R. Grande, Liberty Resources LLC
Alternate 189654 Probability of Wellbore Intercept Made Easy J.M. Codling, Halliburton
15:15 - 16:00
17:30 - 18:30

Wednesday, March 07

07:00 - 17:00
07:00 - 17:00
08:00 - 10:00
07  Performance Drilling Ballroom A
Session Chairpersons Graham Mensa-Wilmot - Chevron Corporation, Junichi Sugiura - Scout Downhole Inc
Time Paper # Presentation
0800-0830 189583 Drilling Analysis Using Big Data Has Been Misused and Abused E.E. Maidla, proNova; W.R. Maidla, TDE Petr Data Solutions; J.M. Rigg, TDE Petroleum Data Solutions
0830-0900 189602 Real-time Bit Wear Monitoring And Prediction Using Surface Mechanics Data Analytics Y. Liu, Shell; X. Wu, Shell E&P Laboratories; J. Kibbey, Shell; Y. Bai, Shell contractor
0900-0930 189608 Drilling Interbedded and Hard Formations with PDC Bits Considering Structural Integrity Limits P.E. Pastusek, ExxonMobil Development Co.; D.M. Sanderson, XTO Energy; J.R. Bailey, Z. Blakeman, A. Minkevicius, ExxonMobil Development Co.
0930-1000 189643 Auto RT Optimal Drilling Parameters G.S. Smith, C.A. Cheatham, Weatherford International Ltd.; M.J. Duarte Ballesteros, Weatherford
Alternate 189585 Development of and Validating a Procedure for Drillstring Fatigue Analysis W. Chen, Y. Shen, G. Yun, Y. Dong, Schlumberger
Alternate 189692 What is Wrong with my Drilling Data? Current State and Developments of Downhole Dynamics Measurement Tools. N. Nunoo, National Oilwell Varco Downhole Tools Division; T. Baumgartner, The University of Texas At Austin; A. Khan, 3266351
Alternate 189698 Percussion Drilling Motor Delivered Extreme Cost Saving In Hard and Abrasive Formation in Ahnet Basin, Algeria M. Bendoudou, National Oilwell Varco; Z. Said, b. Abderrahim, SONATRACH; M. Fatah, National oilwell varco
08:00 - 10:00
08  Data and Automation I Ballroom B
Session Chairpersons Riaz R Israel - BP America Inc, Robin Andrew Macmillan - National Oilwell Varco
Time Paper # Presentation
0800-0830 189700 Self-Learning Probabilistic Detection and Alerting of Drillstring Washout and Pump Failure Incidents During Drilling Operations A. Ambrus, D. Ramos, Intellicess Inc.; A. Susich, Apache Corp; A. Chintapalli, Intellicess Inc.; J. McNab, Apache Corp; B. Nelson, T.S. Thetford, Apache Corp.; P. Ashok, Intellicess Inc.; M. Behounek, Apache Corp.
0830-0900 189680 Automation Provides Unique Insights Of The Rock Record And Subsurface Through The Delivery Of A Robotic Sample Collection And Analysis Device. D. Tonner, Diversified Well Logging
0900-0930 189591 Recorded Well Data Enriches the Testing of Automation Systems by Using a Deep Neural Network Approach Y. Yu, S. Chambon, Q. Liu, J. Belaskie, Schlumberger
0930-1000 189708 Integrated Analytical Trajectory Control Model D.C. Gomez Garcia, Robert Gordon University; C.A. Nunez Perez, Total E&P; R. Samuel, Halliburton
Alternate 189598 Wellbore Instability Prediction using Adaptive Analytics and Empirical Mode Decomposition A. Lin, S.I. Alzahrani, University of Southern California; R. Samuel, Halliburton
Alternate 189696 Real-Time Well Construction Process Inference Through Probabilistic Data Fusion S. Chambon, S. Venkatakrishnan, J. Belaskie, Y. Yu, M.K. Hamzah, Schlumberger
Alternate 189620 Dynamic Axially-Stiff String Model for Tripping Operations in Directional Wellbores Z. Zamanipour, S.Z. Miska, University of Tulsa; P.R. Hariharan, Shell
08:00 - 10:00
09  Case Studies I Ballroom C
Time Paper # Presentation
0800-0830 189699 Offshore Well Intersection and Casing Pull Through to Deliver Pipeline Segment B.A. Leonard, D.W. Pfeifer, G. Katuaga, P.J. Clark, G.T. Armistead, Chevron Corporation
0830-0900 189597 Unconventional Drilling in the New Mexico Delaware Basin Case History J.B. Willis, D. Tellez Muradas, R. Neel, G.A. Caraway, D.W. Adam, J. Rodriguez, Occidental Oil & Gas Corp
0900-0930 189678 Vision-based Real-Time Eye-Tracking System to Evaluate and Enhance Situation Awareness and Process Safety in Drilling Operations S. Salehi, University of Oklahoma; Z. Kang, Aviation Center , University of Oklahoma
0930-1000 189660 Case Study: Reactive Torque Failure Prevention G. Pettit, S.R. Gokhale, N. Zheng, T H Hill Associates
Alternate 189675 Case Study for Optimization of Three Forks Drilling Program to Achieve Conventionally Drilled Three-Mile Lateral Wells E. Shearer, P. Bitzan, D. Rice, Halliburton; W.D. Beery, XTO Energy Inc.
Alternate 189615 Modeling of Cuttings Lag Distribution in Directional Drilling to Evaluate Depth Resolution of Mud Logging S. Naganawa, University of Tokyo; M. Suzuki, K. Ikeda, N. Inada, R. Sato, Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation
Alternate 189703 Artificial Islands vs. Wellhead Towers: Search for Optimized Infrastructure for Shallow Water Developments M. Franco, J.E. Hess, B. Gille, Halliburton
10:00 - 10:45
10:00 - 17:00
10:45 - 12:15
PS 01  Plenary Session Ballroom B
Moderator(s) Cindy Madding - Society of Petroleum Engineers
12:15 - 13:45
12:15 - 13:45
YP 01  YP Luncheon Room 201A
Moderator(s) Karen Bashford-Provence - ConocoPhillips Co, Riaz R Israel - BP America Inc
13:45 - 17:30
10  Drilling Dynamics and Mechanics Ballroom A
Session Chairpersons Graham Mensa-Wilmot - Chevron Corporation, Junichi Sugiura - Scout Downhole Inc
Time Paper # Presentation
1345-1415 189630 Automatic Response to Stick-Slip Using a Mini-Rig F. Florence, Rig Operations LLC
1415-1445 189673 Improved Methods to Understand and Mitigate Stick-Slip Torsional Vibrations G.S. Payette, Exxon Mobil Corporation; L. Wang, ExxonMobil Upstream Research Co.; J.R. Bailey, P.E. Pastusek, ExxonMobil Development Co.
1445-1515 189710 Measurement of Dynamics Phenomena in Downhole Tools - Requirements, Theory and Interpretation A. Hohl, C. Herbig, P. Arevalo, Baker Hughes; H. Reckmann, Baker Hughes Inc; J.D. Macpherson, Baker Hughes
1600-1630 189600 Backward Whirl Testing and Modeling With Realistic Borehole Contacts for Enhanced Drilling Tool Reliability T. Popp, H.C. Stibbe, D. Heinisch, H. Reckmann, Baker Hughes; P.D. Spanos, Rice University
1630-1700 189642 On the Importance of Boundary Conditions for Real-time Transient Drill-string Mechanical Estimations E. Cayeux, Intl Research Inst of Stavanger
1700-1730 189582 A New Workflow for Estimating Bit Wear and Monitoring Drilling Efficiency in Real Time During Drilling Operations E. Millan, M. Ringer, Schlumberger
Alternate 189689 Using High-Frequency Data from Multiple Locations to Validate a Predictive Drill String Dynamics Model B. Potash, B.L. Gilmore, Pioneer Natural Resources; A.S. Elliott, Y. Bahramzadeh, MSC Corporation
Declined 189611 Improving Accuracy of Well Depth and ROP A. Kyllingstad, National Oilwell Varco
Alternate 189618 Reconstruction of Pipe Displacement Based on High-Frequency Triaxial Accelerometer Measurements E. Cayeux, Intl Research Inst of Stavanger
13:45 - 17:30
11  Drilling Fluiids and Wellbore Strengthening Ballroom B
Session Chairpersons Marcel L Boucher - Bos Solutions
Time Paper # Presentation
1345-1415 189648 In-situ Fluid Rheological Behavior Characterization Using Data Analytics Techniques R. Ettehadi Osgouei, R. May, T. Dahl, Baker Hughes; D.K. Clapper, R.T. Swartwout, Baker Hughes Inc
1415-1445 189633 How to Test for Compatibility between Fluids and Shales E. van Oort, The University of Texas At Austin
1445-1515 189656 Novel, Proven Technology for Treating Sodium and Chlorides in Drill Cuttings and Soil Using Specialized Bacteria D. Nelson, Symmetry Oilfield Solutions; M. Warner, Kaiser Francis Oil Company; P.D. Mckay, Symmetry Oilfield Solutions
1600-1630 189589 An Integrated Model for Wellbore Strengthening K. Chellappah, BP Exploration; R. Majidi, BP America Inc; M.S. Aston, BP Exploration; J.M. Cook, Schlumberger
1630-1700 189584 A Practical Method to Monitor Particulate Concentration in Wellbore Strengthening Applications M.W. Alberty, Hess Corp.
1700-1730 189574 Engineered Nutshell Particles used for Wellbore Strengthening K. Chellappah, M.S. Aston, BP Exploration; S. Savari, Halliburton Co.; D.L. Whitfill, Halliburton
Alternate 189577 Nanocellulose and Biopolymer Blends For High-Performance Water-Based Fluids L.J. Hall, Halliburton
Alternate 189628 Robust MMH Drilling Fluid Mitigates Losses, Eliminates Casing Interval On 200+ Wells in the Permian Basin M. Offenbacher, AES Drilling Fluids LLC; N. Erick, M. Christiansen, AES Drilling Fluids; C. Smith, Canadian Energy Services
Alternate 189641 Micronized Sealing Polymer Improves Wellbore Strengthening and Minimizes Differential Sticking Problems in Highly Depleted Formations A.S. Ibrahim, Baker Hughes Solutions; D. Rasheed Al Enezi, Kuwait Oil Company
13:45 - 17:30
12  Data Analytics Ballroom C
Session Chairpersons Curtis Alan Cheatham - Consultant, Eric Maidla - Slider
Time Paper # Presentation
1345-1415 189695 Zero Wellsite Personnel. The First Completely Man-less Operations for Directional Drilling Services C. Chatar, A. Stepnov, A. Mardyashov, Schlumberger
1415-1445 189576 A Comprehensive Real-Time Data Analysis Tool for Fluid Gains and Losses P. Andia, R.V. Sant, N. Whiteley, BP
1445-1515 189595 Rapid Development of Open Real-Time Drilling Analytics System: Technology and Project Management D. Cao, C.W. Loesel, S.S. Paranji, Anadarko Petroleum Corporation
1600-1630 189652 Detecting Well Anomalies Using Cognitive Analytics and Machine Learning Techniques on Real-Time Drilling Data: Lessons Learned from a Successful Proof of Concept Study D. Fett, Total E&P Research & Technology USA, LLC; P. Herve, B. Swidler, M. Rosner, SparkCognition
1630-1700 189679 Implementation Of Energistics Transfer Protocol (ETP) As One of The Key Enablers For Improved Remote Operational Support To Drilling Operations T. Halland, K.I. Meisal, Statoil ASA; T. Abramsen, Kongsberg Digital; P.M. Morrison, Baker Hughes Inc; M. Regan, Kongsberg Digital
1700-1730 189605 Automated Large Data Processing: A Storyboarding Process to Quickly Extract Knowledge From Large Drilling Datasets G.S. SAINI, D. Zheng, The University of Texas at Austin; P. Ashok, University of Texas At Austin; E. van Oort, The University of Texas At Austin; M.R. Isbell, Hess Corp.
Alternate 189604 Well Operational Integrity: Coupling Data-driven and Physics of Failure Methods B. Das, SafeQ Services; R. Samuel, University of Houston
Alternate 189663 Optimizing Remote Operations Support Using an Effective Real-Time Model for Improved Drilling Performance S. Robert, W.S. Fiffick, D. Davis, R. Guillory, Canrig Drilling Technology LTD.; C. Mandava, Nabors Industries; J. Myers, Nabors Drilling Solutions
Alternate 189707 Drilling as an Evaluation Tool in Horizontal Shale Wells J. Mace, Energy Corporation of America; A. Oyetibo, N. Alshammari, University of Southern California
15:15 - 16:00

Thursday, March 08

07:00 - 12:45
07:00 - 17:15
08:00 - 09:30
13  Tubulars I Ballroom A
Session Chairpersons Robello Samuel - Halliburton, Thomas Michael Redlinger - T H Hill Associates, Inc.
Time Paper # Presentation
0800-0830 189681 The Barlow Equation for Tubular Burst: a Muddled History A.J. Adams, K. Grundy, C.M. Kelly, Nexen Petroleum UK Ltd; B. Lin, P.W. Moore, U.S. Steel Tubular Products
0830-0900 189664 Applications of a New Dynamic Tubular Stress Model with Friction N.R. Zwarich, ConocoPhillips; A.R. McSpadden, M.A. Goodman, R. Trevisan, Altus Well Experts Inc.; R.F. Mitchell, Well Complete
0900-0930 189588 Breaking The Performance/cost Paradigm In Drill Pipe Connections In Extended Reach Drilling. G. Plessis, NOV Grant Prideco; A. Muradov, National Oilwell Varco; G.R. Brown, NOV Grant Prideco; J. Dugas, B. White, Quail Tools LP; D. Daley, Concho
08:00 - 09:30
14  Data and Automation II Ballroom B
Session Chairpersons Olawale Oredolapo - Baker Hughes INTEQ Nigeria Ltd, Arne Lyngholm - Statoil ASA
Time Paper # Presentation
0800-0830 189626 Operators’ Group Works To Solve Rig Data Quality Issues With IADC M. Behounek, Apache Corp.; D.H. Nguyen, ConocoPhillips Co; M.R. Isbell, Hess Corp.; T. Martin, Transocean; M. Dubose, IADC
0830-0900 189636 An Algorithm to Automatically Zero Weight on Bit and Differential Pressure and Resulting Improvements in Data Quality A. Neufeldt, S.W. Lai, S.D. Kristjansson, Pason Systems Corporation
0900-0930 189683 Measuring Land Drilling Performance J.B. Willis, Occidental Oil & Gas Corp; R.A. Jackson, Occidental Petroleum Corp.
08:00 - 09:30
15  Managed Pressure Drilling Ballroom C
Session Chairpersons John Laurence Thorogood - Drilling Global Consultant LLP, Anthony Gallegos - Sidewinder Drilling Inc
Time Paper # Presentation
0800-0830 189704 Automated Managed Pressure Drilling Package Improves MPD Performance With Reduced Crew S.P. Coffey, Schlumberger M-I SWACO; J.G. Samuell, ConocoPhillips Alaska Inc.
0830-0900 189645 Design and Manufacture of an Original Equipment Manufacturer Deepwater Managed Pressure Drilling Integrated Solution B. Dow, Schlumberger; J. Baker, B.W. Liezenberg, Schlumberger Dynamic Pressure Management
0900-0930 189634 Fully Integrating Managing the Pressure (MPD) Into Your Drilling System: Recommendations From the Lab and the Field R.F. Ziegler, Weatherford International Ltd.; V. Alajbegovic, Weatherford Gemoco; K. Slusarchuk, White Horse Technology; J.H. Gammage, Antelope Oil Tool & Mfg. Co.; I.V. Didyk, CNGS Engineering
Alternate 189578 Using Simulator to prepare for Total Loss risk scenarios utilizing Controlled Mud Cap Drilling in the Barents-sea S.I. Oedegaard, eDrilling; L. Hollman, Blade Energy Partners; G. Smaaskjaer, Lundin Norway AS; E. Claudey, Enhanced Drilling; Ø. Mehus, Oiltec Solutions; Z. Qiang, Enhanced Drilling; T. Andreassen, Maersk Training; J. Nabavi, eDrilling
Alternate 189657 Attenuating Heave-induced Pressure Oscillations using Down-hole Choking M. Kvernland, M.Ø. Christensen, HeaveLock AS; O.M. Aamo, S. Sangesland, Norwegian University of Science & Technology
09:30 - 10:15
10:15 - 12:45
16  Tubulars II Ballroom A
Session Chairpersons Robello Samuel - Halliburton, Thomas Michael Redlinger - T H Hill Associates, Inc.
Time Paper # Presentation
1015-1045 189669 Unlocking Reserves in the Shah Deniz Gas Field Through Reliability Based Casing Design R.R. Ramtahal, R.A. Miller, O. Owoeye, BP
1045-1115 189632 Qualification Methodology for Advanced Rotary Shouldered Thread Connections M.H. Du, K. Li, F. Song, A.L. Collins, K. Moriarty, Schlumberger
1115-1145 189670 New Design Limits Plot for Overview of Load-Resistance Relationship in Wellbore Tubular Design Z. Liu, R. Samuel, A.C. Gonzales, Y. Kang, Halliburton
1145-0015 189693 Premature Failures of Rotary-Shouldered Connections (RSC) due to Improper Re-cut and Repair Procedures S.R. Koneti, S. Gokhale, T H Hill Associates
0015-0045 189690 Tubular Ratings Used in Well Containment Screening Tool S.M. Rahman, U.B. Sathuvalli, S.L. Mason, P. Lumley, Blade Energy Partners
Alternate 189712 Dilatancy and Pressure Dependence of Threaded Connection Performance R.F. Mitchell, Well Complete; M.A. Goodman, Altus Well Experts Inc.
Alternate 189686 Annular Casing Seal Test Method W.W. Fleckenstein, A.W. Eustes, R. Baker, Colorado School of Mines
Alternate 189650 Using Aluminum Drill Pipe with Axial Oscillation Tools to Significantly Improve Drilling Performance K. Mills, S. Menand, Drillscan; R.J. Grissom, Otto Fuchs Drilling Solutions USA; T. Entenmann, Extraction Oil and Gas
10:15 - 12:45
17  Bits and Downhole Tools Ballroom B
Session Chairpersons Dan Eugene Scott - Consultant, Danielle Moltz Fuselier - Baker Hughes
Time Paper # Presentation
1015-1045 189638 Improved Non-planar PDC Cutter Geometry Increased Footage 189% in STACK Lateral of Oklahoma N.J. Lyons, Baker Hughes Inc; B. Cantrell, S. Bryant, Cimarex Energy Co.; K.T. Izbinski, HCC (Baker Hughes); M. Hoffman, Cimarex; D.E. Gavia, Baker Hughes Inc
1045-1115 189649 Stabilizer Selection Based on Physics and Lessons Learned P.E. Pastusek, ExxonMobil Development Co.
1115-1145 189666 Multiple Deepwater Drilling Operations Executed in One Trip Utilizing Advanced Underreaming Techniques W.E. Pryor, E. Valverde, Weatherford; A. Goodwin, Weatherford International Ltd.; K. Nevlud, Shearbits
1145-1215 189592 High-Power MudHammer : a Promising Solution for Drilling in Hard Formations. R. Souchal, Drillstar Industries; L. Gerbaud, Mines ParisTech; M. Tarek, Drillstar Industries
1215-1245 189631 Breaking the Friction Barrier on Two-Mile Laterals - Performance Results Utilizing Two Friction Reduction Tools S. Jones, J. Sugiura, Sanvean Technologies; C. Feddema, Turbo Drill Industries / Scout Downhole; M. Charter, Scout Downhole
Alternate 189671 Novel Drill Bit Technology Increases Efficiency and Reduces Stick Slip and Vibrations R. Rahmani, N. Omidvar, C. Hanley, National Oilwell Varco
Alternate 189624 Drill Bit Design in a High Horsepower Environment - Complete PDC Bit Redesign Eliminates a Trip and Prevents Matrix Cracking Integrity Issues in Kaybob, Western Canada J. Fairbairn, R. Borge, Baker Hughes; D. Daechsel, Shell
Alternate 189667 Drilling in the Delaware Basin With Shaped Diamond Elements Reduces Vibration and Increases Reaching Target Depth A. Phillips, C. Rickabaugh, J. Gray, Baker Hughes; D. Disser, Anadarko Petroleum Corporation
10:15 - 12:45
18  Case Studies II Ballroom C
Session Chairpersons Pradeepkumar Ashok - UT Austin, Gregory Steven Payette - Exxon Mobil Corporation
Time Paper # Presentation
1015-1045 189688 Real-time Quantitative Composition Of Formation Gas While Drilling E. Colombel, N. Guerriero, M. Ringer, Schlumberger GSS
1045-1115 189662 Integrated Real-Time Pressure Monitoring Enables the Success of Drilling a HTHP Offshore Well: A Casing Study in Ledong Area, Yinggehai Basin, South China Sea J. Cai, CNOOC Limited; P. Liu, Schlumberger
1115-1145 189676 Innovative Use of Quartz-Based Array-Sensing Technology Provides Real-Time Visualization and Data Analytics to Decipher Fluid-Flow Patterns in Unconventional Plays E.A. Garcia, C. Allen, Halliburton
1145-1215 189601 Improving Surface WOB Accuracy A. Kyllingstad, National Oilwell Varco
1215-1245 189653 Reducing Stick-Slip by Avoiding Auto-Driller Control Dysfunction D.W. Adam, Occidental Petroleum
Alternate 189616 Measuring Drilled Cuttings and Fluid Recovery by Real Time Mass Balance B.E. Smith, LEVI