SPE Liquids-Rich Basins Conference - North America 5 - 6 Sep 2018 The Petroleum Club Midland, Texas, USA

Call for Papers

You are invited to share your technical innovations and accomplishments by submitting a paper proposal for consideration. Your submission must be received by Monday, 19 February 2018.


Technical Categories



  • New and improved artificial lift
  • Water availability, treatment, and disposal
  • Measurement/metering
  • Facilities design trends and improvements
  • Dynamic slugging
  • Latest trends in equipment and processes
  • Cost and operating expense control
  • Chemical injection
  • Failure rate mitigation
  • Multiwell pad design trends and improvements
  • Real time monitoring and optimization 
  • Overcoming ultralong-reach lateral challenges
  • Casing string design challenges
  • Drilling advances
  • Automated rig controls
  • Drilling dynamics
  • Play-specific challenges and solutions
  • Overcoming infrastructure hurdles
  • Case histories
  • 3D modeling of ultra-low permeability plays
  • Oil-in-place estimates
  • Reservoir characterization
  • EUR and performance prediction
  • Sweet spot identification
  • Drawdown management
  • Lateral and stage spacing
  • Optimizing the stimulation of low-permeability reserves
  • Integrating geomechanics with engineering in stimulation design
  • Diversion systems to improve placement effectiveness
  • Fracturing materials (fluids, proppants, and additives)
  • Impact of a reduced margin environment
  • Integrating multiple disciplines
  • Increasing EUR with NPV optimization
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Multivariate analysis
  • Integration of geophysics in geology
  • Rock physics, petrophysics and borehole geophysics
  • Microseismic and microdeformation monitoring
  • Near-wellbore distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) and distributed temperature sensing (DTS)
  • Geomechanical surveillance for fracture height characterization
  • Petrophysical log analysis
  • Recent advances in 3-D seismic analysis and integration with other technologies
  • Geochemistry
  • Horizontal landing zones


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    The submission deadline is Monday, 19 February 2018.

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