SPE EOR Conference at OGWA 25 - 28 Mar 2018 Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre Muscat, Oman


Sunday, March 25

08:00 - 16:00
Practical Aspects of CO2 Flooding EOR, and CO2 Geosequestration Sundus Rotana Hotel
Instructor(s) Charles E. Fox, S. M. (Sam) Avasthi, J. M. (Jay) Avasthi

In teaching this course, the instructors plan to:

  1. Spend most of the time discussing the practical aspects of CO2 flooding and keep discussion of the theoretical topics to bare minimum.
  2. Discuss economics of CO2 flooding (vis-à-vis water flooding).
  3. Give course attendees some practical and useful problems to work on in the class.
  4. Discuss CO2 geosequestration wherever there is interest in this topic.
  5. Provide each course attendee a course manual containing copies of the instructors’ PowerPoint presentations and solutions to the class problems.


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08:00 - 16:00
Strategic Surveillance: Cost-Effective Options Sundus Rotana Hotel
Ticketed Event
Instructor(s) Dr Ashok Singhal

This one-day seminar introduces various surveillance concepts, options and ways of examining cost-effectiveness based on several case studies.

Some information discussed could be strategic and lead to operations modification via identification of improvement opportunities or of imminent threats. Therefore, surveillance operations are continued until their marginal value is greater than corresponding marginal costs.

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08:30 - 16:00
SPE Workshop—Women to Excel: Network, Diversify and Inspire Sundus Rotana Hotel

Be prepared to network, diversify your approach, and be inspired!

Woman to Excel: Network, Diversify and Inspire is a one-day workshop designed to address the challenges and opportunities faced by women throughout their careers, to inspire female talent, and to attract future generations to our industry.

Whether it is creating effective and ever-evolving networks, allowing diversity and inclusion to generate opportunities, or understanding different approaches to managing a successful career, this workshop will provide insights so women can surpass expectations and impact organisations. 

The workshop schedule will feature keynote speakers and four interactive sessions with panellists and discussion leaders who will share their powerful and inspirational real-life stories, reflect on their challenges and achievements, as well as exchange ideas and stimulate discussions across wide-ranging important industry topics.

There has been a shift in demographics over time, both in the region and globally, and our industry needs to benefit from these changes and adapt, as it is clear that women bring both diverse perspectives and value to the workforce.

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12:00 - 18:00
19:00 - 19:30
Opening Ceremony Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre



Saleh bin Ali Al Anboori
Conference Chairman and
Director General of Planning and Studies
Ministry of Oil and Gas 

Darcy Spady
2018 SPE President
Broadview Energy

19:30 - 21:00
Keynote Panel Session: The Energy Sector—Sustaining and Expanding Socio-Economic Developments Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre


Bassam Fattouh
Director, Oxford Institute for Energy Studies
Professor, School of Oriental and African Studies
University of London


His Excellency
Mohammed bin Hamad Al Rumhy
Minister of Oil and Gas
Sultanate of Oman

Berislav Gašo
Executive Vice President E&P
MOL Group

Raoul Restucci
Managing Director


About this Session

This panel will discuss:

  • The contributions of the petroleum industry to socio-economic developments.
  • How to enhance these contributions by exploring new opportunities and frontiers.
  • How the industry is responding to the low oil price challenges.
  • Ways to assure governments and people of its ability to effectively respond to the raised concerns, overall socio-economic changes, and challenges. 


The energy sector, dominated by the fossil and petroleum resources, has been a main enabler of the modern socio-economic developments and driver for many industrial and technological advancements. The oil and gas industry has been providing energy for almost all uses of petroleum, in recent decades including industrial, demotic, and transportation, in addition to provision of feedstock to many agricultural, domestic, and industrial products. The contributions of the petroleum industry has extended to broad socio-economic developments and welfare for people in many countries, particularly producing countries such as the Gulf countries. These contributions span from provision of the main national income, employment, business and in-country value development to technological advancements.

However, the high dependency of many producing countries on the oil and gas revenues to sustain their economies, to progress their developments, and to offer good welfare to their citizens has been posing major concerns that were amplified with the recent significant drop in the oil prices. While economists, government officials, planners, and analysts debate ways to achieve independency from reliance on oil revenue—noteably through diversifying the economy and developing new industries—the petroleum industry is required to support these efforts while maintaining its essential contributions and continue to contribute to socio-economic developments. That is, not by abandoning the petroleum development, but by enhancing contributions through the creation of high-graded jobs, advancing technologies, developing supporting industries, developing more environmental-friendly uses of petroleum resources, and even exploiting and developing new sources of energy. 

21:00 - 22:30

Monday, March 26

07:30 - 16:30
08:30 - 10:00
Executive Plenary Session: Staying the Course and Moving to New Frontiers Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre


Saleh Al Anboori
Director General of Planning and Studies
Ministry of Oil and Gas

Sultan Al Shidhani
Petroleum Engineering Manager

Keynote Speaker(s):

His Excellency Salim Al Aufi
Ministry of Oil and Gas


Amran Al Marhubi
Technical Director

Sami Iskander
Executive Vice President, Upstream
Joint Ventures
Shell Upstream International

Stephen Kelly
President and General Manager
Occidental of Oman

Stéphane Michel
President Middle East/North Africa, Exploration & Production Division

António Costa Silva
Chairman of the Management Commission
Partex Oil and Gas Group

About this Session

In this major executive panel session, distinguished industry leaders will share their assessment of the industry’s successes and progress made in the Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) journey, highlighting its importance and impact on the energy sector and the economical/technological developments at large. The discussion will focus on what it takes to stay the course and make significant strides in progressing into new frontiers.


Staying the course and moving to new frontiers requires the sharing of EOR developmental efforts, industrial experience and new advances by addressing the emerging and implementation challenges more effectively. The Middle East region, Oman in particular, is achieving major advances in EOR developments and addressing the challenges of moving to new frontiers.

EOR methods and technologies have been in development, evaluation, and implementation has steadily increased in recent years, which has brought about further advancements in both understanding/conceptualisation and the implementing/operating levels. Hence, consolidating EOR has become a vital part of oil extraction methods in many parts on the world.

The recent significant and longer-lasting reduction in oil price posed major challenges to EOR applications which are highly variable, capital intensive, challenging to operate, and in most cases, field specific. However, the oil industry has responded to these challenges by stepping up efforts and optimising development, improving unit technical costs by advancing technologies and extractions methods, EOR applications are benefiting most from new realities.

There is a need for the industry to stay the course for existing EOR applications and to ensure they continue to thrive whilst progressing to new frontiers to unlock further hydrocarbon resources. These frontiers are targeting resources that are extremely difficult to access and extract, as well as new technologies and methods. While the main EOR methods (thermal, chemical, and miscible gas) increase recovery by improving oil mobility and displacement, further enhancements could be achieved with the combination of improved productivity and increased accessibility to oil resources through the application of novel methods.

10:30 - 11:00
10:30 - 17:00
11:00 - 12:30
01  New Developments in Surfactant-Based EOR Processes Room 1
Session Chairpersons Hanaa Al-Sulaimani - Petroleum Development Oman, Yingcheng Li - SINOPEC
Time Paper # Presentation
1100-1120 190470 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Ammonia as Alkali for High Acid Number Oils J.G. Southwick, M. Brewer, S. Pieterse, D.W. Van Batenburg, Shell
1120-1140 190443 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Laboratory Study on a New Surfactant/Polymer Formulation for Both Sandstone and Carbonate Reservoir F. Zhang, W. Luo, S. Yang, Q. Zhang, Y. Zhu, Z. Zhou, M. Tian, PetroChina
1140-1200 190369 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Surfactant-Polymer EOR from Laboratory to the Pilot S. Puskas, A. Vago, M. Toro, T. Ordog, G. Kalman, MOL Hungarian Oil and Gas Plc; P. Hanzelik, MOL Hungarian Oil and Gas Plc. Group E&P Applied Materials, Technologies & Laboratories; Z. Bihari, J. Blaho, MOL Hungarian Oil and Gas Plc; R. Tabajdi, University of Szeged; I. Dekany, University of Szeged Department of Physical Chemistry and Material Sciences; J. Dudas, University of Szeged; R. Nagy, L. Bartha, University of Pannonia Department of MOL Hydrocarbon and Coal Processing; I. Lakatos, University of Miskolc
1200-1220 190418 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Experimental Study of Surfactant Polymer for a Heavy Oil Field in South of Oman R. Al-Jabri, A. Alkindi, R. Al-Mjeni, N. Al-Azri, Petroleum Development of Oman; D. Rousseau, S. Renard, IFP Energies nouvelles; V. Miralles, Solvay; E. Delamaide, IFP Technologies Canada Inc.
Alternate 190377 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Nanoparticle-fortified Emulsification of Heavy Oil D. Arab, A. Kantzas, S.L. Bryant, University of Calgary
Alternate 190440 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Experimental Study of Crude Oil Emulsion Stability by Surfactant and Nanoparticles A.M. Almohsin, Saudi Aramco; Z.A. Alabdulmohsen, BHGE; B. Bai, P. Neogi, Missouri University of Science & Tech
Alternate 190434 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Microemulsion Formation & its Effect on Rheology using Carbonate-based Alkalis for AP or ASP floods in the Matzen Field, Austria V. Leitenmueller, O. Toumi, H.M. Hofstaetter, Montanuniversität Leoben; T. Clemens, OMV Exploration & Production GmbH
11:00 - 12:30
02  EOR for Difficult Reservoirs Room 2
Session Chairpersons Robert Fortenberry - Ultimate EOR Services, Jawad Azeem - Calsep
Time Paper # Presentation
1100-1120 190348 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Laboratory Study of Injection Strategy for Low-Tension-Gas Flooding in High Salinity, Tight Carbonate Reservoirs A. Das, N. Nguyen, The University of Texas At Austin; R. Farajzadeh, J.G. Southwick, S. VicentBonnieu, Shell Global Solutions International BV; S. Khaburi, A. Kindi, Petroleum Development Oman; Q.P. Nguyen, The University of Texas At Austin
1120-1140 190389 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Assessment of Scale Formation during a Hybrid Alkali-SP in a Carbonate Reservoir A. Sanaei, The University of Texas At Austin; R. Fortenberry, Ultimate EOR Services; M. Delshad, K. Sepehrnoori, The University of Texas At Austin
1140-1200 190386 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Study on Development Well Pattern of Combined Steam Drive and Gravity Drainage in a Reservoir with Interbeds and Its Application:A Case Study C. Hu, T. Zhang, Z. Wang, B. Han, G. Zhou, Z. Zou, M. Ge, E&D Research Institute of Liaohe Oilfield Company of CNPC
1200-1220 190397 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Surfactant Based EOR for Tight Oil Reservoirs through Wettability Alteration: Novel
Surfactant Formulations and their Efficacy to Induce Spontaneous Imbibition
P.D. Patil, N. Rohilla, A. Katiyar, W. Yu, S. Falcone, C. Nelson, P.M. Rozowski, The Dow Chemical Company
Alternate 190353 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Novel Anionic Surfactant Formulation For High Temperature Carbonate Reservoirs

J. Montes, N. Blin, A.E. Alvarez, I. Barrio, A. Panadero, R. Rodriguez, M. Coca, F. Trujillo, Cepsa
Alternate 190411 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Investigation and Application of an Associative Polymer-Surfactant Binary System for a Successful Flooding Pilot in a High-Temperature, High-Salinity, Ordinary Heavy Oil Reservoir Y. Guo, Southwest Petroleum University; J. Zhang, CNPC; X. Zhang, J. Hu, Southwest Petroleum University; W. Wang, CNPC; Y. Liang, Southwest Petroleum University
11:00 - 12:30
03  Thermal Field Applications Room 3
Session Chairpersons Mohammed Al-Habsi - Oman Oil Company, Raj Deo Tewari - Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd
Time Paper # Presentation
1100-1120 190478 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Steamflooding Heavy Oil in a Naturally Fractured Carbonate Reservoir in Sultanate of Oman: A Case Study S. Malik, M.A. Al Balushi, S. Al Salmi, A.S. Al Belushi, F. Al Ismaili, F. Al Qassabi, Occidental of Oman Inc.
1120-1140 190378 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Enhanced Aquifer Pump-Off Strategy for a Steam Flooding Development, Amal West Field, Sultanate of Oman
A. Belghache, J. Van Doren, A. Shibli, A. Al Hilali, S.S. Al Bahri, R. Yazidi, K.L. D'Amours, J. Tromp, Petroleum Development Oman
1140-1200 190341 Reservoir Description & Dynamics 1.1 Acre Thermal EOR Pilot & Field Testing Best Practices, Sultanate of Oman

A. AL Shibli, S. Al Bahri, R. Yazidi, J. Tromp, K.L. D'Amours, A. Belghache, A. Yahyai, Petroleum Development Oman; P. Pristi H, Petroleum Development Oman L.L.C.; T.J. Duggan, A. Saileh, F. Busaidi, R. Al Abri, J. Lombardi, Petroleum Development Oman
1200-1220 190423 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Successful Optimization of Steam Flooding pilot Test project in Sudanese oil Field “Fula North East Block 6”

M.F. Rdwan, Ministry of Petroleum & Gas; H.A. Elbaloula, Petro-Energy E&P Co Ltd; G. Erpeng, China Natl. Petroleum Corp.; A.F. Shahin, H.A. Mohammed, Sudapet Co Ltd; A. Fidial, SUDAPET
Alternate 190444 Reservoir Description & Dynamics The Last Chance? - Cyclic Steaming Pilot Project In Demjén West Field

J. Szelenyi, MOL
Alternate 190362 Production & Operations Real-Time
Fiber-Optics Monitoring of Steam Injection in Unconsolidated High Viscous Formation

S. Gonzalez Fernandez, H. Al-Rashidi, D.C. Pandey, Y. Al-Mula, A. Safar, J. Al-Kandari, W.A. Abdalla, Kuwait Oil Company; S. Gorgi, D. Patel, Halliburton
Alternate 190336 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Designing a Cross Top Down Steam Drive Pilot to Unlock a Complex Ultra Heavy Oil Field in the Sultanate of Oman A. Belghache, S. Holyoak, A. Alwazeer, S. Choudhury, A. Shibli, K. Mahrazy, Z. Amri, R. Yazidi, K. D'Amours, Petroleum Development Oman
Alternate 190437 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Evaluation of Early-Time Reservoir Response for a Thermal Pilot in Kuwait

M. Bagheri, M. Al-Otaibi, Y. Al-Naqi, S. Al-Ballam, A. Boqrais, Kuwait Oil Company; M. Paydayesh, Schlumberger
12:30 - 13:30
13:30 - 15:00
Panel Session 1: From Concept to Producing—How Can we Make it Faster? Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre


Saif Al Khayari

Vice President Technical

Oman Oil Company Exploration & Production

Gregor Brodt
Vice President Technology Scouting and Innovation


Sami Al Lawati
Oil Director South

Diederik Boersma
General Manager IOR/EOR
Shell Global Solutions International 

Klaus Langemann
Global Technology and Innovation

Jason Le Vesconte
Vice President for Global Integrated Project Management



M. Jukris B. Wahab
Vice President for Malaysia Assets


About this Session

In this session we will hear from experts in the EOR field and learn from their experiences to efficiently progress an EOR project from concept to production.


EOR Project development and turnaround cycle—from a conceptual phase to realisation and production—varies between companies and business cultures. What makes some companies faster than others in successfully developing an oil field by implementating an EOR project and progress this from concept to full production?

In some companies, it takes years to implement an EOR project to full field production. These companies go through prolonged assessment periods including carrying out field and lab work, analysing the results before implementing a pilot. Based on the results, and company strategies and priorities, only then can implementation begin on a small or field/reservoir wide scale.

In other companies, it may be more critical to progress the implementation of such projects at a fast pace and employ dedicated resources to ensure early and successful realisation. For these companies, the task can be a more challenging. They may start with the decision to outsource the work to a specialised consulting firm, or to carry it out with their own resources.

Initially the selection of the right consultant is critical for success, even though the project objectives, goals and targets are clearly defined and adhered to throughout the whole project. If the project is going to be carried out internally, selection of the project team, the need to employ additional expert resources, team members coherence, dedication, discipline, team, company leadership style, company business processes, clear objectives and targets, etc., need to be taken into account. 

Organisational soft characteristics like culture, and its business processes are critical to success, but meticulous project planning, project management and execution are important in implementing and maturing the concept quickly.

13:30 - 15:00
04  Thermal Technologies Room 3
Session Chairpersons Nasser Said Al Azri - Petroleum Development Oman, Youyi Zhu - PetroChina
Time Paper # Presentation
1330-1350 190452 Production & Operations Case Study: Realization and Evaluation of Cyclic Steam Stimulation Pilot for Offshore Oilfield, China X. Han, Y. Liu, H. Liu, Q. Wang, J. Zou, H. Zhang, H. Wang, CNOOC Ltd, Tianjin Branch; X. Wu, Sichuan Guangya Polymer Chemical Co. Ltd
1350-1410 190428 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Thermal Performance Challenges and Prospectives of the Russian Largest Carbonate Reservoir with Heavy Oil S. Oursegov, Skoltech; E.N. Taraskin, Lukoil-Engineering Ltd - PermNIPIneft; A. Zakharian, Cervart Ltd.
1410-1430 190447 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Optimizing Thermal Eor Process In Fractured Tight Carbonate With Steam Flow Stream Mapping A. Khalifa, M. Lambert, A. Shehab, Tatweer Petroleum; A. Mohamed, Tatweer Petroleum Bahrain LLC; B. Moulana, Tatweer Petroleum
1430-1450 190474 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Steam optimization topic, Injection Rate Reduction vs. Surface Steam Quality Reduction

R.A. Al Shaibi, Occidental of Oman Inc.; A. Al Abri, Occidental of Oman, Inc.
Alternate 190396 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Steam Breakthrough Mitigation in Cyclic Steam Stimulation Operations, "A" East Field, Sultanate of Oman A. Alwazeer, A. Belghache, T. Aulaqi, S. Choudhury, K. Shaqsi, A. Busaidi, Petroleum Development Oman; L. Vargas Rojas, A. Andrade Marin, K. Salhi, B. Bulushi, A. Yahyai, R. Yazidi, A. Hilali, K. D Amours, Petroleum Development Oman LLC
15:00 - 15:30
15:30 - 17:00
05  Strategy and Facilities Room 1
Session Chairpersons Philippe Robert Cordelier - Total, Clare Dorothy Billeau - Shell
Time Paper # Presentation
1530-1550 190354 Reservoir Description & Dynamics EOR-The Business Unusual: North Kuwait’s First ASP Pilot in a Carbonate Reservoir

A.K. Pathak, S. Tiwari, M.F. Al-ajmi, Kuwait Oil Company
1550-1610 190410 Projects, Facilities & Construction Polymer Distribution Concepts for Large Scale Polymer Floods in the Sultanate of Oman: Simplicity or Flexibility?

S.S. Albaqlani, S. Singh, Petroleum Development Oman; G. Glasbergen, H. vanEIK, Shell Global Solutions International BV
1610-1630 190441 Projects, Facilities & Construction Integration of Solar Steam Facilities with Existing Steam Generation Systems

M. Nellist, GlassPoint Solar
1630-1650 190424 Management & Information Practical EOR Agents - There is more to EOR than CO2 E. Dean, Colorado School of Mines; J. French, M. Pitts, K. Wyatt, Surtek
Alternate 190419 Management & Information Increasing Value Through Digital Transformation; a Case Study from the "A" Field Thermal EOR Asset, Sultanate of Oman

S. Holyoak, A. Alwazeer, S. Choudhury, M. Sawafi, A. Belghache, T. Aulaqi, S. Bahri, R. Yazidi, A. Yahyai, K. D'Amours, Petroleum Development Oman
15:30 - 17:00
06  Miscible and Immiscible Gas Injection Room 2
Session Chairpersons Maged Mabrook - ADNOC, Rouhi Farajzadeh - Shell
Time Paper # Presentation
1530-1550 190356 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Immiscible Gas Injection Pilot on an Offshore Mature Field With Undersaturated Viscous Oil

M.J. Bourgeois, N. Boot, M. SAINT-FELIX, TOTAL E&P; I. Boudimbou, A. Tollis, Total E&P Congo
1550-1610 190405 Reservoir Description & Dynamics EOR - Miscible Gas Injection in the South of Oman: A Bold Vision that Became Reality
A.G. Al Hadhrami, R.M. Schulz, M. Maskari, S. Bahlawi, H. Naabi, F.A. Shuaibi, F. Sukaiti, Petroleum Development Oman
1610-1630 190461 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Minagish Middle Oolite Miscible Gas Injection Pilot: Inter-Well Tracer Campaign for the First Non-Thermal EOR Project in Kuwait
M.T. Al-Murayri, H. Al-Mayyan, Kuwait Oil Company (KOC); D.S. Kamal, Kuwait Oil Company; K. Ziyab, Kuwait Oil Company (KOC); M. Chatterjee, P. Hewitt, Tracerco Limited
1630-1650 190355 Reservoir Description & Dynamics From Coreflood Experiments to Field-Scale EOR Evaluations: Comprehensive Review of Gas-Assisted Gravity Drainage (GAGD) Process with Field-Scale Evaluations W.J. Al-Mudhafar, A. Al-Tameemi, Louisiana State University and A&M College; A.K. Al-Maliki, Basra Oil Company; A. Al-Attar, Weatherford International; R.H. Al-Ameri, Basra Oil Company
15:30 - 17:00
07  Experimental and Modelling of Thermal Processes Room 3
Session Chairpersons Eric Delamaide - IFP Technologies Canada, Talal Jamal Al-aulaqi - Petroleum Development Oman
Time Paper # Presentation
1530-1550 190435 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Modelling of Liquid Injectivity in Surfactant-Alternating-Gas Foam Enhanced Oil Recovery J. Gong, Delft University of Technology; S. Vincent Bonnieu, Shell Global Solutions International BV; R. Kamarul Bahrim, PETRONAS; J. Groenenboom, R. Farajzadeh, Shell Global Solutions International BV; W.R. Rossen, Delft University of Technology
1550-1610 190459 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Thermal Recovery Study for Improving Oil Recovery of Heavy Oil Accumulation with StrongWater Drive Mechanismin Sultanate of Oman

M. Dinata, M.A. Arham, H.S. Sudono, A. Badar, A. Badr, M. Mirza, Medco LLC
1610-1630 190463 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Experimental Study of Urea -SAGD Process G. Erpeng, H. Wang, Y. Jiang, Y. Gao, S. Junhui, L. Songlin, CNPC
1630-1650 190468 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Reservoir Modeling and Simulation for Thermal Oil Recovery in Fractured Karst Carbonates in Bahrain

M.R. Lambert, A.E. Al-Muftah, M. Mohammed, S.S. Barni, Tatweer Petroleum Bahrain LLC; E. Zhang, Occidental Petroleum Corp.; A. Guang, Tatweer Petroleum
Alternate 190436 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Optimization of Steam Injection Processes in Reservoirs with Subsidence and Uplift C. Temizel, Aera Energy; D.F. Putra, Rafflesia Energy; A.K. Najy, ADNOC
Alternate 190371 Management & Information A Generalized Continuous Carbon Dioxide Injection Design and Screening Tool for Naturally Fractured Reservoirs of Varying Oil Compositions

H.H. Hamam, Saudi Aramco; T. Ertekin, Pennsylvania State University

Tuesday, March 27

07:30 - 16:30
08:00 - 14:00
SPE Energy4me Students Workshop Sundus Rotana Hotel

SPE is educating the next generation of aspiring engineers, scientists, and managers in the oil and gas industry. Approximately 100 high school students will see firsthand, the opportunities the industry has to offer as well as engage in hands-on activities that illustrate some basic technical concepts in oil exploration and production. Students will also meet industry professionals and ask questions about possible careers in the industry.

Find out more.

08:30 - 10:00
08  EOR Challenges Opportunities and Risk Room 1
Session Chairpersons Echo Liu - ZL EOR Chemicals, Jan Paul - OMV
Time Paper # Presentation
0830-0850 190445 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Thermal EOR Souring Prediction Tool - Technology for Cost Reduction.
T.J. Al-aulaqi, Petroleum Development Oman; E. Zhang, B. Dindoruk, D. Ward, Shell Technology Houston; J. Coremans, N. Al-Azri, Petroleum Development Oman
0850-0910 190372 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Gelation Time Optimization of an Organically Crosslinked Polyacrylamide Gel System for In-depth Fluid Diversion Applications H.W. Alhashim, J. Wang, A.M. Alsofi, Z.F. Kaidar, Saudi Aramco
0910-0930 190337 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Chemical EOR Economic Evaluation in a Low Oil Price Environment: Sabriyah Lower Burgan Reservoir Case Study
M.T. Al-Murayri, H. Al-Mayyan, D.S. Kamal, M.F. Al-ajmi, Kuwait Oil Company; M.J. Pitts, K. Wyatt, J. French, Surtek, Inc.; E.S. Dean, Colorado School of Mines
0930-0950 190370 Projects, Facilities & Construction Treatment of Alkaline Surfactant Polymer Flood Produced Chemicals in a Custom built Flowloop Separation Facility in the Sultanate of Oman

M. Al-Shidi, H. Al-Hadhrami, K. Shuaili, M. Syed, G. Philip, Petroleum Development Oman; S. De Kruijf, P.M. Hagemeijer, Shell Global Solutions International BV
Alternate 190368 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Compositional Modeling and Calibration of ASP Corefloods in Composite-Carbonate Cores
M. Al-Murayri, Kuwait Oil Company; S.G. Ghedan, F.A. Skoreyko, Computer Modelling Group; A. Hassan, Kuwait Oil Company
Alternate 190400 Production & Operations In-Situ Microemulsion-Assisted Fluid Recovery with Blend of Anionic-Cationic Surfactants in Super High Temperature-Extra Low Permeability Formations Y. Li, Q. Li, W. Zhang, Y. Meng, J. Jin, X. Bao, O. Sha, Z. Shen, Y. Yang, SINOPEC
Alternate 190479 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Integrated Method for Numerical Simulation of Foam Flooding in Porous Media in the Absence and Presence of Oil S.M. Hosseini Nasab, Amirkabir University of Technology; F. Douarche, L. Nabzar, IFP Energies Nouvelles; M. Simjoo, Sahand University of Technology; B. Bourbiaux, F. Roggero, IFP Energies Nouvelles
08:30 - 10:00
09  EOR Operations and Surveillance (1) Room 2
Session Chairpersons Asim Al Abri - Occidental, Mohammed Al-Habsi - Oman Oil Company
Time Paper # Presentation
0830-0850 190421 Reservoir Description & Dynamics New Tracers to Measure Residual Oil and Fractional Flow in Push and Pull Tracer Tests
O.K. Huseby, Restrack AS; C. Galdiga, Restrack; G.A. Zarruk, S.K. Hartvig, Ø. Dugstad, Restrack AS
0850-0910 190439 Production & Operations Well and reservoir surveillance challenges basedon MGI and GI experience D. Smirnov, A. Sariri, M. Al Abri, T. Narwal, S. Fakhriya, Y. Riyami, A. Zahir, A. Al-Hadhrami, Petroleum Development Oman; A.H. Al-Yaarubi, Y.R. Al Habsi, Schlumberger
0910-0930 190442 Production & Operations Surveillance of Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage project in in-depth Extra Heavy oil Reservoir
H. Wang, Development Management Department, Liaohe Oilfield, CNPC.; G. Erpeng, RIPED, CNPC
Alternate 190466 Production & Operations First Successful Temperature and Pressure Profile Test for Horizontal Section of Thermal Wells in Offshore Heavy Oilfield China H. LIU, CNOOC Ltd, Tianjin Branch; Y. Liu, CNOOC Ltd Tianjin Branch; X. Han, CNOOC Ltd TianjinBranch; Q. Wang, J. Zou, H. Zhang, H. Wang, CNOOC Ltd Tianjin Branch; E. Guo, RIPED CNPC
08:30 - 10:00
10  Advances in Chemical-Based EOR Experiments Room 3
Session Chairpersons Rouhi Farajzadeh - Shell, Philippe Robert Cordelier - Total
Time Paper # Presentation
0830-0850 190385 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Experimental and Numerical Investigation of the Impact of Asphaltene Stability on Interfacial Properties and the Hysteresis Behavior at the Interfaces
R.R. Ratnakar, C.A. Mantilla, B. Dindoruk, Shell International Exploration & Production Inc.
0850-0910 190331 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Oil bank build up: An experimental approach
F. Al Saadi, Shell Global Solutions International B. V./ Delft University of Technology; K.A. Wolf, Delft University of Technology; C.P. Van Kruijsdijk, Shell Global Solutions International B. V./ Delft University of Technology
0910-0930 190332 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Downhole Wettability: the Potential of NMR A. Valori, F. Ali, W. Abdallah, Schlumberger Saudi Arabia
0930-0950 190335 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Upscalingfor Polymer Flooding A.S. Al-Dhuwaihi, Kuwait Oil Company; P.R. King, A.H. Muggeridge, Imperial College London
Alternate 190451 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Laboratory Study of a New EOR-Grade Scleroglucan

R. Fournier, J. Tiehi, A. Zaitoun, Poweltec
Alternate 190408 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Molecular Structure Characterization and Interaction of a Polymer Blend of Xanthan Gum-Polyacrylamide to Improve Mobility-Control on a Mature Polymer Flood G. Fondevila Sancet, M. Goldman, J.M. Buciak, CAPSA-CAPEX; O. Varela, N. D'Accorso, M. Fascio, V. Manzano, M. Luong, CIHIDECAR CONICET
Alternate 190364 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Experimental Study on the Transport and Improved Oil Recovery Mechanism of Submicron Particle Gel A.M. Almohsin, Saudi Aramco PE&D; H. Ding, B. Bai, Missouri University of Science & Tech
09:00 - 17:00
10:00 - 10:30
10:30 - 12:00
Panel Session 2: EOR: Where Are We Now? Taking Stock of Current Developments Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre
Moderator(s) Moudi Al Ajmi, Team Leader Reservoir Studies (North Kuwait), KOC; Zeinoun Klink, Vice President, Halliburton
Speaker(s) Justin Brand, Head of Group Petroleum Engineering Group Exploration and Production, MOL Group; Saif Al Bahry, Oil and Gas Research Center Director, Sultan Qaboos University; Jerko Jelić-Balta, Director of Field Development, INA-Industrija nafte; Xudong Jing, General Manager of IOR/EOR Technology, Shell


Moudi Al Ajmi
Team Leader Reservoir Studies (North Kuwait)

Zeinoun Klink 
Vice President


Saif Al Bahry
Oil and Gas Research Center Director Sultan Qaboos University

Jerko Jelić-Balta
Director of Field Development 
INA-Industrija nafte

Jonathan Chapman

Senior Vice President Subsurface & Field Development
MOL Group

Xudong Jing
General Manager of IOR/EOR Technology

Ayman Khattab
Vice President – South Gulf & Egypt Baker Hughes

About this Session

Modern society is heavily dependent on petroleum and its products. From fuelling jets to band-aids, petroleum is used in almost everything that human beings use today. This session highlights the importance of petroleum in our life and puts emphasis on maintaining its supply. Most oil companies realise that new giant fields are difficult to find. The consensus therefore is to maximise the recovery factors. Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) is the geoscience community’s response to meet this objective.


The concepts of popular EOR methods have been known to the industry for several years. What has prevented their mass application is the oil price. It is an open secret that development costs in the Middle East are much lower, and therefore a barrel of oil here is cheaper, providing an advantage towards the application of EOR methods more than elsewhere. Countries looking to take advantage of the potentially available technology, as well as the low oil price, can also look at EOR as a short-term, rather than a long-term production-enhancement process. Even in a conventional sense, low secondary recovery due to reservoir heterogeneity suggests that a large EOR prize may still be achievable.

EOR requires an in-depth knowledge of reservoir architecture and flow behaviour. Some Middle East reservoirs that have been under waterflood for more than 15–20 years have plans to field test some EOR methods, mostly chemical. Different EOR mechanisms have been piloted in GCC reservoirs. Oman is at an advanced stage of implementing a chemical EOR project. The EOR activities are on a fast track across different assets in Kuwait, which has already started miscible gas injection in West Kuwait. Chemical EOR and Low Sal will follow, including the first chemical (ASP) EOR pilot for a carbonate reservoir in North Kuwait in a couple of months. Abu Dhabi has also reported promising results for CO2 and chemical floods at both lab and field pilot scale.

Lowering the cost of EOR oil is the key to its popularity and field application anywhere. This can be achieved by securing low-cost injectants and lowering the cost of operations and EOR facilities.

EOR is coming of age in the Middle East. The next 10–15 years will see field-wide expansion of present EOR pilot projects to create an impact on any organisation’s balance sheet. In the meantime, companies should prepare to deal with subsurface and surface challenges arising out of more complex EOR operations than waterflood in terms of manpower, material, money and HSE. 

10:30 - 12:00
11  Smart Water Flooding Room 3
Session Chairpersons Michael Bueschel - BASF, Alain Zaitoun - Poweltec
Time Paper # Presentation
1030-1050 190360 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Impact of Salinity on Crude Oil/Brine/Rock Interfaces: A new Insight on Carbonate Wettability From Cryo-BIB-SEM

A. Gmira, D. Cha, S.M. Al Enezi, A.A. Yousef, Saudi Aramco
1050-1110 190387 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Effects of Salinity and Individual Water Ions on Crude Oil-Water Interface Physicochemical Interactions at Elevated Temperature S.C. Ayirala, Saudi Aramco; Z. Li, University of Alberta; S. Al-Saleh, Saudi Aramco; Z. Xu, University of Alberta; A.A. Yousef, Saudi Aramco
1110-1130 190414 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Effect of Initial Wetting on Smart Water Potential in Carbonates J. Seljeset Mjos, S. Strand, T. Puntervold, H. Gaybaliyev, University of Stavanger
1130-1150 190464 Reservoir Description & Dynamics New Wettability Method for Sandstone Using High-Salinity/Low-Salinity Water Flooding at Residual Oil Saturation

H.N. Alsaedi, A.K. Alhuraishawy, Missouri University of Science and Technology/ Missan Oil Company; R.E. Flori, Missouri University of Science & Tech; P.V. Brady, Sandia National Laboratories; P. Heidari, Missouri University of Science & Tech; A. Almansour, King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology
Alternate 190357 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Influencing Factors Analysis in the Combination of Gel Treatment and Low Salinity Waterflooding Using Sensitivity Analysis

A.K. Alhuraishawy, D. Alfarge, M. Wei, B. Bai, Missouri University of Science and Technology; A. Almansour, King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology
Alternate 190402 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Enhancing oil recovery from dolomitic reservoirs- investigation of temperature limitations T. Puntervold, S. Strand, I. Pinerez Torrijos, P. Hopkins, T. Austad, University of Stavanger
12:00 - 13:00
13:00 - 14:30
12  EOR Fundamentals Room 1
Session Chairpersons Philippe Robert Cordelier - Total, Jan Paul - OMV
Time Paper # Presentation
1300-1320 190480 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Effect of Dilution on Acoustic and Transport Properties of Reservoir Fluid Systems
R.R. Ratnakar, E.J. Lewis, B. Dindoruk, Shell International Exploration & Production Inc.
1320-1340 190422 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Temperature Dependant Relative Permeabilities End-points: Laboratory Experiments Under Reservoir Conditions from Hot-Water Flood to Steamflood

C. Lamy, J. Botua, U. Granone, J. Hy-Billiot, A. Brisset, Total SA
1340-1400 190366 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Higher-resolution Monitoring of Saturation Distribution in Carbonate Plug Core by Micro Computed Tomography Technology—Proper Core Restoration For EOR Laboratory Experiments

H. Yonebayashi, T. Uetani, H. Kaido, INPEX Corporation
1400-1420 190338 Reservoir Description & Dynamics The Impact of Gas/oil IFT and Gas Type on the Performance of Gas, WAG and SWAG Injection Schemes in Carbonates Rocks O. Shahrokhi, M. Sohrabi, Heriot-Watt University; S. Masalmeh, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company
Alternate 190450 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Effect Of Lithology on Pore-scale Residual Oil Displacement in Chemical Flooding Using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Experiments Z. Liu, China University of Petroleum-Beijing; H. Cheng, C. Xu, Y. Chen, PetroChina; Y. Chen, Y. Li, China University of Petroleum-Beijing
Alternate 190417 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Modelling the Impact of Reservoir CO2 on ASP Flood Performance in Aishwariya Field
S. Mishra, Cairn Oil & Gas, A vertical of Vedanta Limited.; A. Pandey, Cairn Oil & Gas, A vertical of Vedanta Limited
Alternate 190403 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Squeezing out the Last Drops - Long and Colourful EOR History of MOL

J. Szelenyi, T. Ordog, MOL
13:00 - 14:30
13  EOR Operations and Surveilance (2) Room 2
Session Chairpersons Talal Jamal Al-aulaqi - Petroleum Development Oman
Time Paper # Presentation
1300-1320 190393 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Challenges in Monitoring of Different EOR Processes, Sultanate of Oman PDO’s Field Experience and Prospective

S. Al Mahrooqi, S. Guntupalli, R. Al Mjeni, S. Choudhury, M. Al Hashmi, A. Al Abri, N. Al Azri, Petroleum Development Oman
1320-1340 190343 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Challenges and Learnings from Operating the Largest Off-Shore WAG in the Giant Al-Shaheen Field
and Ways to Optimize Future WAG Developments
M. Pal, S. Furqan Gilani, G. TARSAULIYA, North Oil Company
1340-1420 190453 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Large Scale EOR Projects: Cutting Costs on Surfactant Supply Logistics J.R. Barnes, D. Perez Regalado, L. Crom, M. Doll, T. King, D.Y. Covin, J.N. Crawford, P. Kunkeler, Shell
1400-1420 190462 Reservoir Description & Dynamics A Successful ASP Sweep Evaluation in a Field Pilot
J. Kechichian, G. Alhinai, K.H. Shuaili, M.S. Al-Amri, Petroleum Development Oman; Y. Svec, Shell; A.H. Yaarubi, A.I. Al Amri, Y.R. Al Habsi, Schlumberger; S. Guntupalli, Petroleum Development Oman
Alternate 190345 Production & Operations Implementing WRFM (Well, Reservoir, Facility Management ) and Smart Field Best Practices for EOR Optimization

A.A. Zeidan, R.A. Redha, A. Erhamah, Kuwait Oil Company; D.D. Williams, J.E. Montero, SHELL
13:00 - 14:30
14  Chemical Flooding Room 3
Session Chairpersons Nasser Said Al Azri - Petroleum Development Oman, W. Dale Dale Riley - Computer Modelling Group
Time Paper # Presentation
1300-1320 190472 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Polymer Injection Pilots in Bhagyam Oil Field and Full field Polymer Development Planning V. Shankar, S. Jain, A. Mishra, S. Seth, Cairn Oil & Gas, Vedanta Ltd.; C. Rautela, B. Jha, Cairn Oil & Gas, Vedanta Ltd.,
1320-1340 190431 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Success and Challenges in Ongoing Field Scale Polymer Flood in Sultanate of Oman - A Holistic Reservoir Simulation Case Study for Polymer Flood Performance Analysis & Prediction
A. Anand, Shell; H. Al Sulaimani, O. Riyami, A. Kindi, Petroleum Development Oman
1340-1400 190481 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Low Salinity Waterflood and Low Salinity Polymer Injection in the Wara Reservoir of the Greater Burgan Field, Kuwait

A. Al-Qattan, A. Sanaseeri, Z. Al-Saleh, B. Singh, H. AL-KAAOUD, Kuwait Oil Company; M. delshad, R.G. Hernandez, W. Winoto, Ultimate EOR Services LLC; C. Bouma, K. Kumer, J.V. Brown, Chemical Tracers Inc.; S. Badham, Chemical Tracers Inc
1400-1420 190352 Reservoir Description & Dynamics An Experimental Validation of a Smart Emulsion Flooding for Economic Chemical EOR B. Wei, J. Ning, J. Shang, W. Pu, Southwest Petroleum University
Alternate 190340 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Alkaline-Surfactant-Polymer Flooding: Where is the Enhanced Oil Exactly? H. Yang, J. Li, H. Jiang, J. Hu, J. Zeng, China University of Petroleum, Beijing; C. Nie, Daqing Oilfield Company
Alternate 190448 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Polymeric Surfactant for Enhanced Oil Recovery- Microvisual, Core-flood Experiments and Field Application B. Li, China University of Petroleum; Z. Liu, China University of Petroleum, Beijing; C. Fei, Daqing Oilfield Company; J. Lv, Xinjiang Oilfield Company; X. Chen, China University of Petroleum; Y. Li, China University of Petroleum, Beijing
14:30 - 15:00
15:00 - 16:30
Panel Session 3: Effective Resource Management And Capability Development Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre
Moderator(s) Clare Billeau, Manager Shell Technology Oman, Shell; Azzan Al Yaarubi, Wireline Petrophysics Principle and Domain Champion, Schlumberger
Speaker(s) Ali Al Gheithy, Petroleum Engineering Director, PDO; Mohammed Al Balushi, Subsurface Director from Mukhaizna EOR Project, OXY; Marwan Chaar, Vice President of Project Development, GlassPoint Solar; Moin Muhammad, Vice President for Water Services and EOR, Schlumberger; Mohammed Doghmi, President, Alkhorayef


Azzan Al Yaarubi 
Wireline Petrophysics Principle and Domain Champion

Clare Billeau
Manager Shell Technology Oman


Mohammed Al Balushi
Subsurface Director from Mukhaizna EOR Project
Occidental of Oman

Ali Al Gheithy
Petroleum Engineering Director

Marwan Chaar
Vice President of Project Development
GlassPoint Solar

Mohammed Doghmi 


Moin Muhammad
Vice President for Water Services and EOR


About this Session

In this panel session, industry leaders will share their views on how to manage resources in challenging EOR developments and the different approaches needed compared to conventional developments.


For the development of any field, management of resources is important, but with field development, that includes enhanced oil recovery (EOR), making resource management more critical. The aim of this panel is to consider all resources related to EOR projects, which could include water, energy, chemicals, people, data, financial and hydrocarbons. In addition, waste streams and emissions (e.g. GHG) are also resources that need to be included in resource management plans. For every EOR development, the resources need to identified and carefully managed to ensure a holistic and integrated management plan is implemented.

For water management it is essential to consider the full water cycle, potential water sources, water treatment of the produced fluids, reuse of the produced water and disposal options. It is important that a fully integrated view is considered, not only of the water cycle, but also across other field, assets, licence blocks, and even by country. 

For thermal EOR, management of the energy requirements and understanding the energy balance is important, from considering alternative energy sources (e.g. renewables)— including utilising heat recovery technology and implementing effective WRFM to manage conformance—to steam optimisation through additives and hybrid technologies. 

For any project, sufficient skills and competencies are required across a broad range of disciplines. To implement EOR projects additional skills and competencies are needed, many of which can only be developed while actively involved with an EOR project or development. It is important to ensure an integrated data management plan is in place, including data gathering, data storage, integration of different data sources, and visualisation.

15:00 - 16:30
15  Chemical Fundamentals Room 3
Session Chairpersons Ali Farouq - Heavy Oil Recovery Technologies, Mohammed Al Farsi - Gulf Energy
Time Paper # Presentation
1500-1520 190430 Reservoir Description & Dynamics The Effect of the Presence
of oil on Polymer Retention in Porous Media From Clastic Reservoirs in the
Sultanate of Oman
D.A. Wever, H. Bartlema, A.B. ten Berge, Shell; R.A. Al-Mjeni, Petroleum Development Oman; G. Glasbergen, Shell
1520-1540 190361 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Long Term Thermal Stability of Chemical EOR Surfactants S. HOCINE, B. Pousset, T. Courtaud, G. Degre, Solvay
1540-1600 190413 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Surfactant Selection for Chemical Flooding of Very Low Salinity Reservoirs - An Underrated Challenge
B. Jakobs-sauter, R. Rommerskirchen, Sasol Germany GmbH
1600-1620 190406 Reservoir Description & Dynamics A Novel Ultra-low IFT Spontaneous Emulsification System for Enhanced Oil Recovery in Low Permeability Reservoirs Z. Li, Y. Lu, H. Wu, M. Yang, H. Feng, D. Xu, J. Hou, W. Kang, H. Yang, Y. Zhao, B. Bai, China University of Petroleum
Alternate 190380 Production & Operations Alkaline-Biosurfactant-Biopolymer Process and its Potential for Enhancing Oil Recovery in Omani Oil Field T. Al-Ghailani, Y.M. Al-wahaibi, S.J. Joshi, S.N. Al-Bahry, A. Elshafie, A.S. Al-Bemani, Sultan Qaboos University
Alternate 190334 Reservoir Description & Dynamics SmartWater Synergy with Surfactant Polymer Flooding for Efficient Oil Mobilization in Carbonates J. Wang, S.C. Ayirala, A.M. Alsofi, A.A. Yousef, Saudi Aramco

Wednesday, March 28

07:30 - 16:00
08:30 - 10:00
16  Recent Surfactant-Based EOR Field Trials Room 1
Session Chairpersons Eric Delamaide - IFP Technologies Canada, Yingcheng Li - SINOPEC
Time Paper # Presentation
0830-0850 190382 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Results of Alkaline-Surfactant-Polymer Flooding Pilot at West Salym Field
Y.E. Volokitin, M. Shuster, V. Karpan, I. Koltsov, E. Mikhaylenko, M. Bondar, M. Podberezhny, A. Rakitin, Salym Petroleum Development; D.W. Van Batenburg, A.R. Parker, A. de Kruijf, J.G. Southwick, J. de Reus, E. Van Den Pol, F. Van Der Heyden, L. Boels, D.A. Wever, M. Brewer, Shell
0850-0910 190392 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Field Piloting of Alkaline Surfactant Polymer in Sultanate of Oman
K. Al Shuaili, Petroleum Development Oman; Y. Svec, Shell; S. Guntupalli, M.S. Al-Amri, G. Alhinai, M.H. Alshidi, Petroleum Development Oman; M. Syed, Petroleum Development Oman LLC; H. Al-Hadhrami, Petroleum Development Oman; D.W. Van Batenburg, S. De Kruijf, Shell
0910-0930 190426 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Chemical EOR in a Strong Aquifer Driven Reservoir: From Concept towards Reality

S. Tiwari, F.Z. Al-Mutairi, A.S. Al-Dhuwaihi, M.F. Al-ajmi, Kuwait Oil Company
0930-0950 190373 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Offshore Surfactant Injectivity Trials: From Core to Successful Field Trials in the Al-Shaheen Field

M. Pal, G. Tarsaulia, S. Furqan Gilani, G. Geremia, North Oil Company
Alternate 190374 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Successful Implementation of a One-Spot Alkaline-Surfactant-Polymer (ASP) Pilot in a Giant Carbonate Reservoir

M.T. Al-Murayri, A.A. Al-Kharji, D.S. Kamal, M.F. Al-ajmi, R.N. Al-Ajmi, M. Al-Shammari, T.H. Al-Asfoor, Kuwait Oil Company; S.J. Badham, C. Bouma, J.V. Brown, Chemical Tracers Inc.; R.G. Hernandez, P.T. Suniga, Ultimate EOR Services
Alternate 190347 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Research and Application on Efficient Development Technology for Complex Heavy Oil Reservoir

L. CUI, PetroChina
08:30 - 10:00
17  Wells/Completions for EOR Room 2
Session Chairpersons Rashid Yazidi - Petroleum Development Oman, Clare Dorothy Billeau - Shell
Time Paper # Presentation
0830-0850 190344 Production & Operations Hydraulic Concentric Tubular Pumping System for lifting Oil in EOR Completions C.J. Langbauer, H.M. Hofstaetter, J. Gerald, Montanuniversitaet Leoben
0850-0910 190390 Production & Operations Overcoming Artificial Lift Failures in Polymer Flooding Oil
Field in the South of Oman
N.A. Al-Sidairi, M. Osman, Petroleum Development Oman; N.B. Oritola, Pertoleum Development Oman; M. Amri, K. Zuhaimi, A. Farsi, G. Hinai, M.A. Al-Mahrooqi, Petroleum Development Oman
0910-0930 190433 Production & Operations Application Of Water Swelling Polymer To Reduce Vugular Zones Using Emulsified Diesel As Carrier Fluid M. Varshney, A. Goyal, A. Jain, N. Pandey, A. Parasher, S. Vermani, Cairn Oil and Gas; A.P. Singh, M.S. Deshpande, K. Pande, Halliburton
0930-0950 190467 Completions New A-Frame Design for SAGD-Based Heavy Oil Production R. Payvar, S. Williams, Freudenberg Oil & Gas Technology
Alternate 190456 Production & Operations Increasing Wells Injectivity and Productivity by Seismic and Seismo-Chemical Stimulation K. Furman, S. Miftakhov, M. Nazyrov, R.V. Nefedov, V. Zamakhaev, Terratec; A. Andrianov, AIA Consulting
Alternate 190379 Completions Fracturing Fluid Encapsulated Breaker: High Temperature up to 330°F
I. Al-Hulail, H. Al-Khabaz, Y.H. Al-Janabi, R. Rahal, Halliburton; M.N. Al Dahlan, K. Al-Marshad, Saudi Aramco
08:30 - 10:00
18  Hybrid EOR and Conformance Room 3
Session Chairpersons Shehadeh K Masalmeh - ADNOC, Japan Trivedi - University of Alberta
Time Paper # Presentation
0830-0850 190350 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Experimental and Theoretical Study of Rate, Temperature and Solvent-Type Effects on Vapor Oil Gravity Drainage (VOGD) in Fractured Reservoirs N. Anand, B. Tang, B. Nguyen, C. Sie, University of Texas at Austin; M. Verlaan, Shell; O. Castellanos Díaz, Canadian Natural Resources Ltd.; Q.P. Nguyen, University of Texas At Austin
0850-0910 190363 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Design of a Combined Foam EOR Process for a Naturally Fractured Reservoir E. Chevallier, M. Chabert, Solvay; S. Gautier, IFPEN; S. Khaburi, H. Ghafram, A. Kindy, Petroleum Development Oman
0910-0930 190359 Reservoir Description & Dynamics An NPV-based Comparison of Performance of Subsurface Conformance Materials in EOR C. Temizel, Aera Energy LLC-EBS; D.F. Putra, Rafflesia Energy Inc; A.K. Najy, ADNOC
0930-0950 190465 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Study and Pilot Test of The Activator Flooding for Heavy Oil J. Zhang, S. Wang, Y. Zhu, G. Yang, X. Kang, X. Wang, W. Zhao, CNOOC Research Institute
Alternate 190398 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Foam Generation in Porous Media: Effect of Surfactant Concentration and Gas Fraction G. Yu, W.R. Rossen, Delft University of Technology; S. Vincent Bonnieu, SHELL
Alternate 190407 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Investigating The Effect of Employing Inflow Control Devices on The Injection Well on The SAGD Process Efficiency Using An Integrated Production Modeling A. Rahimbakhsh, Y. Rafiei, Amirkabir University of Technology
Alternate 190346 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Water-Alternating-Gas Injection Simulation - Best Practices H.A. Alzayer, M. Sohrabi, Heriot-Watt University
09:00 - 17:00
10:00 - 10:30
10:30 - 12:00
Panel Session 4: New Frontiers and Beyond, the Future for Sustained Production (EOR Strategic Thinking) Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre
Moderator(s) Salim Al Salmy, Reservoir Characterisation Manager—Mukhaizna & Chief Petrophysicist, Occidental Mukhaizna; Jonathan Chapman, Senior Vice President Subsurface & Field Development, MOL Group
Speaker(s) Franco Masserano, Technical Advisor in EOR and Thermodynamics, ENI; Tibor István Ördög, R&D Senior Scientist, MOL Group; Mohammed Amro, Institute Director, Professor and Chair of Reservoir, Production and Storage Engineering, Technical University of Bergakademie Freiberg; Institute of Drilling Engineering and Fluid Mining; Shehadah Masalmeh, EOR and SCAL Expert, ADNOC; Danielle Morel, Enhanced Oil Recovery Expert, Total


Salim Al Salmy
Reservoir Characterisation Manager—Mukhaizna and
Chief Petrophysicist
Occidental Mukhaizna

Jonathan Chapman

Senior Vice President Subsurface & Field Development
MOL Group


Mohammed Amro
Institute Director, Professor, and Chair of Reservoir, Production and Storage Engineering
Technical University of Bergakademie Freiberg; Institute of Drilling Engineering and Fluid Mining

Tibor István Ördög
Senior R&D Scientist
MOL Group

Shehadah Masalmeh
EOR and SCAL Expert
ADNOC Offshore


Franco Masserano

Technical Advisor in EOR and Thermodynamics

Danielle Morel

Enhanced Oil Recovery Expert

About this Session

This session will accommodate case histories, performance improvement initiatives, technology breakthrough, innovative ideas, short-term and long-term plans to assist EOR projects in becoming more efficient with time. 


The recent long-lasting reduction in oil price and the primary success of unconventional reservoirs in the United States have driven global EOR projects to operate at a higher level of efficiency. The new baseline for project economics in primary recovery is trending towards unconventional reservoirs. This means that in the short-term the new growth potential for the EOR projects may experience more competition with unconventional reservoirs.

The Middle East region—Oman in particular—is achieving major advances in EOR developments and is addressing the challenges of moving to new frontiers. Further enhancements could be achieved by the combination of improved productivity and application of novel methods.

10:30 - 12:00
19  Polymer Fundamentals Room 3
Session Chairpersons Echo Liu - ZL EOR Chemicals, Abdul Aziz Al-Hashmi - Sultan Qaboos University
Time Paper # Presentation
1030-1050 190391 Reservoir Description & Dynamics The Role of Synthetic Polymer on Rock-Fluid Interactions and the Resulting Change in Ionic Composition and Viscosity of the Polymer Slug for a cEOR Flood in the Sultanate of Oman A.B. ten Berge, Shell; N. Lenchenkov, TU Delft; D.A. Wever, R. Farajzadeh, Shell; R.A. Al-Mjeni, Petroleum Development Oman; G. Glasbergen, Shell
1050-1110 190454 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Injectivity, Propagation and Retention of Biopolymer Schizophyllan in Porous Media S. Mukherjee, G. Incera Garrido, D. Prasad, A. Behr, S. Reimann, B. Ernst, Wintershall Holding GmbH
1110-1130 190394 Reservoir Description & Dynamics SmartWater Synergy with Chemical EOR: Effects on Polymer Injectivity, Retention, and Acceleration A.M. Alsofi, J. Wang, Z.F. Kaidar, Saudi Aramco
1130-1150 190415 Reservoir Description & Dynamics New Insights On The Characterization Of Polymer Adsorbed Layers In Porous Media J. Boujlel, L. Barre, D. Rousseau, IFP Energies Nouvelles
Alternate 190365 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Development of Thermo-Responsive Polymers for CEOR in Extreme Conditions: Applicability to Oman Oil Fields

T. Divers, SNF SAS; A. Al-Hashmi, R.S. Al-maamari, Sultan Qaboos University; C. Favero, SNF SAS
Alternate 190460 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Characterization of a Biopolymer Produced by Arthrobacter viscosus CECT 908 for Application in Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery M.R. Couto, E.J. Gudiña, D. Ferreira, J. Teixeira, L. Rodrigues, University of Minho; L.P. Soares, M.C. Ribeiro, Partex Services Portugal
12:00 - 13:00
13:00 - 14:30
20  Thermal Hybrid Room 1
Session Chairpersons Chonghui Shen - Shell, W. Dale Dale Riley - Computer Modelling Group
Time Paper # Presentation
1300-1320 190455 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Feasibility Study of a Steam-Foam Process Application in Kuwait

M.T. Al-Murayri, H.M. Al-Sabah, D.S. Kamal, A.A. Hassan, Kuwait Oil Company; A. Cuenca, SOLVAY; G.P. Suzanne, Beicip-Franlab; M. Chabert, SOLVAY; G. Batot, IFPEN
1320-1340 190473 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Surfactants as Steam Foam Additives for Thermal EOR Processes
R. Rommerskirchen, T. Nguyen, J.M. Fernandez, Sasol Performance Chemicals; Q.P. Nguyen, University of Texas At Austin
1340-1400 190469 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Thermodynamics of Hydrocarbon Solvents at the Pore Scale during Hybrid Solvent-Thermal Applications for Heavy-Oil Recovery I. Al-Kindi, T. Babadagli, University of Alberta
Alternate 190412 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Super Critical CO2 and Steam co-injection Process for Deep Extra-Heavy oil reservoir G. Erpeng, Y. Gao, Y. Jiang, Z. Yunjun, C. Zhigang, W. Yao, CNPC
13:00 - 14:30
21  EOR Production Chemistry Room 2
Session Chairpersons Mohammed Al Farsi - Gulf Energy, Talal Jamal Al-aulaqi - Petroleum Development Oman
Time Paper # Presentation
1300-1320 190384 Production & Operations Scale Squeeze Implementation For an ASP Flood

N.M. Al-Siyabi, S. Al-Farsi, M.N. Muhammad Saleem, H.S. Al-Hadhrami, Petroleum Development Oman
1320-1340 190438 Projects, Facilities & Construction Evaluation Of EOR Chemicals Impact On Topside Operations J. Argillier, I. Henaut, M. Darbouret, C. Jermann, G. Vinay, IFP Energies Nouvelles
1340-1400 190401 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Asphaltene Predictions Using Screening Methods and Equations of State R.R. Boesen, H. Sorensen, K. Schou Pedersen, Calsep
1400-1420 190457 Projects, Facilities & Construction The Impact of Back Produced Polymer on Surface Flow Constructed Wetland Water Treatment System in the Sultanate of Oman

M. Shidi, R. Mjeni, S. Qayum, M. Nadeem, G. Philip, Petroleum Development Oman; S. Prigent, BAUER Nimr LLC
Alternate 190477 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Biodegradation of Partially Hydrolyzed Polyacrylamide (HPAM) Using Bacteria Isolated from Omani Oil Fields W. Al-Moqbali, S.J. Joshi, S.N. Al-Bahry, Y.M. Al-wahaibi, A. Elshafie, A.S. Al-Bemani, A. Al-Hashmi, S. Soundra Pandian, Sultan Qaboos University
13:00 - 14:30
22  Advances in Polymer Field Implementations Room 3
Session Chairpersons Hanaa Al-Sulaimani - Petroleum Development Oman, Danielle Christine Morel - Total SA
Time Paper # Presentation
1300-1320 190383 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Polymer Injectivity Analysis and Subsurface Polymer Behavior Evaluation

M. De Simoni, M. Albertini, M. Sambiase, M. Spagnuolo, F. Boccuni, A. Tiani, F. Masserano, ENI S.p.A.
1320-1340 190471 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Investigation and Observations on the Stability of Water-Oil Ratio (WOR) During Chemical Floods in Heavy Oil Reservoirs E. Delamaide, IFP Technologies Canada Inc.
1340-1400 190446 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Comparison of Different Polymers Flooding with Fresh and Produced Water in PU I Layer of Daqing Oilfield A. Andrianov, L. Yang, ZL EOR Chemicals; F. Wu, Chinese Academy of Science; E. Li, ZL EOR Chemicals
1400-1420 190381 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Commercial Implementation of Chemical Flooding in Daqing Oilfield, China, and Its Future X. Zhong, University of North Dakota; Y. Wang, Texas A&M University at Qatar; H. Pu, University of North Dakota; W. Li, Northeast Petroleum University; S. Yin, Missouri University of Science and Technology; K. Ling, University of North Dakota
Alternate 190425 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Integral Analysis Of Production Behavior Of Horizontal Wells Associated To The First Polymerized Water Injection Pilot Project In Unconventional Reservoir: Petrocedeno Field, Venezuela. L.D. Quevedo, PDVSA-PETROCEDEÑO; I.M. Ulacio, University of the East; A.E. RAMIREZ, E.M. Vasquez, R. Alvarez, N.M. Reyes, PDVSA-PETROCEDEÑO
14:30 - 15:00
15:00 - 16:30
Special Session: EOR Project Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre
Moderator(s) Adnan Al Lawati, Vice President Operations, Mukhaizna, Occidental Mukhaizna LLC



Adnan Al Lawati
Vice President Operations, Mukhaizna
Occidental Mukhaizna LLC

16:30 - 17:00