SPE Canada Unconventional Resources Conference 13 - 14 Mar 2018 Calgary Telus Convention Center Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Training Courses

12 March 2018 | 0800-1700

Re-fracturing Fundamentals: Level 2 (An Advanced Version)

Instructor: Tim Leshchyshyn


Refrac Level 2: Case Studies and Application Advancement

  • Review of field case studies and their production/economic success
    • Incremental produced total volume versus accelerated production
  • Advancements in applying refrac design and their execution
    • New technology
    • Results

Learnings from the industry will include:

  • Re-pressurizing for a refrac
  • Treating the whole well versus treating the well in segments
  • Diagnostic results from refrac
  • Choices and experiences with different diverters

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Unconventional Reservoir Production (Rate-Transient) Analysis

Instructor: Christopher R. Clarkson


This course provides an overview of the state-of-the-art in unconventional gas (shale gas, tight gas, and coalbed methane) and light oil (shale oil, tight oil, and “halo” oil) well production analysis.

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