SPE International North Sea Symposium 27 Feb 2018 Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre Aberdeen, Scotland, UK


There are 450 structures in the UK sector of the North Sea that will require decommissioning, which may or may not involve physical removal of the structure. The scale varies immensely, from subsea pipelines and wellheads to unmanned platforms and immense concrete gravity-base structures. Although production has ceased the decommissioning process still has to deal with significant safety hazards, including the risk of residual hydrocarbons, hazardous construction materials, large scale lifting, diving operations, and assessing the impact on  neighbouring or linked live assets.

This stream of the symposium will consider how the decommissioning process is considered during the development of operational safety cases, how the decommissioning process is assessed, and how the ongoing decommissioning safety process is managed.

HSE in a New Business Reality

While we cannot control the ever-changing market conditions we face, we can control how we operate through our people and our technology. Over recent years we – as an industry – have demonstrated an incredible capacity for resilience, adaptation and renewal. We have always looked to build upon a continued commitment to the health and safety of our people, and the stewardship of the environment.

HSE in a New Business Reality will look at how the industry can be transformed by us, by collaborating to develop smarter, leaner and safer ways to deliver greater productivity. We will also discuss what we can control, technology and solutions for bringing energy to the world in a safe and efficient manner.