SPE Workshop: Sour Gas Injection into Carbonate Reservoirs 13 - 14 Mar 2018 Atyrau, Kazakhstan

Sour gas injection has received much attention due to the high cost of processing produced by acid gas at the surface and the improvement in oil recovery as a result of pressure maintenance and miscible displacement. The economic development of giant sour carbonate fields in Kazakhstan involves reinjection of substantial portions of produced sour gas back into the reservoir. The high H2S (5-18%) content, combined with high injection pressures and significant volumes of gas reinjected back into reservoirs result in a unique set of technical and operational challenges.

This workshop is intended to be a platform for discussions and latest applications on the most prominent aspects of sour gas injection into carbonate reservoirs.  Particular focus is on subsurface aspects, covering topics such as carbonate reservoir characterization, modeling methods and reservoir surveillance tools to improve understanding of reservoir performance  and the prediction of gas injection performance. This workshop will also cover important surface aspects related to sour gas injection compressor design and performance as well as HSE considerations.


  • Reservoir Engineers
  • Petroleum Engineers
  • Production Engineers
  • Production Technologists
  • Geoscientists
  • Geologists
  • Process Engineers
  • Managers
  • Technical Regulatory Engineers
  • Research Engineers



Exchange of views and ideas for the common benefit

Discussion of common problems and challenges related to the topic.

Discussion of existing technology and potential future techniques, applications and advancements

Overview of best practices applied around the world in these unique conditions

Speaking Opportunity

For information on speaking opportunities, please email Emma.