SPE Workshop: Improved Decision-Making Through Tracer Technology 14 - 15 Mar 2018 Jumeirah at Etihad Towers Abu Dhabi, UAE
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The SPE Workshop: Improved Decision-Making Through Tracer Technology will focus on the outcome of tracer technology applied in the petroleum industry and on tracer benefits in improving reservoir management decisions. The workshop will also focus on tracer applications for enhanced oil recovery, heavy oil, unconventional resources, reservoir characterisation, inflow profiling, in addition to new and emerging tracer technologies.

Attendees of the workshop will share experiences and valuable information brought from analysis, and lessons learnt from the tracer technology history, and related applications all over the world.

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  • Reservoir Engineers
  • Petroleum Engineers
  • Production Engineers
  • Geoscientists
  • Completion Engineers
  • Research Scientists, University Staff and Academia


"I am eagerly looking forward to SPE's 2018 workshop on tracers for exploring ideas and applications in tracer technology for reservoir characterisation, EOR/IOR, in-flow, as well as new, improved, and emerging solutions."

Olaf Huseby
Vice President Technology and Interpretation

"I want to let you know that this 2018 workshop on tracer technology is very informational and will increase levels of knowledge through different applications of tracer technology in the petroleum industry."

Mourad Bengherbia
Senior Reservoir Engineer
ADNOC Offshore