SPE Workshop: Well Integrity in Mature fields: Challenges and Perspectives 19 - 20 Jun 2018 JW Marriott Bucharest Bucharest, Romania

The SPE Workshop: Well Integrity in Mature Fields: Challenges and Perspectives is about sharing knowledge and experience of the use of technologies for well integrity issues over the full life cycle, including fixing sustained casing pressures to rework, re-use or rigless abandonment of wells, and the assessment methods deployed to manage well integrity barriers and their perceived risk.

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Well Operators • Well services and Workover Companies • Well Technology Research Faculty • Regulators • Verifiers



Day One Keynote Speaker

Jean-Marc Dumas
PCMC, Founder
SPE Regional Director, South, Central and East Europe

Day Two Keynote Speaker

Peter Zellinger
Executive Board Member responsible for Upstream

Key Talks

Bismuth and Thermite: A New Look at Downhole Sealing - Jeff Fulks, BISN

Step Change in Well Integrity Diagnostics – Removing the Uncertainty in Leak Detection
- Rodney Howard, Halliburton

Use of modeling to guide corrosion inhibitor selection in difficult environments - Stefano Tassinari, Baker Hughes GE

Challenges Related to Well Integrity After 100+ Years of Production
- Gert Jan Heerens, TNO

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Come and talk about well integrity in the oldest and earliest established oil and gas market in Europe and arguably the world

Romania, an oil-producing country since 1857, is the ideal place to review relevant well integrity strategies for mature oil fields in the digital era

Romania is a world-class example of the oldest oilfield in the world with oldest recorded oil production

Learn from industry leaders about how to maintain well integrity in old assets. 

Understand the role of data in delivering well integrity assurance

Better understand the importance of human factors in well integrity decision making

Come to Bucharest to appreciate a new language by learning how to translate what the everyday “well speak” messages mean


Milestones in Romanian oil and gas history


1st well drilled using wooden rods and auger type bits to a depth of 150m 


1st well drilled with rotary bit by The Romanian-American Company


1st testing of the gas-lift extraction system, by ASTRA ROMANA 


1st mechanical core and the first gun casing perforation 


1st execution of electrical well logging 


1st opportunity to join the SPE Well Integrity Workshop - June 19-20 2018