SPE Workshop: Drilling and Optimisation 14 - 17 Oct 2018 Renaissance Cairo Mirage City Hotel Cairo, Egypt


In this workshop, we will discuss the early stages of seismic and well design, the different drilling and completion techniques, and optimum well production. A separate session will be dedicated to the giant Egyptian gas discoveries in the Mediterranean. The workshop will offer a rich environment to exchange and discuss optimisation techniques and we will discuss actual cases that can be implemented in the current workplace.


Optimisation techniques improve the quality of work we perform and the quality of life we live. Optimisation helps us produce better work at the right cost, no more no less. The process of drilling and completing oil and gas wells is an excellent arena for optimisation ideas. Nowadays, no project can start before accomplishing detailed economic studies to prove that no single step has been taken without considering optimisation. Such an approach encourages bankers and shareholders to invest in new projects and drill new wells. This workshop will combine drilling oil and gas wells with optimisation to show how many great ideas have been introduced to the industry and how the industry can benefit from them on a daily basis.