SPE Workshop: Smart Integration in Production System Modeling 19 - 20 Jun 2018 Galveston, Texas, USA

For many fields, improved decision making involves the integration of a wide variety of discipline-driven modelling, including structural and dynamic reservoir modelling, well modelling and production facilities modelling. 

While both discipline-specific modelling tools have significantly improved over the past decade — as well as the support for communicating between these tools, and even coupling them — challenges remain.  

This workshop will explore challenges, best practices, and emerging approaches for improving integration. Additionally, case studies of such integration, practical implementation of solutions, and the experience of improving human workflows driving modelling efforts will be illustrated.



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Professionals In:

Production & Operations • Reservoir



What can you expect at an SPE workshop?

Intensive learning in a short period of time
Highly focused technical topics
Peers facing similar business and technology challenges
A collaborative learning experience
Connections with specialized E&P experts

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