SPE Workshop: Well Integrity Excellence in a Low Oil Price Environment 10 - 11 Apr 2018 The San Luis Hotel, Spa and Conference Center Galveston, Texas, USA

The Oil and Gas industry is in a quickly changing economic environment that poses a challenge to maintaining integrity programs that are subject to being cut for cost savings. The ability to maintain Well Integrity to prescribed standards in a cost-effective manner is part of that challenge.

The challenges related to management of well integrity are considerable. Poorly maintained wells can be a potential threat to people and the environment. Any incident could have a significant cost impact. Operators are asked to weigh potential risks from low probability, but high consequence events with maintenance costs and production deferment. At a time when low profit margins means any downtime is bad news, has well integrity ever been more important?

This workshop will address questions about maintaining Well Integrity in this low-price environment. It will also cover the current status of Well Integrity in the industry, such as regulations, standards, and current operational practices. Real-world problems and remediation techniques with practical solutions will be discussed. The workshop will conclude with an informational session on new technologies and their uses for your well stock. 

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