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Panel Sessions

Tuesday, 2 July  •  1600-1730

Panel Session 1: "Is EOR Delivering the Promise?"

Sabah Room, Basement II
Session Chairpersons: Sau Kakok, Vice President New Business Development, Hess Corp.; Anwar Raja, Director, PetroMalaysia




  •  Farouq Ali, President, Heavy Oil Recovery Technologies

Harry Chang

  • Harry Chang, President, Chemor Technology Intl.

Meeting future energy needs will be increasingly dependent on the industry’s ability to extract more out of today’s producing mature oil fields through enhanced oil recovery (EOR) techniques. The scope for EOR globally has been extensively documented and debated in recent times. Yet, the challenge for the industry has remained—how to move the huge residual hydrocarbon resources in these mature oil fields to reserve,s and doing this safely in an environmentally responsible, reliable, and cost effective way. Despite the many technological advances in understanding the physics of different EOR techniques and complimented by successful implementations, EOR is still a risky business low on thelearning curve and in its reliability to deliver its promises.

The Expert panellists will share their views on the important success factors, including the latest in technology advancements as these relate to EOR. The panellists will discuss the importance of robust characterisation of the reservoir, use of reliable reservoir-surveillance technologies, and the implementation of efficient and cost effective operations. The need for greater collaboration between host government, oil companies, service providers and suppliers, and R&D institutions, working together to find creative solutions and development of new and/or breakthrough technologies will be emphasised.

Wednesday, 3 July  •  0900-1030

Panel Session 2: "Do We Have the Human Capital to Successfully Implement EOR?"

Sarawak Room, Basement II
Session Chairpersons: Chuah Beng Swee, General Manager, PETRONAS Research Sdn. Bhd.; Omer Gurpiner, EOR Technical Director, Schlumberger


 Colin Wong


  •  Colin Wong Hee Huing, Vice President, Technology and Engineering, PETRONAS

Ford Brett

  • Ford Brett, President, Petroskills

•	Azam Mohammad

  • Azam Mohammad, Partner, McKinsey Malaysia

Demos Pafitis

  • Demos Pafitis, Vice President & General Manager – Malaysia, Brunei & Philippines, Schlumberger

•	Christoffer Sandsdalen

  • Christoffer Sandsdalen; Vice President and Process Owner Petroleum Technology, Statoil ASA

It has been identified on many occasions that the success of upcoming enhanced oil recovery (EOR) projects   requires a ready and able workforce of experienced EOR technical specialists. The talent challenge for EOR is not new to the oil and gas industry—yet due to many reasons that include short term objectives of our industry, no reliable resolution seems to be available.

The growing EOR market requires engineers and geoscientists working cohesively in an integrated manner to ensure more, faster, cheaper and greener oil. Furthermore, what the industry needs from such EOR teams is not only the benefit of past EOR experience but also for them to be open minded toward creating new EOR technologies and processes.

To achieve the projected increase in EOR reserves necessary to meet the energy challenge facing the world, developing and retaining a pool of experienced and talented EOR personnel is critical.

Is the industry truly investing in resources to deliver on the EOR promise? This panel will share some experiences in lessons learned and hold an open discussion on the challenges in retaining EOR personnel for ongoing projects while developing talent for more demanding future EOR projects.

Thursday, 4 July  •  0900-1030

Panel Session 3: "What are the Barriers and Enablers to Faster EOR Implementation?"

Sarawak Room, Basement II
Session Chairpersons: Hazli Sham, General Manager, PETRONAS; Tore Blaker, Asset Manager, Statoil ASA


 Ali Gheity


  • Ali Gheithy, Petroleum Engineering Function Director, Petroleum Development Oman

Stuart Clayton

  • Stuart Clayton, Vice President, Hydrocarbon Recovery Technology, Shell


  • Arne Skauge, Research Director, Centre for Integrated Petroleum Research, U. of Bergen

Danielle Morel

  • Danielle Morel, Enhanced Oil Recovery Expert, Total

George Hirasaki

  • George Hirasaki, Professor, Rice U.

The industry has been struggling to implement enhanced oil recovery (EOR) in a big scale for the last several decades. EOR technology is not totally new, and to a certain extent, the technologies have been proven. Several onshore applications have taken place. However, the pace has been relatively slow as there are many barriers to overcome, some real and some imaginary. Apart from barriers, we also need a few enablers to quicken the pace of EOR implementation. These barriers must be overcome and the enablers must be identified for us to deliver any significant contribution of EOR oil as forecasted by many to meet future energy needs.

This panel will share experiences and lessons learned on what the barriers are and what the enablers could be for more and faster EOR implementation. The panellists will identify the barriers and enablers throughout the EOR project lifecycle: screening, laboratory studies, technology development, opportunity framing and value prediction, pilot testing, and phased/full field implementation. These barriers and enablers can come from many angles such as technical, political, socioeconomic, etc. They will discuss the major ones and later hold an open discussion among the panellists.