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Project Review Sessions


Maturing and executing an EOR project is significantly more complex than a conventional oil development. These are high investments which demand high levels of competencies, and a good understanding of the reservoir characteristics and performance to ensure the EOR objectives are achieved. In addition to this complex technology, implementing EOR projects in offshore environment with aging facilities compound the execution challenges. It takes commitment and perseverance from project teams and their management to get EOR projects from concept to operations, as they overcome one challenge after another. Inevitably, there are learning and best practices gained by these project teams, either documented or fresh in the minds of key project team members.

The intent of this session is to engage, to discuss, and to tease out the key lessons learnt and best practices of selected integrated EOR project teams, as they matured and executed the EOR project for their field. The selected integrated team should comprise members spanning subsurface to facilities and operations. The EOR project to be reviewed and discussed must have been sanctioned, at the minimum, and preferably already in the operations phase.

The end-in-mind is to be able to share key lessons learnt, the do's and dont's, and to hear firsthand from these project teams the key enablers and critical factors to ensure a very successful and cost effective EOR project. With proper moderation and sufficient time for engagement with conference participants, it is envisaged to be a lively and rich knowledge sharing session.

Tuesday, 2 July• 1100-1230

Perak Room

Tapis WAG Project, ExxonMobil

Wednesday, 3 July• 1600-1730

Perak Room

Marmul Polymer Project, Petroleum Development Oman

Thursday, 4 July 2013 • 1100-1230

Perak Room

ASP Flooding Project, Daqing Oil Field