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Technical Programme

Tuesday, 2 July  •  1100–1230

Technical Session 1: EOR Strategy I—Approaches to Decision Making

Kedah Room
Session Chairpersons: Omer Gurpinar, Schlumberger; Affidah Mokhtar, ExxonMobil E&P Malaysia Inc.


Injection and Production Profile Modification for Enhanced Oil Recovery: Mechanical or Chemical Methods?

A.S. Kim, K.V. Thornton and M.L. Boothe, Halliburton


Making EOR an Integral Part of the Redevelopment Strategy of a Matured Offshore Oilfield

R.D. Tewari, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.; T. Bui, Schlumberger; M.F. Sedaralit, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.; C. Kittrell, Schlumberger; and S. Riyadi and H. Rahman, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.


Decision Making Tool to Assist in Choosing Between Polymer Flooding and Infill Well Drilling: Case Study

G. Alusta, E. Mackay, J. Fennema and K. Armih, Heriot-Watt U.


Technical and Financial Evaluation of a Process of Cyclic Steam Injection Using Horizontal Wells 

C.A. Higalgo, S. F. Muñoz and L.R. Oliveros, Universidad Industrial De Santander, and C.E. Naranjo, Ecopetrol S.A.



Chemical EOR Evaluation for GNPOC and PDOC Fields in Sudan 

Q. Wang, M. Gao and Z. Liu, CNPC, and M.A. Bakar, Y.C. Yeap and I.B. Adnan, PETRONAS

Technical Session 2: Research & Development—Laboratory I

Selangor I Room
Session Chairpersons: Zhu Youyi, Research Inst. of Petroleum Exploration and Development (RIPED), PetroChina; Diederik Boersma, Shell Global Solutions Intl. B.V.


Microemulsion Flow in Porous Media: Implications for Alkaline-Surfactant-Polymer Flooding

K.J. Humphry and M.V.D. Lee, E.M. Ineke and D.W.V. Batenburg, Shell Global Solutions Intl., and J.G. Southwick, Sarawak Shell Bhd.


Eco-Friendly Surfactant for EOR in High Temperature, High Salinity Carbonate Reservoir 

B. Ghosh and D. Obasi, The Petroleum Inst.


Investigation on Principles of Enhanced Offshore Heavy Oil Recovery by Coinjection of Steam with Flue Gas 

L. Zhong, Z. Dong, J. Hou and Y. Li, China U. of Petroleum; W. Lu and F. Qin, Daqing Oilfeild Co., CNPC; and Y. Sun and L. Zhao, China Oilfield Services Ltd.


Supercritical CO2-Foam - The Importance of CO2 Density on Foams Performance 

J.S. Solbakken, A. Skauge and M.G. Aarra, Centre for Integrated Petroleum Research (Uni CIPR)



Polymer Flooding of Heavy Oil Under Adverse Mobility Conditions 

D. Levitt, S. Jouenne, I. Bondino, E. Santanach-Carreras, and M. Bourrel, Total 


Effects of Oil on Foam Generation and Propagation in Porous Media

M. Simjoo, Sahand U. of Technology, and P.L.J. Zitha, Delft U. of Technology 


Technical Session 3: Characterisation I—Model Validation & Optimisation

Kedah Room
Session Chairpersons: Steve Flew, Petrofac Malaysia; Gregor Brodt, BASF


A New Paradigm for History-Matching Saturation Logs to Quantify EOR Targets 

L. Wei, Shell China Innovation and Research & Development Centre 


Maturing a CO2-EOR Opportunity from Initial Screening to Field Testing - A Case Study 

A. Samad, A. Al Ahmed, T. Al-Dayyni and Z. Kalam, Abu Dhabi Co. Onshore Oil Operations


Study of Thermal Well Test Analysis for Vertical and Horizontal Steam Injection Wells with Application to Athabasca Heavy Oil

A.J. Ghahfarokhi and J. Kleppe, Norwegian U. of Science and Technology


EOR: Challenges of Translating Fine Scale Displacement into Full Field Models-Part 2

J. Moreno, Schlumberger; S. Flew, Petrofac; and O. Gurpinar, Schlumberger 

Technical Session 4: Pilot I

Selangor I Room
Session Chairpersons: Tore Blaker, Statoil ASA; Jacques Kieffer, SNF SAS


Pelican Lake Field: First Successful Application of Polymer Flooding in a Heavy Oil Reservoir 

E. Delamaide, IFP Technologies (Canada) Inc.; A. Zaitoun, Poweltec; and G. Renard and R. Tabary, IFP Energies nouvelles 


The Successful Implementation of a Novel Polymer EOR Pilot in the Low Permeability Windalia Field 

A.K. Haynes, M.D. Clough, A.J.P. Fletcher and S. Weston, Chevron Australia Pty. Ltd.


Colloidal Dispersion Gels (CDG) in Dina Cretáceos Field: From Pilot Design to Field Implementation and Performance

R. Castro, G. Maya, J. Sandoval, J. Leon, J. Zapata, A. Lobo, D. Villadiego and L. Perdomo, Ecopetrol S.A., and F. Cabrera, M. Izadi, J. Romero, C. Norman, E. Manrique, TIORCO LLC 


Rejuvenating Viscous Oil Reservoirs by Polymer Injection: Lessons Learned in the Field

J.L. Mogollón and T. Lokhandwala, Halliburton 



Applicability of Hydroxyethylcellulose Polymers for Chemical EOR 

S. Abbas, A.W. Sanders, and J.C. Donovan, Dow Oil & Gas


Systematic Investigation of Formulation for Chemical EOR: Back to Basics Production Chemistry Approach 

A.G. Shepherd, Nederlandse Aardolie Mij. B.V.; M.J. Faber, Shell Intl. E&P B.V.; and R. Bouwmeester, Sarawak Shell Bhd.

Technical Session 5: Field Implementation I—Field Cases

Perak Room
Session Chairpersons: Lim Min-Teong, Sarawak Shell Bhd.; Mikael Frorup, Schlumberger


Case Study of the Mannville B ASP Flood

L. McInnis, K. Hunter, T. Ellis-Toddington, and D. Grawbarger, Husky Energy Inc. 


Performance Review of Polymer Flooding in a Major Brown Oil Field of Sultanate of Oman 

C. Thakuria, M. Amri, K. Saqri, H. Jaspers, K. Hashmi and K. Zuhaimi, Petroleum Development Oman


Chemical Injection Facilities – From Pilot Test to Field-Wide Expansion

H.L. Chang, Chemor Tech Intl., LLC, and Y. Gao, F. Wu and H. Hou, Intl. Energy Technology Services


The Use of Modelling and Monitoring to Control Scale in Alberta ASP Floods 

K. Hunter, L. McInnis, T. Ellis-Toddington, Husky Energy Inc., and S. Kerr, Baker Hughes



Novel Electrochemical Recycling of EOR Produced Water and Polymers to Reduce Water Use, Discharge, and Management Costs

M. Man, B. Sparrow, and J. Zoshi, Saltworks Technologies Inc.


Innovative Field-Scale Application of Injecting Condensate Gas and Recycling Gas into Medium Oil Pool: A Case Study in Sudan 

X. Tang, Petro-Energy E&P Co. Ltd.; R. Wang, Research Inst. of Petroleum Exploration and Development (RIPED), PetroChina; and H. Zhang, Petro-Energy E&P Co. Ltd.


Enhance Heavy Oil Recovery by In-Situ Carbon Dioxide Generation and Application in China Offshore Oilfield 

X. Jia, K. Ma, Y. Liu, B. Liu, J. Zhang and Y. Li, CNOOC Ltd., Tianjin

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