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About This Conference

The SPE Asia Pacific Enhanced Oil Recovery Conference will be held from 11-13 August 2015 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Oil and gas are expected to remain an important source for future world energy demand. However, conventional oil and gas production from known deposits is in decline. Primary recovery is only expected to recover up to 30%, while secondary recovery can rarely exceed 50% of the Original Oil in Place (OOIP). Enhanced oil recovery (EOR) has been developed to exploit residual oil, and is expected to achieve between 50-70% recovery of available resources. Continuous advancements in EOR technology will not only ensure optimum oil and gas production, but will help us attain energy security. Hence, the conference is aptly themed “Enabling EOR: Ensuring the Future”.

In addition to technology, key factors such as financial, market and environmental challenges also play an important role in EOR implementation. The right conditions, such as increasing demand for EOR application in deepwater, small fields and other play type fields, will further drive EOR towards economic viability. As such, the conference will feature Panel, Technical and Project Review sessions that aim to address these pertinent issues.