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Monday, 4 February, 0900

Legends of Hydraulic Fracturing Award Presentation

Kenneth Nolte

Kenneth Nolte
Kenneth Nolte’s career has spanned more than 45 years. Before working as a consultant, he was a technical advisor for hydraulic fracturing research and development for Schlumberger. He was also the co-founder of Nolte-Smith, Inc. (now NSI Technologies, Inc.), a consulting, software, and training group for well completions.

Nolte has a BS degree from the University of Illinois and an MS and PhD from Brown University and was a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers and has been a Distinguished Lecturer and contributing longtime member of SPE. He is also the author of numerous publications.


Plenary Session

Unconventional Oil and Gas Production has Changed the US Energy Game

Production of natural gas and oil from unconventional reservoirs, primarily shale formations, in North America is soaring. In less than 10 years, production of natural gas from shale formations has grown to over 30% of the US supply and continues to increase. Even more dramatic is the rapid increase in domestic oil production from unconventional, shaley reservoirs. Production increase from formations like the Bakken, the Eagle Ford and shaley reservoirs in the Permian Basin are resulting in the first increases in US oil production in decades. This shale production revolution is a result of major advances in the technologies of horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing, and, in particular, the combination of these two technologies. The goal of energy security, and possibly energy independence for the United States is no longer just political rhetoric, but is technically attainable.

In this plenary session, leading industry experts will address the state of current shale oil and gas activities and forecast the future growth. They will give their opinions on the goal of energy security for North America.


Stephen Holditch

Stephen Holditch
Director, Texas A&M Energy Institute, Professor of Petroleum Engineering

Stephen Holditch is currently director of the Texas A&M Energy Institute and a professor of petroleum engineering. He was the head of the Harold Vance Department of Petroleum Engineering from 2004–2012. Holditch was SPE president in 2002 and also served as vice president of finance and served on the Board of Directors.


Andrew Slaughter

Andrew Slaughter
Vice President, Energy Research, IHS

Andrew Slaughter is currently vice president, energy research, at IHS. In this role, he leads the company’s research teams in the areas of oil and gas supply and oil markets, as well as gas company valuation and transaction analysis. Slaughter also served as business environment manager for Shell and was an active leader for recent National Petroleum Council studies.

Andrew Slaughter

Douglas Stephens
President, Pressure Pumping, Baker Hughes

Douglas Stephens is president, pressure pumping, at Baker Hughes. He is responsible for overseeing the global pressure pumping product line business. He has a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of British Colombia. Stephens has served as vice president, global accounting director at Schlumberger, and board member at Packers Plus and Intersect Reservoir Simulation Software.

Steve Mueller

Steve Mueller
CEO, Southwestern Energy 

Steve Mueller is the president and CEO of Southwestern Energy Company. He has also served the company as director of the company, serves on the America’s Natural Gas Alliance, American Exploration and Production Council, and Independent Petroleum Association of America boards.

Steve Mueller

Jack Williams
President, XTO