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Technical Program

Tuesday, 4 February


Waterway 1-4


Session Chairpersons:

Rick David Gdanski, Shell; Xiaowei Weng, Schlumberger

This session will discuss aspects of competing fractures initiating from several perforation clusters and how they affect the growth of the individual fractures. This includes the interference of fractures being initiated from separate wells and separate stages. The session will continue with topics on improving our understanding of fracture propagation in shales, as well as possibilities for modeling production.

Time Paper # Presentation
1300-1345 168581 icon:PO Fully-Coupled Numerical Evaluations of Multiwell Completion Schemes: The Critical Role of In-Situ Pressure Changes and Well Configuration
N.B. Nagel, Itasca Houston, Inc.; F. Sheibani, B. Lee, Itasca Houston; A. Agharazi, Itasca Houston, Inc.; F. Zhang, Itasca Houston Inc
1345-1410 168599 icon:PO Factors Controlling the Simultaneous Propagation of Multiple Competing Fractures in a Horizontal Well
D.H. Shin, M.M. Sharma, The University of Texas at Austin
1410-1435 168602 icon:PO Acid Fracture Treatment Design with Three-Dimensional Simulation
C. Oeth, A.D. Hill, D. Zhu, Texas A&M University
1435-1500 168600 icon:PO Poroelastic versus Poroplastic Modeling of Hydraulic Fracturing
H. Wang, University of Houston; M. Marongiu-Porcu, Economides Consultants; M.J. Economides, University of Houston
1545-1610 168589 icon:PO Fracability Evaluation in Shale Reservoirs - An Integrated Petrophysics and Geomechanics Approach
X. Jin, S.N. Shah, J. Roegiers, B. Zhang, University of Oklahoma
1610-1635 168595 icon:DC A Methodology for Statistical Propped Fracture Treatment Design in Fluvial Environments
P. Smith, Missouri University of Science & Technology; S. Dunn-Norman, Missouri University of Science & Tech; M.B. Smith, NSI Technologies Inc.
1635-1700 168630 icon:PO Impact of Accurate Fractured Reservoir Flow Modeling on Recovery Predictions
G. Singh, G. Pencheva, K. Kumar, T. Wick, B. Ganis, M.F. Wheeler, University of Texas At Austin
Alternate 168622 icon:PO Limited Height Growth and Reduced Opening of Hydraulic Fractures due to Fracture Offsets: An XFEM Application
S. Abbas, Schlumberger; E. Gordeliy, A. Peirce, University of British Columbia; B. Lecampion, D.A. Chuprakov, R. Prioul, Schlumberger
Alternate 168597 icon:PO Pressurized-fracture Propagation Using A Phase-field Approach Coupled To A Reservoir Simulator
T. Wick, G. Singh, M.F. Wheeler, University of Texas At Austin
Tuesday, 4 February


Waterway 5-8

Proppant Conductivity and Transport

Session Chairpersons:

Harold Dean Brannon, Baker Hughes - SSI; Carl T. Montgomery, NSI Technologies Inc.

The session presentations range from a large study on effects of field delivered proppant quality on conductivity, to mathematical modeling of proppant rearrangement. Also included are the observations and results of laboratory proppant transport in complex fracture environments.

Time Paper # Presentation
1300-1345 168641 icon:DC Measuring Field Supplied Proppant Conductivity: Issues Discovered in an Operator’s Multi-Year Testing Program in the Bakken Shale
C.M. Pearson, L.G. Griffin, J. Chikaloff, Liberty Resources LLC
1345-1410 168629 icon:DC Performance of Mixed Proppant Sizes
D.D. Schmidt, Statoil USA; R. Rankin, Statoil; B.L. Williams, Statoil USA; T.T. Palisch, CARBO Ceramics, Inc.; J. Kullman, CARBO
1410-1435 168604 icon:RDD Discrete Element Modeling Results of Proppant Rearrangement in the Cooke Conductivity Cell
E. Mattson, H. Huang, Idaho National Laboratory; M.W. Conway, L. O'Connell, Stim-Lab
1435-1500 168579 icon:PO Laboratory Results of Proppant Transport in Complex Fracture Systems
R. Sahai, J.L. Miskimins, Colorado School of Mines; K.E. Olson, Southwestern Energy Co.
1545-1610 168586 icon:DC Changes in Shale Fracture Conductivity due to Interactions with Water-Based Fluids
J. Pedlow, Noble Energy Inc.; M.M. Sharma, University of Texas At Austin
1610-1635 168649 icon:PO Reducing Proppant Flowback From Fractures: Factors Affecting the Maximum Flowback Rate
R.J. Shor, M.M. Sharma, University of Texas At Austin
1635-1700 168637 icon:PO Quantifying Proppant Transport in Thin Fluids: Theory and Experiments
M.G. Mack, J. Sun, C. Khadilkar, Oxane Materials
Alternate 168617 icon:RDD A Fully Coupled Geomechanics and Fluid Flow Model for Proppant Pack Failure and Fracture Conductivity Damage Analysis
J. Han, J.Y. Wang, V. Puri, Pennsylvania State University