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Tuesday, 4 February


Waterway 1-8

Taking Unconventionals Outside of North America – What are the Barriers?

Unconventional resource plays exist around the world. Russia, China, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, and others are now beginning to evaluate unconventional plays. Cost-effective development of these plays is imperative if they are to become an important energy source world wide. The objective of the plenary session is to discuss the challenges facing operators who wish to develop unconventional reservoirs outside of North America. We will discuss lessons learned from current experience in North America and their applicability to plays in other basins around the world. Our discussion will also cover how to leverage the infrastructure advantages gained from the concentration of man-power, equipment, and knowledge gleaned from drilling tens of thousands of wells in North America.

Session Moderator:

Stephen A. Holditch, Texas A&M University


Ibraheem Assa’adan Ibraheem Assa’adan
Saudi Aramco
Karl Blanchard Karl Blanchard
Jeff P. Meisenhelder Jeff P. Meisenhelder
Jeff Wahleithner Jeff Wahleithner
Shell Energy Resources Company