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Technical Program

Thursday, 6 February


Waterway 1-4

Completion Hardware

Session Chairpersons:

Kirk Michael Bartko, Saudi Aramco; Richard Burl Sullivan, Anadarko Petroleum Corp

This session will focus on the mechanical aspects of completion hardware used during fracturing, highlighting issues with isolation hardware and wellbore integrity. These topics include open hole and cased hole methods, and the cement and wellbore integrity from many different areas. It will start out with a review of wellbore isolation issues identifying plug technology from the featured speaker Steve Mathis.

Time Paper # Presentation
0830-0915 Keynote: S.P. Mathis, Chevron ETC
0915-0940 168638 icon:PO Multiple Fracture Initiation in Openhole Without Mechanical Isolation: First Step to Fulfill an Ambition
F.F. Chang, K.M. Bartko, Saudi Aramco; S.J. Dyer, G.A. Aidagulov, R. Suarez-Rivera, J.B. Lund, Schlumberger
0940-1005 168633 icon:DC Achieving a More Efficient Frac Network for Horizontal Development of the Bone Spring Sandstone
A. Carrasco, Arrington Oil & Gas Operating, LLC; J. DeGeare, NCS Energy Services; J. Hunter, NCS Energy Services LLC
1005-1030 168576 icon:PO Improvements in Multistage Fracturing, Remolino Field, Mexico
G. Gutierrez, L. Ramirez, PEMEX; J.R. Sierra, E. Medina, L.J. Gutierrez, Halliburton; J. Salguero, CBM
1030-1055 168577 icon:DC Pumping Balls: A Study on Flow Conditions for Frac Ball Launching and Conveyance
M. Dardis, G. Melenyzer, I. Aviles, Schlumberger
1055-1120 168650 icon:DC Cement Sheath Durability: Increasing Cement Sheath Integrity to Reduce Gas Migration in the Marcellus Shale Play
J.A. McDaniel, L.T. Watters, CSI Technologies; A. Shadravan, Texas A&M University
Alternate 168643 icon:DC Development of the Wolfbone Formation Using Open Hole Multistage Vertical Completion Technology
D.S. Lohoefer, Eagle Oil & Gas Co.; B. Keener, Packers Plus Energy Services; D. Snyder, S. Ezeldin, Packers Plus Energy Services Inc
Alternate 168642 icon:PO Cement Sheath Integrity During Hydraulic Fracturing; An Integrated Modeling Approach
W. Wang, A. Dahi Taleghani, Louisiana State University
Thursday, 6 February


Waterway 5-8

Well Performance

Session Chairpersons:

C. Mark Pearson, Liberty Resources LLC; Mukul Mani Sharma, University of Texas At Austin

This session highlights well performance studies for a variety of completion and fracture stimulation methods that have been used in our industry across different play types and geographic regions.

Time Paper # Presentation
0830-0915 168612 icon:PO Economic Optimization of Horizontal Well Completions in Unconventional Reservoirs
R.D. Barree, Barree & Assocs. LLC; S.A. Cox, PetroEdge Energy III; J.L. Miskimins, J.V. Gilbert, Barree & Assocs. LLC; M.W. Conway, Core Lab
0915-0940 168636 icon:DC Evolution of Frac-Pack Design and Completion Procedures for High Permeability Gas Wells in Subsea Service
V.J. Pandey, R.C. Burton, M. Nozaki, ConocoPhillips Company
0940-1005 168613 icon:PO Actual and Optimal Hydraulic Fracture Design in a Tight Gas Reservoir
T. Zhang, W. Pang, J. Du, Y. He, Q. He, H. Liu, X. Feng, Sinopec; B. Song, C.A. Ehlig-Economides, Texas A&M University
1005-1030 168624 icon:PO On the Mechanisms of Shale Microfracture Propagation
A. Padin, A.N. Tutuncu, S. Sonnenberg, Colorado School of Mines
1030-1055 168619 icon:PO Innovative Use of NMR to Study the Fracture Fluid Propagation in Shale Formation
A.M. Gomaa, B. Zhang, J. Chen, Q. Qu, S.G. Nelson, Baker Hughes
1055-1120 168623 icon:PO Evaluation of Multi-Fractured Horizontal Well Performance: Babbage Field Case Study
B. Al-Shamma, H. Nicole, P.R. Nurafza, E.ON E&P; W. Feng, E.ON E&P UK
Alternate 168608 icon:RDD On the Analysis of Production Data: Practical Approaches for Hydraulically Fractured Wells in Unconventional Reservoirs
G. Fuentes-cruz, E. Gildin, P.P. Valko, Texas A&M University